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I Speak The Truth

June 12, 2007

You can always tell when you speak the truth when people try to shut you up.  I have reached the point where my feed stats exceed my blog stats which means my regular readers exceed my total readers.

It seems I’m suffering a denial of access attack.

I would have never noticed except I dropped from 300 viwers to 20 overnight and my feed stats were still above 40 per day. 

 When the Feds want to fuck with you, they will.

Oh well, I was always writing to document the crap said at trial so I will write until the appeal is over. 

The question is why stop me if I’m wrong. At least you know the basis of appeal if I stay on line.

On Vacation

May 28, 2007

You always have to remember you are fighting the good fight, not for yourself, but for the next generation.  It is good to take time off and to run and skip with them and be sure to make the children work hard to beat you (which they somehow manage to do every time). Our family believes you are starting to get old when you forget how to skip.  So I guess, I always remain young enough to skip with the kids. They seem to like it.

Is Perjury Legal?

May 23, 2007

Maybe. When laws totally conflict, it is only possible to obey one of them. In the case of testimony at trial, all experts are sworn to tell the truth. At the same time Agents of the Government are sworn to defend the government from all threats.

An interesting article at points out that one element of the Homeland Security Act is to restrict Freedom of Information in relation to the critical infrastructure. If Shannon Perkins had told the truth and not acted stupid, she would have been led to discuss Government Honeypots and Shutdown mechanisms. Since honeypots are marginally legal, they still might have won the case (except for indefensible porn loading and damaging machines but the jury might have ignored that nicety).

The problem is since it’s the FBI and The National Homeland Security and Kiddie Porn Agency, the same tools that are used to hurt the Russian Mafia and Arab Terrorists are being used to destroy private Americans and she cannot discus those tools.

So poor frumpy hardworking Shannon Perkins appears to be one very stupid Pawn. So sad – all at the start of a brilliant career.

On the other hand she may well be stupid and never heard of the association between porn and Trojans, the use of Trojans on dial-up or a honeypot or government use of honeypots. After all, she’s not a SANS scholar, she’s just a government expert.

Mom’s Homegrown Christmas Conspiracy!

March 27, 2007

I went to visit my mom for her 90th birthday and the family did a lot of reminiscing. Funny thing I got to thinking and realized my mom taught me everything I need to know to recognize a conspiracy. We grew up one notch below dirt poor. My mom loved to grow things and desperately tried to grow anything on the clay, shale, rock piece of earth we called home. If we had made it up to dirt poor, there probably would have been enough dirt to grow something and we would have been better off.

Still once a year she did everything she could to make Christmas a joy to the world. In her heart, she knew that her four kids would resist the fasting in preparation for and the attendance at Midnight Mass before the calibration would begin in earnest. Of course she knew her husband would be off getting drunk and would come home and pass out before the celebration began but she still conspired to create the greatest memories possible for her kids. In my mind, the feast and gifts were endless and the party lasted till dawn.

I don’t know where she found the time, energy or resources to pull it off but I’m sure she relied on friends and neighbors to help and in his own way, my father probably did too. I mean she would start planning from about Labor Day on and knew where to hide the presents, where the tree would be and how big she wanted it.

From the beginning, I knew that a conspiracy involved two sets of rules, one for those who knew (or knew just a little bit) and another set for the clueless masses. Over the years, the players would change but she was the only one who knew all the rules and she would share them on an as needed basis. As we grew older, and started to understand that there was no Santa, she started to include us in the bigger picture to fool the uninitiated. When we were all old enough to understand her game, she would form various alliances so that there would be one major surprise for everyone on Christmas Eve.

So after a lifetime legacy of Mom’s Homegrown Christmas Conspiracy, I have come to realize that in an Internet world where everybody has full access to full knowledge, the only reason you can’t find out something is because there is a conspiracy to block access and the flow of knowledge.

Hello Old Friends

March 24, 2007

Life has been on the fast rack for the past month – ever since I got involved in the technological trial that will define ours and future generations. I can’t believe that it’s only been a month since I first got involved in looking at computer forensics. I have been eating sleeping and living the commensurate geek life of obsession.

I have been forced off line for days on end trying to work around computer virus and corrupted and blocked networks. I’m actually enjoying the challenge of facing the best in the world who are trying to suppress knowledge and avoid the bleaching effect of exposure to the light of day.

This battle is fun for me because it’s getting my mind working at full speed but it is not really for me because if we lose the Government’s power to invade computer privacy and control lives will be staggering. Already, I can see the impact on my life as I now trust very few and ask only once.

I have entered a domain where most people I know are classified as more than acquaintances but less than friends. Even friends who want to help do it in strange ways. Instead of handing me a computer supply, they will leave it with a bartender at a place I frequent and ask the person to give it to me. Others make promises of privacy and capitulate with compromises designed to expose me after they have been contacted by the Men in Tailored Suits.

I would like to thank all who have been supportive of my weight loss efforts including Robin, Waistloss and The Middle Manager (who has kept his diversion a secret). With your support I have dropped from 247 pounds to my current level and am a lot healthier because of it. Right now I am stabilized in the 212 to 215 range even as a desk jockey. I have not lost sight of my goal of 190 pounds by year’s end. However, my need to solve the issue of corrupted computers is obsessive and using all my energy right now. I guess I’m just having fun in a new stranger way.

Julie Amero Deserves Better

March 12, 2007

Julie Amero deserves more that a comment on a previous Blog. She is the first person I’m aware of to be burned at the stake in a computer witch hunt.

It seems that Ms. Amero was a substitute in a 7th grade class in Norwich Conn. She was using the school’s equipment on a network set up by an IT professional and told not to turn the computer off. Everyone who drives in the Northeast knows the “deer in the headlight syndrome” where you come upon a deer crossing the road, it sees your headlight and freezes. Pow you either swerve to miss it or take it down because the deer is too scared to move.

Well, Julie started the classroom presentation and thousands of porn pages were spawned. The more she tried to close the browser by clicking the X in the upper right hand corner the more browsers were spawned. I have seen this once and you simply cant turn the machine off, the only thing you can do is shock the system and unplug it.

She did the best she could at trying to shield the kids and remove them from the room. The IT professional ran for cover and said everything was up to date. So in a New England Trial similar in nature to the Salem Witch trials, she was charged and found guilty while the community Newspaper applauded the modern day witch hunt.
She faces up to 40 years and now is getting the help of many security professionals and interested citizens across the country.

I’m sorry it happened to Julie but glad there was a precedent because fighting corrupted data and describing the power of computer hijackers in a real kiddie porn case would be a lot harder if there weren’t other convictions based on jumbieware [Remote Code Execution Vulnerability].
Always remember what can be done to the least of us, without your concern or protest can eventually be done to all of us.

I first read about Julie Amero in the Trend Micro Newsletter; then followed up with columns at Techdirt and PCworld. Think twice about clicking those links, maybe I’ve been hijacked and the links to a phishing site and your computer will be trashed just like Julie’s.

Ha Ha, Just Joking, In a Brave New world, anything is possible. Maybe you should just Google “Sentencing Julie Amero” unless Alexa has hijacked your search bar and your request is recorded, transmitted to the government and you are sent to a look alike site with false information.

It really is a Brave New World so maybe the safest thing to do is just read my blog and do your research at a Wifi hotshot but remember to throw away your wireless card which has an MAC address which identifies you and your machine.

If your a latecomer to my blog, you can start from the beginning at Big Brother is Watching.

The End of a Lifestyle

March 11, 2007

Well, over the past three weeks, I’ve been driving too fast in the morning; Drinking too much at night; skipping my vitamins and eating junk food. I even thought about having a cigar but in truth the fat lady never sang.

We lost the case and are now madly working on the appeal process. Why should anyone care about what happens to an 67 year old man crippled with chronic pain and arthritis who plays with his tally whacker at 3 am in the morning while looking at the ugliest crap imaginable? Then I’m reminded of that old World War II story out of nazi Germany.

“When they came for the criminals, no one cared. When they came for the homosexuals, no one cared. When they came for the Jews, no one cared. When they came for me, there was no one left to care.”

Always remember what can be done to the least of us can be done to all of us.

However, I’ve really got to regain control of my life but it’s difficult right now. The stress of taking on the Government is colliding with my hedonistic nature. What the hell – eat, drink and make Mary for tomorrow you may die.

A Brave New World

March 8, 2007

The following is a post with a young person I have mentored for 6 years and is now a college grad who did it with no financial support from anybody. Naturally I’m a little proud of the accomplishments and reasoning skills.

Never give out your password or credit card number in an instant message conversation.

New College Grad says:

mmm child porn? odd

I’m Back —- for now says:

Yeah it sucks -BUTTTT

I’m Back —- for now says:

A Trojan was planted when he hit a honeypot. It was a porn server that fed thousands of pages to him. You can’t tell what he went to and what he didn’t – They fucked the record of his index.dat file. There are multiple corrupted entries – its hard to tell what is real and what’s a government implant.

New College Grad says: says:


I’m Back —- for now says:

Then they shut it down like Lot’s wife which forced him to a repair shop where Operation Predator had already asked shops to look out for weird machines

New College Grad says:


I’m Back —- for now says:

If I took mine with corrupted video drivers in, they would fuck me too.

I’m Back —- for now says:


New College Grad says:


I’m Back —- for now says:

It took me 12 hours to post the last post because I was IP blocked

New College Grad says:

They blocked u?

New College Grad says:

I read Dan Brown’s Digital fortress was a good book By the way*

I’m Back —- for now says:

Yeah probably at my local hardware level so I could work around it. Its probably causing me 100 dollars a day in new hardware and software

I’m Back —- for now says:

Yeah To Digital Fortress. How bout the movie with Bruce Willis and the autistic kind where NSA killed the kids parents

New College Grad says:

cant remember if i saw that

I’m Back —- for now says:

The kid that could read crypto

New College Grad says:

Wow I cant believe that they called the FBI over porn

New College Grad says:

I think if it was indeed child porn, it wouldn’t be less than 1/4 of the images found.. that’s pretty sad… mm doesn’t seem like there are other things exciting happening on the island eh

I’m Back —- for now says:

Yeah – its part of Operation Predator run by the the National Homeland and Child Porn Agency under the Patriot Act – the same rules that apply to Arab terrorists apply to old men playing with their tally waker’s looking at kiddie porn. One is a criminal the other is sick but the same laws apply

New College Grad says:


I’m Back —- for now says:

By the way the mere act of looking at child porn is the same as seeking information on suppliers of chemicals for bomb building

New College Grad says:


I’m Back —- for now says:

Also, it was 500 out of 44000 so its hard to judge what was planted and what was his horrible taste

New College Grad says:


New College Grad says:

very sad

I’m Back —- for now says:

But the security breaches in Windows & Symantec are incredible

New College Grad says:

I don’t think I used that.. I use mcafee and zonealarm and probably a few other things – I guess I am slightly paranoid

I’m Back —- for now says:

Very sad that our government corrupts evidence and lies at trial or very sad that he’s got bad taste or both

New College Grad says:


I’m Back —- for now says:

Well I’ve added Windows Washer, and ad aware and spybot. To my virus protection

I’m Back —- for now says:

Ad Aware has the best log and damages the crap it finds but doesn’t always remove it. Spybot can remove it but only after its been damaged by ad aware – turn off the microsoft update and let your virus program tell you when to do an update.

I’m Back —- for now says:

Also once infected it resides in your FAT partition area and can’t be removed easily even after you reformat and reinstall your operating system

New College Grad says:


New College Grad says:

mmm yah i prefer not being the one taking my pc into a repair shop

I’m Back —- for now says:

off for now unplugging network and turning off machines to minimize attack time – I’m sure that this machine is still corrupted

I’m Back —- for now says:

No shit to repair shops, the repairs shops all wanna be heroes in the war on terrorism

New College Grad says:


New College Grad says:


I’m Back —- for now says:

Got to go but don’t be surprised if I make a cheap post and use this conversation with your name deleted

New College Grad says:

no problem


I’m Back —- for now says:

have fun – just talking to me is now probably a crime

Movie Rights Available!!!

March 7, 2007

This case has been deadly serious on several levels. First just the charge of Child Pornography can ruin a persons life and the conviction on the charges is even more heinous. So it’s obviously dangerous to the person charged. On the next level there is the effect of associating yourself with the defense of a child pornographer. Sever professional associates have advised me that my decision to work this case is probably none to bright for my reputation. But then how is it possible to tarnish the reputation of a self proclaimed fat savage. And finally we all recognize that the government prosecutors and government expert are lying like shit.

It has gotten to the point that the guilt or innocence of the alleged criminal is almost irrelevant. The defense is predicated on invasion of privacy and government corruption of the evidence. It’s a long time principle of law that you cant eat the fruit of a poison tree. On the other hand the governments case is predicated on the computer storage of over 500 of the nastiest pictures you would never want to see. The German Concentration Camp pictures shown at the Holocaust Museum are a step up because they are just plain sick and have no relation to sex.

In addition, like Icarus, the higher we aspire for the light of knowledge in this case the more we are blinded by the darkness of Trojans. The machine that was doing all the non porn research now has 85 open Microsoft exploits which would allow in hundreds of Trojans. One of them has corrupted the device drivers in either the BIOS or the device drivers low level programing on the motherboard. Please don’t even suggest this is impossible as I own three machines that have these symptoms.

The government witness has assured everyone that Trojans won’t work on dial up and that there no virus or malware that can do anything like what we proposed in open court. The judge has assured us that its just bad luck we got hit with shit while researching this case but since there are no national security issues and the whole case was tried in open court we can use the web resources to fix our problems.

So while spending our time wandering in the cesspools of government and life, we have need comic relief. Naturally we started talking about the movie based on our case because win or loose, its probably the most important case with who owns the information on a computer, who is responsible for it being their and the governments right to access the machine without search warrants. The Defense Attorney could be a perfect Denzel Washington type and his secretary is almost a perfect Halle Berry, the expert is a perfect match for Forest Whittiker and the alleged criminal makes a perfect Joe Pesce as to myself I’m sort of an over the hill Bruce Willis with brains. Naturally we want John Grishem to do the Book and Spike Lee to direct the movie. A Black Director is mandatory to capture the Black Humor of the Dream Team as we have called ourselves because you cant find a more naturally compatible and supportive group. By Black humor I mean both the cultural and dark side of our humorous attempts to maintain our sanity. A lawyer author would catch the importance of this case to the protection and freedom of my grandchildren.

This will be a horrible future battle for all of us (that survive?).

As Ben Franklin said those who sacrifice freedom for security can never be free or secure.

There’s Something Rotten in the Nations Capital

March 6, 2007

This case is getting stranger and stranger. It seems that when we all listened to the computer Techs describe the fixing of the machine, we weren’t paying attention. There original statement was that the user called Chuck had a loose video card and when they put it on line it didn’t work. I didn’t hear this part of the testimony, so didn’t recognized they had changed their story.

While working with the attorney for the defense he mentioned no, that they shut the machine down and the log shows they never went on line. So I asked how did he ever become a suspect if all they did was plug in the video card and turn on the machine.

Well the new information is that he found the computer was locked down by a corrupted video file and that he corrected the problem and when he turned it on the machine popped up with really nasty pictures so he remembered the agent from Operation Predator of the customs service.

When I started the research for this case, I went to the sites published in the newspaper and on the exhibits to see just what was up. The machine that crashed I will call Lot’s Wife. It seems when the powers that be shut down the machine named Lots Wife, they tagged everything behind the firewall and created the machine I now refer to as Innocent Victim #1 just because it was behind the firewall. Well knowing my whole network was basically fucked, I took all hardware off line.

When I went to work researching, the use of Honeypots in Law Enforcement, the use of Trojans on dial up, the link between Trojans and porn on Google, CERT and Symantec and researched the zero day exploit and mk:@MSITStore, it hit my office with a shit storm and shut my second network down.

Now I knew that I was looking for tech info to defended a criminal but didn’t expect to get hit with a shit storm. So the main machine trashed was called the Tiger’s Tail and the other Innocent Victim #2.

At this point the Defense Attorney questioned the potential for national security issues. The expert from Washington explained that retaliatory Honeypots don’t exist, that Law Enforcement doesn’t sponsor porn sites, that no know malware is linked to porn delivery, that Trojans won’t work on dial up and there is no such thing as a dangerous mk:@MSITStore exploit.

The judge took her and the prosecutors assurances as the truth and told us that we could explore what we want so long as we didn’t look at Child pornography outside the US Attorney’s office or the courtroom.

Trust me I could stomach it at all but that still leaves the minor issues of malware, spookware and all kinds of very weird shit that has infected my four machines. I am currently working very slowly on Innocent Victim #2 because its easiest. This is turning into a sport – me against the bad guys who fucked my four machines especially since there are no National Security Issues.

By the way did I mention that I was using Windows XP with sp2 and that it had Norton Internet Security and automatic updates and all that recommend crap – It was also behind a Symantec security box with an up to date contract. It’s amazing what bad guys can do when they try hard enough. All that shit has been removed and I’m starting to recover with absolutely no faith or trust in anybody but family.

I’m really not even sure that this machine has any security at all and have no way to tell until I get fucked again. I have to assure that tickling the Tigers Tail by researching porn dialers on Google, Symantec, and CERT will get me tagged by someone with no interest in National Security and I will have a never ending supply of trashed computers to work on the unknown exploit.