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Advice to Julie Amero’s Expert’s

June 10, 2007

To many people, reading logs is a boring endeavor, and it can be. I mean, when the Coulomb_Dialer kicks in and activates, it erases all Norton utility logs and restarts them after its comfortably embedded in your system. So what’s the sense of reading logs that won’t tell you anything. To a certain extent, the same is true of Adaware logs which tell you you have five or six copies of svchost.exe running but they don’t let you know which are real and which are in use by malware.

Now when it comes to kiddie porn cases, the logs which send you to jail are the index.dat files. Traditionally, three are described which are cookie, cache and history. But there are many more including weekly, daily and vendor specific files. Interestingly enough, a Windows search doesn’t show you all of the locations and not all are accessible in safe mode and not all can be erased. Even searching for hidden files doesn’t give you a complete list. I find that the more infected the machine, the more index.dat files that exist and the harder to find and get rid of them short of wiping the drive and reinstalling the operating system and even at that, the cache file of pictures survives that noble effort.

Now, EnCase at about $3000 will find those index.dat files and the Feds favor this tool. A poor man can get a lot of experience finding out the truth about what’s stored in index.dat files by using the free version of index.dat Analyzer. Once again, popups, spawned files, and URL’s not even noticed by an observer all end up in your index.dat files. To use index.dat Analyzer well takes a little experience. The newest version is far superior at finding those hidden files but you still have to print them or delete them one by one. The index.dat Analyzer finds and erases data entries missed by Norton and Adaware, but does nothing to attack the malware which created the entry.

In the case of Julie Amero, I not sure what her logs would show. Minimally, the index.dat files would show a history of online usage. when porn was first served and whether she was working when the machine was first online. They should also look for the tracks of know porn servers and scam-ware that delivers porn.

In the case of Chuck Stephano, he had an incredible amount of porn loading malware which will be discussed in detail in its own post.

Guilty and Protected.

June 6, 2007

It’s really rather amazing that the English Language which already has about 1 million words is still assimilating new words. I first heard the German word gemutlich about 40 years ago and when searching for an exact meaning I went to to find it creeping into English with a meaning of warm and cozy, comfortable, friendly or pleasant.

As my friend explained to me at the time 40 years ago, the word means much more. It suggests all the warmth and comfort of being present at an after skiing gathering at an old Alpine lodge with a huge fireplace, beautiful people and a warm welcome.

Some times foriegn words are necessary to describe unusual combinations. Now one example of the concept of being both guilty and protected is the life of our less than esteemed president George Bush. After all, drugs, poor grades and shaky business deals were never a deterrent to heading straight to the Whitehouse and becoming the worst president of record replacing Jimmy Carter with the dishonor and turning me into a card carrying Democrat. Quite simply the man was guilty and protected which is three words.

Under the Bush Presidency, illegal kiddie porn has become a permanent Internet presence whose roots are in America and not Elbonia. It is a major export industry with most American kiddie porn sites being more popular in Islamic Countries than they are in America. For George, it’s just one more way to bring those Arab oil Dollars back home. As an industry, kiddie porn is both guilty and protected which is once again three words.

It turns out there is an Arabic word which means both Guilty and Protected and it is “dhimmis”. The word is applied to Jews and Christians living in Islamic States. They are guilty because they have been exposed to the old testament of the Bible and still reject Muhammad as a prophet of Allah. Yet they are protected so long as they pay taxes to the state and do not try to spread their beliefs. Simultaneously they are both guilty and protected.

In a theocracy, dhimmis makes a lot of sense. You must protect all the citizens of you state who work and pay takes, yet the ruling religion can consider the minority guilty of sin for their alien beliefs. In the case of George Bush and Kiddie Porn, protecting the guilty (dhimmis) makes no sense at all.

More Accidental Kiddie Porn

June 4, 2007

During the course of the trial, the specific term “Browser Hijack” was never considered by our defense team and I did no research on it. The closest I had ever come was when Alexa hijacked my search bar and it took me awhile to get it back to Google but I really had no experience with all the nasty stuff a browser hijack can do.

Globally, there have been cases of people tried for kiddie porn and apparently porn browsers are another accidental way to get kiddie porn that could be as big as US Government Honeypots. The article on Browser Hijacking identifies the capabilities of Surfbar to include changing the home page, adding hundreds of porn page shortcuts to the favorites and desktop and adding a tool bar which adds dozens more. Of course the item which drives most of these sites are profit, but if you don’t give them a dime they are not above dumping illegal crap on your computer.

In an excellent commentary at a geek forum on homepage hijacking by a porn site, master geek, Raybay states “We are talking about malware here….There is no reason to get into definitions” which “allows the hotshot virus people such as McAfee and Norton to limit what they protect you against.” he goes on to say that the most popular protection for malware, Adaware and SpyBot, do not work on the top 9 infestations and of the 83 different spyware programs, 1/3 are actually vehicles to infect your machine with more garbage. As reported by the BBC and from an occasional CERT warning, even completely updated and virus protected machines are vulnerable to Browser Hijacks.

According to Raybay, he “sees many infesrations every week on people who do nothing more than Geneology, History, Current Events…and huge amounts from people who Download music…” His belief is that malware writers download porn so people who feel guilty will purchase more of their fake porn removal tools.

A scathing review of NetBrowserPro by Chris Boyd, Director of Malware Research for, points out how deceptive these pitches for protection can be. In any given year, Internet Explore is open to attack about 2/3 of the time and even the alternate browser Firefox is vulnerable the equivalent of a couple of months a year. So your malware writer tries to convince you that their browser, the xxxbrowser is safest. In reality, its just another porn downloader.

I beginning to believe that it’s far easier to get kiddie porn dumped on your machine than it is to find it on purpose. However there is still one obstical to using this as a defense at trial and that is the following:

According to security experts, no one ever went to a honeypot by accident.

After all, offered me the choice of clicking on “Sexual Child Abuse.” Obviously, my choice was not to click the link but to rip the code and print the page to prove it once existed. Everyone who stumbles into a honeypot has the right to do nothing illegal.

We already know this is not true. When you type in you get hit with a shitstorm of abusive kiddie porn pictures which enter your cache memory and spawn scores of new browsers with even more porn. Now even a religious zealot would have to take a long leap of faith to link TEENS18 to violent pedophilia. But as we see next post there are even more ways to accidentally trigger a honeypot attack on your machine and end up with a download of illegal kiddie porn.


Biblical & Porn Begots

May 18, 2007

I must admit that when I was forced to read the Bible as a kid, I read it rather selectively. I obviously felt a lot in common with the suffering of Job for all those years and the concept of the nuclear destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah was an obvious parallel for a child of the fifties and early sixties.

Even Leviticus was kind of cool as a road mad to perversions you could only dream of. Check out the shall not’s as an organizational structure to good eating (Lobster Thermador &, Beef Stroganoff) and extreme porn “Booty Call’s”. For those who never read the bible, tenderloin of pork, shell fish and mixing meat and dairy are not allowed. I figure everybody knows what a booty call is but Leviticus describes hundreds of things that are sin that you may want to try.

The part of the Bible that I never got was the begots. I mean, it’s easy to figure out that there aren’t any descendants of Able, that Cain’s dependents never amounted to much and that Seth lived 900 years and populated the earth by screwing his sister’s, nieces and maybe even mom and cousins in order to populate the earth until the time of Noah.

Now after Noah, I couldn’t figure out what Ham, Sham and Whoever did for the human race. One turned queer cause he looked at his Daddy, one made dark babies and the other gave us the white folk or something like that and poor mom was busy screwing all of them and turning out Blacks, Whites and Gays.

Thank God for mitochondrial DNA, which seems to be bringing order to geneology even if it does put Eve evolving out of Africa about 200,000 years ago and Adam lagging well behind.

The porn site begots are almost as confusing as we have hosts, service to the net and backbone carriers.

Some sites do not serve anything but automatically redirect you to even worse sites. Some serve offensive or illegal material, others serve attractive, well built models but are data mining or redirecting you to more danger. Unbelievably, some are hidden in deep cover for no apparent reason. In order to keep track, I’ve created a webpage which will be a database for dangerous aggressive porn sites. There is now a Access Shit List link on the front page. It will be updated as I continue the research of the URL’s that can send you to jail and what they did both past and present.

You can bookmark it if you want but the truth is that each update will carry a sequential URL so I can keep track of my updates and progress in tracking the methods of the bad guys. As of right now the addition of the sites and their spawn will not change the URL. It’s only as new sites are explored that the name will change.

None Dare Call It Treason?

May 18, 2007

Patriot Game Part #2 – The New Faustian Dilemma.

Now just suppose that I was the new moral and spiritual leader of the world being elevated after the passing of Jerry Falwell. As such, I point out that I am an opponent of kiddie porn and am personally offended that there can be a site as big as that has redundant Intercage hosts on an Nlayer backbone.

This site has been on line for three years since they charged a man with possessing pictures from this site, a lot of these pictures are just plain nasty and every kiddie porn picture is from the National Government Archive of Hashed Kiddie Porn Pictures and still on-line. The United States Government owns these pictures, many of the victims are living human beings under 18 and the Government does nothing to take the site down.

Now hackers trying to get bragging rights by breaking into US Government computers are begging for a trip to jail unless they are genuine Arab Terrorists protected by an Islamic State and looking for their 144000 virgins. Other nations do prosecute hackers. So being a reasonable Spiritual leader who recognizes the needs for adulation by gifted hackers, I beg them to do the work of God and take down by using their God Given ability to hack the crap out of it. This is the New Patriot Game.

Now this site has been protected by the full power of the United States Government ands the skill level required would be equal to taking out the Pentagon. However, the defense is obvious for the hacker. I never heard of the Fat Savage, I didn’t know it was a government site, it’s been on line for 4 years serving kiddie porn, it’s illegal so I hacked it to do Gods work and shut it down.. Not much of a dilemma there.

However, if I were to do such a thing as the new spiritual leader of global geeks, I might be guilty of treason if I firmly believed that this was a Government site and I was requesting the willful destruction of Government Property. Now the Justice Department Dilemma (Part 2) is to confess full ownership to the site and charge me with advocating the destruction of Government property or to ignore me to uncover a new Government owned Kiddie Porn Site and urge my followers to take it out.

Thank God, I am only mildly delusional; and do not believe I have an army of ethical hackers with the skills necessary to destroy a Kiddie Porn site. I may not even believe that it is government property. But if it’s government protected, I’m still personally offended by this shit and it ought to be off line. .

Unbridled Hypocrisy – Drunks, Sinners and Pedophiles.

May 17, 2007

It’s been alleged that many bartenders are drunks but the cause is not clear. It could be the temptations of the trade or it could be that drunks like to be around booze and choose the profession. With the death of Jerry Falwell, it’s a time for reflection on sinners and Church and trying to decide whether other sinners are drawn to a profession. I mean can the temptations of church turn a normal person into a sinner and can the pressures of Homeland security turn a man into a pedophile or are sinners attracted to these groups.

The antics of priests are near legendary and as an organization, the Catholic Church is economically paying for past transgressions. If we look at Jerry Falwell’s life he first came to national prominence when Jim and Tammy Bakker asked him to take over the Praise the Lord Club after Jimmy was caught paying church secretary Jessica Hahn about $265,000 in blackmail money over an affair in 1980.

When Falwell began examining the accounts, he discovered that the Bakkers were taking large amounts of money from the ministry fund, including hundreds of thousands of dollars for salaries, insurance, property and other fees. After the Internal Revenue Service investigated the accounts, they discovered that the couple had diverted $4.8 million for personal use.

Now Jerry Falwell who was a spiritual mentor for President George W. Bush, inherited PTL ministries after Bakker’s arrest, drove the organization to its bankruptcy and in 1989 dissolved the Moral Majority, a ministry that he had founded, as well. Mean while other famous ministers were keeping busy. Moral Majority minister Jimmy Swaggart confessed to a “sin,” which later was said to involve his use of prostitutes. Two years later he was discovered in a car with a prostitute and a pile of pornographic messages perhaps even the picture of him and his prostitute from Penthouse magazine.

I guess it’s possible that all that exposure to sinners and all that forgiveness can lead a decent man to sin.

If the forgiveness of Church seems to promote sin, maybe the heavy hand of the Homeland Security and Kiddie Porn Agency was a good national experiment in sin prevention and to control the uncontrollable desires of the Moral Majority. After all poor Mark Foley was a member of the Moral Majority and stalked little boys. Also, 86% of adult males occasionally surf some kind of porn.

If it was just such an experiment, it’s time to shut it down. The deputy press secretary for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security was arrested for using the Internet to seduce what he thought was a teenage girl. Brian J. Doyle, 55, was arrested at his residence in Maryland on charges of use of a computer to seduce a child and transmission of harmful material to a minor. He thought the teenie teen he was trying to screw was a cancer survivor and it never slowed him down. Of course he was just a press secretary with national security clearance.

On the other hand, Frank Figueroa was the former head of the Department of Homeland Security’s program to stop child predators (Operation Predator). He pleaded no contest to charges he exposed himself to a 16-year-old girl. According to the victim, “Figueroa pulled up a leg of his shorts, exposed himself and masturbated for about 10 minutes” in front of her.

If your not sick and tired of graveside reflections for Jerry Falwell and his Republican Moral Majority, you can find more sins of the Moral Majority here. (Don’t go- the list is not funny, it’s disgusting!)

Post script. When I reread this blog I found I owe an apology to Michael Hampton who whote about porn and Homeland security over a year ago and got me thinging about the attraction of perverts to the service. (Who’s reading pornography at Homeland Security?)

Lot’s Wife

April 2, 2007

 The lack of literacy among young geeks is almost pitiful. Once when I claimed to be a renaissance man, I was asked to define my terms because the person had never heard of the Renaissance nor understood the significance of arising out of the Dark Ages. Now I find the term has been demoted and in the new politically correct world we use polymath (Greek polymathēs, πολυμαθής, meaning “having learned much”) which is a person well educated in a wide variety of subjects or fields while not casting disparaging inferences towards the dark ages.

What brings this to mind is the occasional need to reference a Bible story despite my agnostic nature. Then I find no one has ever heard of Job who has dominated my life with his moans of angst. To me the most important part of the story of Lot’s wife is not that Sodom was the original home of the Booty Call, but the punishment bestowed on Lot’s wife for disobedience to God’s will.

When the sins of the Sodomites and of the neighboring cities had pissed off God, she made the executive decision to punish and destroy the sinners. While it sounds like any vengeful wife, there was an exception. Two angels were sent to Sodom to forewarn Lot of the dreadful catastrophe about to happen. The angels took Lot, his wife, and his daughters by hand and drew them forcibly out of their house, saying, “Save yourselves with all haste. Look not behind you. Get your ass out of Sodom unless you want to burn with the rest.” His wife, looking back on Sodom, was turned into a pillar of salt.

The first computer which crashed did so while I was going where everyone knows you shouldn’t go. I was seeking knowledge to defend a man charged with possession of kiddie porn. It went down hard. The monitor went blank and the machine froze; attempts to reboot were worthless. I might have considered it bad luck except when I turned it off and went to my second home computer, It was not blinded, but I had lost the ability to control it. It told me I had no administrative privileges and could not go on line. It seemed that Lot’s daughter’s had deprived me of the abiity to control myself. I pulled the wireless card and was able to play with the computer off line while trying to save it. I called the first machine Lot’s wife and the second one Innocent Victim #1 (IV#1)

I never tried to revive Lot’s wife as I knew that was either the wrath of God or a hit by a professional assassin. I played with IV#1 for about a week before I made an incorrect decision and it too was dead. I could have given them both a decent burial, but symbolically decided to turn them into a pillar of salt.

Jewish tradition names Lot’s wife Edith which is just a worthless piece of information.

Tomorrow: “Turning Lot’s Wife into Salt”.

Elements of the Fat Savage Fast.

January 28, 2007

Any reforming Fat Savage could tell you that the secret to a balanced diet is to work hard while foraging all day for whatever a rabbit would eat and then return to the cave for a balanced hot meal. Too much rabbit food will make you suffer. Too many big hot meals will make you fat. The following is a compilation of comments on fasting posted all over.

Its doubtful that any real savage would start the day with a hearty breakfast. While living in a scary world full of natural and unnatural enemies, the never ending quest for food is hard enough without feeling groggy. A protein rich breakfast is rich in tryptophane which is a precursor to serotonin and this would make the savage drowsy and sleepy. Seems to me if you were a savage bright enough to survive you would wake up, cleanse your mouth with something, drink some fluid (probably water) and get on with your daily fight for survival.

I started a five day fast before Christmas to knock me off a plateau that I had been on since early November. I did not consider the month long period of indulgence between dieting a sin, but a celebration of life. The point of the fast was to prepare for holiday indulgences. Yeah, I gained back half of my loss, but didn’t start the New Year competing with the Goodyear Blimp.

Amazingly I also fasted because I wanted to enjoy high energy days. When I eat a full breakfast and drink coffee I feel sated and lazy. When I don’t eat, I fell restless and keep moving in a manic manner. Like the little rabbit – I just kept on moving. At 62 years old, I’m stating to understand my body. If I want to work, then starve! If I want to sit at a desk all day, then eat and get lazy.

By the way This is not a true fast but more like the fast that Muslims do during Rhamadan. I subsist on minimal inputs during daylight hours, do as much manual labor during the day as possible and at night I eat a light dinner. Unlike the Muslims, I usually have a few glasses of wine with dinner. I take my vitamins and calcium everyday.

Overall it worked for me. Down to 219.5 lbs or a loss of 7.5 pounds in 5 days. People can warn all the want about fasting but the fact is it works. Especially, when I skip breakfast, stay off the coffee and keep active all day.

I showed my doctor the belt which I had been wearing since August which is down 5 inches and I am still officially obese. He suggests that if fasting all day causes me to do manual labor and I can afford the time away from the desk, there is a lot less harm in fasting and working hard than the is in abdominal obesity. I should just consider alternating the feast and famine to balance my needs for work or management. And why not start the new year with another fast to drop another 10 pounds.

I have read about the blood type diet, the type A diet and all the rest and I am sure that all of them work for some people and equally sure that no one plan will work for everyone. It was comforting to hear a press report that a calorie lost from lack of food is exactly the same as a calorie lost to exercise. I hope others enjoy the search to discover themselves and stop being so sanctimonious about whether vegan, vegetarian, fasting (absolute or modified) or a corporate meal plan is best.

The proof of the pie is in the eating and after two days I am down to 216.6 or a loss of 2.5 pounds. Friday was an excellent day of hard work, fasting and limited wine. Yesterday was too much time at the desk, too much wine and a controlled dinner. I admit it would have been a lot healthier with more manual labor and less wine but I am a Fat Savage and these things happen.

God Has a Sense of Humor!

January 26, 2007

My friend over at waistloss asked that I describe and if possible get some pictures of lesser known fruits of the Caribbean. I thought that this research might be fun as most Americans have eaten the product of two of these fruits without even thinking about it. Well I thought about it and still love to eat them.

The Sapodilla alone is proof that God has a sense of humor.

Read and Enjoy.

Sapodilla (Mispero or Nispero)

This fruit looks like a wrinkled potato and when really ripe, it feels like a rotten squishy potato. The yellowish-brown flesh is translucent and is reminiscent of a bad day for a baby’s bowl movement and it’s appearance is as appetizing as changing a baby’s diaper. Young fruits contain tannin and are unpalatable.

Amazingly everybody reading this has eaten a product from the fruit of this tree. Indians used to cook up the unripe fruit which is high in natural latex. The natural high sugar level and delicious taste made this perfect for the first all-natural chewing gum. Thus, the principal commercial product from this tree is not the fruit but the milky latex that is the chief source of chicle

Nutritional Information: Ounce for ounce, sapodilla is an outstanding source of soluble dietary fiber and a good source of calcium and phosphorus.

This delicious very sweet fruit is great for a quick energy pick up during a sugar low but is hardly a diet fruit. It is so sinfully delicious when eaten raw, that it’s appearance is not a deterrent for those in the know.

100 gms yields 112 calories.



Slices cut in cross-section are star shaped and make a great garnish on salads and foods. Most West Indians don’t eat Carambolas, they are simply not sweet enough. However I think they have one of the most refreshing balances of sugar and acid of any fruit. I love to eat them when orange color & ripe before the start turning brown. (I cut the brown sections off and eat the rest.) My West Indian Friends turn them into a refreshing juice beverage.

There are abundant medicinal uses from India, Brazil and Cuba. It is used to stop bleeding, as a diuretic, to relieve hangovers, to stop diarrhea and to quench thirst and reduce fever. The sweet local variety has a nice balance of acid (oxalic) and is mildly sweet with about 4% sugar.

I love to eat one or two in the morning as it gives my mouth a refreshing clean taste.

Only 36 calories per 100 grams with negligible fat or protein.


Chinese apple

The Chinese apple is one of the symbols of Hera, the queen of the gods


All members of this genus contain the toxin hydrogen cyanide in their seeds and possibly also in their leaves, but not in their fruits. Unfortunately, everybody I know eats the seeds. In small quantities, hydrogen cyanide has been shown to stimulate respiration and improve digestion, and is also claimed to be of benefit in the treatment of cancer. In excess, however, it can cause respiratory failure leading to death.

One Chinese apple delivers 40% of an adult’s daily vitamin C requirement. It is also a rich source of folic acid and of antioxidants. Chinese apples are high in polyphenols which are the antioxidant responsible for the free-radical scavenging ability of Chinese apple juice. The juice,containing tannins, has been found effective in reducing several heart risk factors and reduce blood pressure

60 calories for 2.5 inch fruit

white pomegranate
Yes, this is the other fruit that most Americans have eaten, It is called a pomegranate.

God most certainly has a sense of humor.

Revisiting the Buddah Belly

January 12, 2007

The great thing about the Internet is that if you don’t like the first answer you get just keep on searching sooner or later your beliefs will be validated by a different web page. Now when I first wrote about my one pack Buddha Belly, I had stumbled across a formula that said I was 53% fat. Further research at wikipedia indicated that based on my floating in a swimming pool I was closer to 43-45% fat which is still pretty disgusting.

After working out with my grandchildren for 10 days by swimming twice a day, climbing wicked hills and skipping wherever we found a smooth flat surface (usually a shopping plaza), I knew that there had to be some toning of the muscles so it was time to search the web again.

This time I found a formula used by the Navy and approved by Admirals. I absolutely loved the vast improvement in such a short 2 week period. According to the Navy formula I was only 22% Body fat with an ideal weight of 202 pounds at 5’8” tall. I love it, with my current goal I could be a perfect Navy Man by the end of next year. God Bless Fat Admirals.

Now in my study of meology, I know for a fact that the last time I was 200, I had ripples on my abs and lovers handles at my side so it was good but not perfect. In reality the BMI chart is equally ridiculous because I’m sure that my corpse will weigh more than 160 pounds when I’m long dead. Actually I believe that some number around 190 pounds was the last time I was satisfied but since that was 40 years ago, I won’t really know until I get there.

Just to be sure it’s a real drop in body fat I went over to the original Wikipedia article to check my body fat again. Now there has been a shift in my density. When in the pool, I need the equivalent of a gallon jug to just float after all of the air is out of my lungs. I plugged all the information into their formulas and the calculation came out to 26-27% body fat.

Either way, my grandchildren gave me a hell of a work out and there is improvement in reduced body fat even if the weight hasn’t changed that much.

The proof of a good pie is in eating it so there is no way to tell if I’ll still be fat or not at 200 until I get there.