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Is kiddie Porn Dead?

April 3, 2009

I recieved the folloowing email at my contact email address.

Dear Sir,

Sorry for being so formal first of all, it’s a force of habit I’m afraid.

I’m a little curious having come across your blog, as to what evidence you have on Level 3, and their connection to CP? (I don’t want CP links – UK laws thankfully prevent my having to investigate the sites themselves, I generally pass them on to a law enforcement “colleague” in the US). I’m also a little curious, now that we in the security community, haveremoved Atrivo/Intercage, as to whether you’ve seen a drop in the number of  CP sites since your posts on Google dorking/hacking? Or whether you are aware of any of the sites owners being charged due to their running such sites?

For clarity, I’m from the UK, and run the hpHosts blacklist. In addition to this, I am involved in malware investigation, and when I do come across them, like to hope that the sites I report, get taken down (it strangely seems harder to get CP sites taken down, than malware sites).



Naturally I responded to his sincere view of Governments desire to police the net with my Jaded outlook of the real villain.

Dear Steve:

Obviously I lack the structured formality of the Brits in my writings and see the government as more of an enemy in the area of (CP) kiddie porn.

Check the following post which is about Choopa, one of the biggest porn hosting firms in America.

At the end of the post, their cable to the level 3 backbone is described as follows.

“Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Choopa is so big they are part of the backbone fiber optic network. There cable is officially called “”.

Cut the link and good-by to a major player in kiddie porn (CP).

If your really bored or think anyone will take this crap off line, try the Google search I mention and every page of results has a notice of offensive material. Take the main url and do a Whois and a trace root on the sites. After the trace root takes you to an American location, Google the company name and connect that to a search of criminal complaints.

I would do all that work on a computer without a hard drive using a live Linux cd and don’t be surprised if one of the honeypots takes out your mother board.

Or more simply you could go to the following link and search the sites in the fatsavage/wordpress blog search engine located on my site but before you do, put “Domestic Spying” in my blog search engine to see what I have to say about your privacy after you have visited my site and interacted with it.

When it comes to government protected Kiddie Porn Honeypots, your safest path is walk away and stop caring.



The End of Kiddie Porn???

March 27, 2009

Since I stopped actively Blogging about a year ago, much has changed and much has stayed the same.  Military Veteran, Charles Stephano, is still incarcerated in a Puerto Rican Jail for an indeterminate term. (That’s two years in jail without ever having been sentenced.)  Now we are not talking about terrorists in Guantanamo, we are discussing a native born American Veteran who never touched another human but was hit by porn loaders on the Internet.

The one thing which has changed is that young-models. org is down off the net and is no longer engaged in criminal activity.  It would seem that in the waning days of the Bush Administration some of the truly nasty crap was taken off line (or maybe the code for the pornloader  became so well known that the technology became obsolete).

It is still easy to Google for kiddie porn by just inserting the following in the search bar:


Your search will take you to a bunch of sites like  (not an actual site)

Take off  the garbage at the end  and visit the site home page i.e.

For each page of results, you will find at least one site with enough kiddie porn to send you to jail.  (usually about one site per page of results)

The sad part is that Google could easily block this search and make access to kiddie porn a little more difficult.

A spot check shows that there are still plenty of Kiddie porn sites on line and only users of this crap are going to jail.  Web Hosting Companies and backbone carriers operate with immunity.  Well even if the government is not working to take down kiddie porn, the economic community seems to be rejecting the wages of sin.  When I first mentioned Level 3, a carrier and host of kiddie porn,  the stock was valued at $6.38. Last week the stock was 70 cents and it’s been as low as 57 cents.

So the more things change the more they stay the same.

Stock Review – LVLT- Level 3 Communications

July 24, 2008

Since I started writing in this blog again, I started reviewing old posts and one of the things I was curious about was how jaded is Wall Street.

One of the first players I identified in the Kiddie Porn Industry was Level 3 Communications with the following post. At the time the stock price was $6.26 and it’s easy enough to check both the blog date and stock price. Level 3 was identified as a key player in delivering kiddie porn including the establishment of direct cable to the Host and corporate acquisitions which facilitated Kiddie porn delivery.

The Players: Level 3

April 6, 2007

About six weeks later, I did a post on the government protection of and subsidies for Kiddie porn and once again identified Level 3 as a beneficiary of these subsidies. The stock price was $5.36 per share.

Your Tax Dollar’s at Work?

May 15, 2007

On Septemnber 11, 2007, when the price had declined to $4.72, I clearly identified Level 3 as a direct investment in Kiddie porn.

Level 3 – An Investment in Kiddie Porn!

September 11, 2007 4.72

Since that time the stock has declined to $3.11 or less than half when first identified as a kiddie porn supplier or a drop of over 50%. As a benchmark, the Dow industrials have dropped less than half suffering about a 20% loss.

Now before Wall Street gets too smug and starts basking in moral superiority, I might point out that 94% of all their stock is still institutional holdings and still in your pension fund.

So who’s profiting from Kiddie Porn?

You probably are!