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A Texas Ranger Testifies

May 24, 2007

The most bothersome thing about are the abused and haunting faces of the naked children reminiscent of the Holocaust Museum. Now, no matter how disgusting these pictures or the 500 pictures shown at trial are, at least one must depict violence and at least one must be a real person to insure that they are not retouched photos for a sick audience. This is the only way to insure a conviction.

Someone must testify that this is a living human being, who was sexually abused. You have to admit, it’s a lot easier task for the Government to find one picture when hundreds of pictures automatically downloaded from a stinkpot you happened to wander into and then its hidden in a secret index.dat file so there is no chance it will be erased.

According to the newspaper report, Sergent Matthew Cawthon, testified that he had worked a case of a know sexual predator and earlier had seen a haunting picture of a young child (5 years old) being abused. He was able to track her down after they arrested the pervert and located his former wife. In addition to others, he was abusing his own daughter. He testified that she is now a living nine year old child. The pervert got a five year sentence for screwing his daughter and distributing the pictures.

Actually, there was a lot more to his testimony, it was presented in full gory details while the picture remained on the screen. After his testimony, a woman ran from the room in tears and the Defense Attorney’s only question was why they didn’t execute the man. No other Defense question was possible.

Now Texas Ranger Cawthon appeared to be an honorable older man who probably didn’t know shit about law enforcement honeypots and the claims of law enforcement personnel that they own all kiddie porn distribution.

My questions would have been slightly different. I would want to know if it’s so easy for the Fat Savage to track these hosts to big business hosting and backbone carriers, why doesn’t the government shut them down. Why is it that every single site that I traced which publishes kiddie porn is residing in America.? Why are kiddie porn sites all not for profit in an industry driven by greed? Why do these sites load you with pictures, redirect you to sites you never asked to go to and spawn new browsers that load URL’s and pictures into your cache memory without your consent or participation? Why is our government condoning the publication in America of real pictures of abused naked girls who are just now reaching puberty? Why have these sites stayed on line for almost a decade while the government goes to the expense of flying you all over the world to prosecute little boys and old men caught playing with themselves?

If that dumb fuck knew how easy it was for our Government to shut these hosts down and stop embarrassing the child, do you really believe he would still testify on the government side?

I kind of feel sorry for good old Matthew, – he appears to be just a good old country boy trying to do the right thing for his country and the child. He would never believe that the government is the one exploiting these pictures in the name of child protection even if I taught him enough Internet Forensics to track them to the host and distributor.

PS,, and are shown to be located in Houston Texas and offered to take me to their pages offering “Sexual Child Abuse”. Enough to do a Texas Ranger proud.

PPS. Actually, I think they are really located outside of Washington DC and the feds are just fucking with Texas in placing the host in that state.

Are Honeypots Legal?

May 23, 2007

Maybe – It sort of depends on the type of honeypot, who owns it, The Judge, The Jury, and The Lawyers and who tells the truth and who believes in the truth or lies. In the case of a kiddie porn trial, legality plays a minor role as emotions rule the day.

So let’s take a look at clearly illegal activity. I click on a link to a “free pzzle Inlay Game” and am automatically redirected to a pornsite which may contain kiddie porn which they probably stole from the National Archive of Kiddie Porn. They then offer a security program which will remove the 600 porn pictures on the machine. If you are part of the 86% who occasionally visit porn of any kind, there will be other pictures on your machine and no one will believe you. If you pay the extortion you lose, if you don’t you lose. Clearly you are a victim of fraud and extortion and you have no way to prove it or any place to turn for help. It’s not a honeypot, it’s illegal and no one cares.

The classic honeypot is a marvelous piece of work and very legal. The portal seemed to be which as I said before barely had any really nasty pictures. Some were young and all of them had rating and age data associated with them. Now you never had to click a link and even though 60 images were loaded onto your machine, you simply did not have to play the game. You could have clicked on the older full figured woman and left.

However, if you stayed, and clicked on the young but fully clothed schoolgirls, they were probably starting to mine your information and create a file on you. Probably each time you returned or went to a sister site the pictures got a little worse. and were also part of the game as were other sites from the UCJ Traffic Trading game.  Just by staying with the UCJ family of porn sites you could develop a hell of a collection of kiddie porn from the National Archie of Hashed Kiddie Porn Pictures which would be remarkably easy for a Data Miner to find and associate it with a list of all the sites visited on your machine.

So what happens now???

They have full knowledge of your machine and they have to wait for you to do something clearly wrong, like distribute (email a file) or publish on your own site or to self incriminate in some way but what if you do nothing????

Well now it gets a little greyish and very messy and here’s where the stinkpots comes in.

When you go to a site like, you don’t get many elegant chances to self incriminate youself. It just keeps loading you up with nastier and nastier porn and you get hundreds of images per session and then they shut you down with a Trojan which seals your machine. You don get a chance to click a link as the spawned pages keep coming with more and more images and the only way to stop it is to pull the plug.

You have entered the wrong neighborhood so a law enforcement officer damages your machine so you self incriminate at a repair shop so they catch you. This sounds like just a little more than entrapment it sounds a whole like aiding and abetting in the process and speeding it along. I mean if Jack Kavorikean was guilty of accelerating the death of people that were dying, these cops are accelerating the apparent moral decline of a person with bad taste.

I can’t even believe that in the day and age of the Patriot Act that this process is truly legal which is why at trial the Federal Agents deny knowing about the use of honeypots even though it’s common knowledge to the rest of the world. .

Corinnas & Sugarthumbs Sisters in Sin!

May 21, 2007

If the spawn of Adultwebmaster.Info was naughty but legal, the sisters of Americantrhumbs were just plain illegal. It’s not that the models were abhorrently abused, they were just young and very obviously not trying to be sensual. It’s like when you see a mother washing her daughter on the beach, or an Old and very wrinkled Danish lady changing out of her bathing suit, there is nothing sensual about it and you avert your eyes. (At least I do!), amd were clones and sisters in sin. Corinna was the first to be born and the first to die (5/18/01 to 12/1/05). The name Corinna is quite cerebral and has roots in ancient Greek and Roman Literature. In the Greek she was a beautiful and unbeatable poet and in Roman literature she was the Puella of Ovid. Puella has a double meaning in that it is a symbol in Geomancy for the vagina and in Italian, it also means girl. Corinna is a Greek name and the origin is the Greek word for maiden or young girl. So the person who designed this trilogy of sin was pretty well educated or involved in an educated subculture where none of my friends dwell.

So where do you expect to find this sister’s server? In New Jersey with the middle sister being hosted by Choopa?

Absolutely not. Like most older sisters. she’s residing in the region of her birth and as a product of Moral Majority Policies in Washington DC, we find her in the suburb of Ashburn, Virgina on the Peer 1 Hosting Service off the Cogento Backbone service.

The last really active sister is also a resident of Ashburn, Va. There is some very fancy routing of your URL request which starts in the nations capital, maybe bounces to Germany before coming back to the home in Ashburn. This sister is still on line and just as dangerous as AmericanThumbs. If you discount the loop to Germany and back, this site is hosted by Carpathia Hosting in Ashburn on the Nlayer backbone.

In the earliest part of this study, it appeared that New Jersey and it’s Mafia had a strangle hold on kiddie porn. But deeper study is beginning to show the Washington DC heritage of holding on to power and money. If politicians and bureaucrats weren’t so damned predictable, this crap would be harder to pin on them. My apologies to the upstanding New Jersey Mafia who was probably unjustly maligned by me and may not be involved in kiddie porn at all.

I should have known it was the Washington Mafia all the time or maybe I did.

What’s Worse Than a Carnevor Stalkin You?

May 16, 2007

For the past couple of weeks, there has been a super spooky hummer driving around my neighborhood. Of course its black with windows tinted black (so dark you can’t see inside). On top, towards the rear, there is a small half dome like the bubble on top of the pope-mobile only this one is not clear, its more like an electronic signal detector and towards the front there is a directional parabolic antenna. This thing has been driving around the community in nice neighborhoods and even visiting some resort hotels.

Now I’m not exactly sure what this vehicle does with our tax dollars, but I’m sure it’s got great suspension and air conditioning which makes it a perfect but somewhat expensive ride for our lousy roads and warm climate. I wouldn’t have given it a second thought except that I was researching the FBI’s Carnivore, I stumbled upon NSA’s Echelon which came to the forefront with the demonstration of electronic snooping shown in the movie Patriot Games.

It seems that this system was under development since the seventies to snoop on satellite communications and was merely upgraded to pry on Internet communications. NSA has been charged with spying on foreign threats until that Traitor to American Values, George Bush, became President and now Echelon is used domestically against private Citizens. Another evil aspect of Echelon is that there is no record of use or warrants and unlike Carnivore, it leaves no tracks. Wikipedia has a good article on it but you can’t tell whats really accurate about super secret crap so it could be wrong in parts.

Now my blog has had nothing to do with anything except the use of intrusive spying and planting of evidence against private citizens and lying at trial so I wasn’t worried about being classified a terrorist for being what I consider to be a Patriot. After all, as they say in the Caribbean, “Wrong is Wrong” and I’m reporting on information which is just plain wrong.

Unfortunately, one of the sites I had been looking at as a government Honeypot for kiddie porn has started to direct me to Arab and Muslim porn and it would appear that the FBI’s Carnivore has classified me or planted evidence that I am an Arab Terrorist. (As an aside, the Arab woman on these sites are attractive full figured adults and I might have exercised my tendency towards red blooded maleness to “sneak a peak”)

So why would I be concerned about being tracked by Echelon. After all what could be worse than being stalked by a Carnivore? The answer of course is not being stalked by a Carnivore. Overnight, every single track left by Carnivore has been removed from my machine. There is no longer computer evidence that Carnivore was there as all the protocols that I unsuccessfully tried to block or remove are gone without a trace. So no evidence of Carnivore, no evidence of Echelon! Scary?

However, this really pisses me off, I was gonna offer my firewall, Linux drive and Windows XP drive as a bundled package on E-bay to any collector who wanted to own their own exotic animal. But maybe, I’m lucky. They could have used “Encase” to find traces of kiddie porn and gone after me for being a distributor. So the safest path is to turn them into Lot’s wife.

Your Tax Dollar’s at Work?

May 15, 2007

Al Gore took a lot of crap for saying he invented the Internet but I can tell you from personal family lore that he payed an important role in its development. Unfortunately for Al, there were probably 1000’s others who also played a role in its development.

I remember in 1972, Dave Eads at Rohm and Haas wanted to use the IBM mainframe at night but couldn’t get resources for keypunching. He got together with the company electrical engineers and they coupled a wang computer to the IBM by using an Western Electric ASCII interface which could talk to both machines. This was a copycat adaptation of an idea that Dave had read elsewhere.

The original Internet concept came out of The United States Military for a redundant communications system and the accessibility features came out of CERN.

So what the hell did Al Gore have to do with it. He started preaching to all he knew that there should be an everyman’s Internet. He presented his concept to the DC Council of the Arts and one of my extended family members started an ISP in the DC area..

At every step of the way the Internet has been heavily subsidized by the United States Government and your tax dollars. Ever cent of tax dollars spent lowers the cost of the Internet operations for users big and small but of course big users get the most in terms of absolute dollars.

So do the math, everybody thinks kiddie porn and protected kiddie porn sites suck, but if we stopped the flow of government dollars to subsidize big business on the Internet, costs for everyone would rise.

I use the term big business because it’s descriptive. I mean Chooppa has their own fiber optic line connected to Level 3 Communications, InterCage is a national criminal organization operating in cooperation with Server Central and Nlayer. If the government pulled out of the kiddie porn business, it might even cost me $1 a year in increased rates.

To me it’s worth the buck to see this crap off-line.

You decide for yourself!

Stalking Young Models!

May 11, 2007

One of the excuses for not taking down Kiddie porn sites is that it’s hard to track this illegal activity. When I started this blog, American Thumbs was up and running and operating out of a host in Sayerville, NJ. It was relatively easy to track because a big business needs a fat pipe to serve their constituency.

The easiest way to track kiddie porn is to get an understanding of the needs of big business. If this crap were being served from hijacked machines it would be too slow. IP numbers would be changing by the second and most servers would be on very slow connections. This concept worked for email for a while because the file size was so small. But kiddie porn is downloading pictures and in some cases hundreds of them. That means a real big time connection to a real fat fiber optic backbone which is connected nationally and to the world from multiple locations.

Banks and other big businesses are the same, they need multiple co-locations across the nation to avoid the impact of hacker attacks or natural disasters. The only other requirement is a host so sleazy that they have no concern where there money comes from. This host is also a facilitator in the distribution of Kiddie porn so is probably a criminal also. For that matter, the group that owns the equipment in the kiddie porn co-locations probably is in possession of kiddie porn to the extent that if fails to pay their huge bill, they own the machines and the material stored on it.

For those that want to learn how to stalk the distributors of kiddie porn, there’s an excellent book called “Internet Forensics” by Robert Jones. This book is written in a style that it is easy to use and understand. Maybe it seemed that way to me because I was familiar with most of the techniques before I bought the book. Still, as a desktop companion, it’s been invaluable.

Essentially, we use a tool called trace route which tracks the request for a website along a path to a specific location. The problem is that if the IP is variable the results will change. Also, if the site is being hosted from different locations, the routes will be different and could make it appear as if it’s moving. The second concept is looking glass sites which are hosts around the world that let you track a website from their location in their country as if you were one of their customers. The final set of tools is a whois search and a Google search of all the players along the route to determine when it was passed from a “responsible” big business serving corporate America to a sleazy host serving kiddie porn.

The easiest people to squeeze are not the sleaze doing business with the owners of sites serving pictures from The National Archive of Hashed Kiddie Porn Pictures but the Big Business that is using public right of ways and benefiting from government subsidies to distribute that crap. They are the ones collecting checks from the porn host and they are guilty of kiddie porn distribution.

The problem is if the government owns the kiddie porn sites, no one will go after the distributor.

The Next post Names the Names behind Young Models ability to distribute Trojans and Kiddie Porn Pics to the world. Not Worth Jail

May 8, 2007

My father had his faults – lots of them, but probably one of two good things I got from him is my respect for woman. He was somewhat of a classic prude who put woman on a pedestal and demanded of his male children total respect for our mother and sister.

Now I don’t know about his sex life and moreover don’t care. But in my world, I want a “Lady on the Street and a Freak on the Sheets”. I have always considered sex a celebration of life and my parter in the act an equal participant with her own needs and demands.

When I view porn for recreation (Which hasn’t been for months), I look for well built, young (25-30), healthy woman. Ideally, they have been captured enjoying whatever they are doing whether it might be deemed perverse or not.

Now is probably legal. It highlights older but anorexic woman being defiled and dominated in various ways. The owner of this site debases the beauty of the female form, denigrates a woman’s contributions to pleasurable sex and desecrates the sacred act of sex.

This is definitely not depicting a celebration of life as not a single healthy woman is happily engaging in anything sensual or apparently consensual.

So if it’s legal what’s my bitch. The name of the site was introduced as evidence that the defendant had a penchant for searching out teen sites. Pictures were introduced by the prosecutor to establish a pattern. He was not charged for these pictures, they were just used to establish a preference for nasty shit.

Remember, a single visit to this site saves all the pictures in cache files on your machine and you are in possession whether you like the content or not.

This nasty site is hosted by of Sayerville, NJ.

Is a Pigeon Drop?

May 6, 2007 Unabridged (v 1.1)

pigeon drop
a confidence game or sleight-of-hand swindle whereby cash is extracted from the victim as collateral for a supposed share in a large sum of discovered money, dishonest profits, or gambling winnings, which in fact are nonexistent.

It always worries me when something is too good to be true. In this case if you allow sexcounter to track your porn site visitors for free they will give the porn site owners far more valuable information than they aquire. Right!

Paraphrasing their site gives the following idea of what they collect and how they use it.

Porn site owners want good stats and want them free. SexCounter is perfect for them! It is based on new technology [spyware] with the most advanced statistics available on the market. Imagine Choopa is publically bragging that their spyware is so advanced that no users will detect it, and people keep viewing sites hosted by them. Good God, Big brother truly has invaded the bedroom but you have nothing to fear if you’re “normal” whatever that means.

Their wonderful stats include the number of hits for the kiddie porn site, the number of different visitors that produced the hits, whether they are first time or regular visitors. They give the porn site owner a detailed listing of pages visited and  the IP address of the visitor and the day and time which is enough to identify th actual user.

Of course tracking is performed to see where the visitor came from and where they went when they left. Everything is done with invisible counters [honeypots] so there is no traffic loss. Since it’s their hosting service they can do it without setting cookies or obvious code. If you own the host, you got it all.

SexCounter is a value added service for webmasters provided by of Sayerville, NJ. It is alledegly paid for by advertising inside the member area. The revenue they earn will be from banners inside the site targeted at webmasters.

Both Choopa and the porn site owner own the data regarding visitors to the website hosted by Choopa and sexcounter. The site owner can use the data they provide for any legal purposes. Choopa will use the data in compliance with there privacy policy[They don’t publish it so it’s secret, but you can trust them if you like.] They will probaby also use it for legal purposes.

The  sad point if this were an e-commerce site for anything other that porn, no one would trust them. The home page was last updated in 2005, the “about page” in 2004, and many links are dead [Resources and Privacy Policy are two obvious ones.]

Imagine how much trust you would have in if they hadn’t updated in 2 years and said they would do everything for you for free. Cut me a break!

There is no free lunch!

PS Choopa hosts about 2600 porn sites so you are bound to reach them once in awhile.  Have fun exposing yourself to them.  HAHAHAHHA! Get it? Exposing yourself! HA-HA-HA!

New Jersey – Exporter of Kiddie Porn!

May 2, 2007

When I was a kid growing up, there was a sign on the Trenton, New Jersey Bridge to Pennsylvania which proudly proclaimed “What Trenton Makes the World Takes.” The city fathers were proudly declaring support for the heavy industry in that city which was instrumental in designing suspension bridges and fabricated those wonderful castings in the Brooklyn Bridge which so few actually get to see.

Now what brings this all to mind is the export of kiddie porn from the State. Americanthumbs was very popular (ranked 250,000) in the United States but was even more popular in foreign countries than or the US Government Information agency. In several nations it was used (trusted?) more than The rank just prior to shutdown.

Palestinian Territory 60,000
Iran 71,500
Egypt 134,389
Poland 187,000
Spain 231,000

There you go, an excellent example of the US Government, and the Bush Administration spreading their goodwill all over the globe. It may be possible to justify kiddie porn in the name of entrapping dirty old men and young boys to Americans, but I doubt you could explain that concept to an old Arab man who’s kids are looking at bare ass American babes in full frontal view or kissing other young girls.

As Americans we should all be proud that our government sanctioned kiddie porn sites are still up and running. The heir apparent for americanthumbs, and it’s subordinate are also reaching out to the global Muslim community spreading goodwill. These are the rank of in selected nations.

Brunei 10,980
Georgia 15,478
Syrian Arab Republic 21,138
Indonesia 32,730
Egypt 41,385
Turkey 100,286

What New Jersey Makes, the World Takes! At least until the world revolts and starts killing Americans – Woops, that started already.

There is No Free Lunch!

May 1, 2007

Doesn’t anyone stop to think that there is no legitimate free porn. I mean some of the crap extorts money out of you by trying to sell false antivirus software after telling you that you are infected with kiddie porn. Other sites offer subscription software or pay to chat.

However, big traffic costs big money so someone’s got to pay. Why would americanthumbs operate for years without begging referral fees? One reason could be when you click the right button on the mouse and view the source code you see most of the models are ranked by age and your clicks counted by php code. (I mean it’s really not creative to use “ct” folders to count anything.) Maybe that’s why they took it down – the code was so primitive and obvious.

The replacement is just as bad. Here is a name that is so unique that the site generates huge traffic and all they use it for is an automatic referral to which also doesn’t have an obvious revenue model. However, it has a much better tracking mechanism. In the case of hotteens, the code is more subtle as cookies are freely used to follow your movement from site to site and if you are dumb enough to click on hotmail before or after your visit to porn, your actions can be tracked to a user name. The same is true if you click the Yahoo “My Web” button and register the porn site to your name.

It should be obvious that entrapment is not a defense. You are the one that allows the cookies to be set and you are the one that had porn sites set cookies. It doesn’t matter that you may not have really gone to the sites that set the cookies. In the new Homeland Security and Kiddie Porn Agency, you are guilty until proved innocent.

The only way these sites can make money is to survive off of Fat Government Contracts. That also explains why they are on the Internet 3 years after they try a guy for site visits to these URL’s and win. That also explains why every single image of kiddie porn came from the Government Library of Kiddie Porn Pictures.

The only revenue model that makes sense is that this is a network of government honeypots designed to trap people with very bad task. If that’s all it was, I probably wouldn’t be too upset nor would I waste my time finding out who’s responsible.

However, just like in other areas, there are competitors who just can’t wait to collect honest dollars. They plant the porn and then turn in an innocent person and don’t even care if its an underage boy. I suspect, that these corporate clowns are the same people who are feeding me search terms and information to screw over poor choopa. Yeah there’s more to come on choopa. But I’m just becoming aware that there are bigger and badder sites out there serving even more tasteless shit than the choopa affiliated ring and thye have apparent government protection.