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September 27, 2007

It seems the more controversial a post is, the more difficult it is for some people to post a comment or comments are being blocked along the way from your place to mine.  No problem send me an email and I will research your tip or post your comment.  For now my email is:WORDPRESS-AT-FATSAVAGE-DOT-COM

I’m posting in the above format so spiders don’t catch it but I’m sure you can figure it out.

Surf Porn? Trust No One!

September 5, 2007

If you like porn, buy a magazine in an airport and pay cash.

Sorry, I can’t think of a safer way and nothing you can do online is either safe or anonymous. I mean, no one asked permission to spy on my WordPress readers or to use my blog as a honeypot and no one asked about what I thought about WordPress hiding all blogs behind the walled garden of Akamai where it is a little more difficult to see who is spying on you and me.

When I first started blogging about Government involvement, I was dumb enough to believe that there was a multi billion dollar legal porn industry and a subculture of a few bad apples engaged in kiddie porn. Working backwards from kiddie porn sites named at the trial, I found that 17 of 20 were still online and all were located in the USA.

It didn’t take a genus to figure that all this really nasty crap which served up malware and spyware that penetrated every anti-virus program know to man and defeated all anti malware software was simply a ruse of the government to locate and prosecute pedophiles or potential pedophiles. I mean who else but the United States Government under George Bush would allow a picture of a five year old girl from Texas to be fucked by her daddy in the name of national security. The child is still alive and five years older and daddy is just about out of jail but the government is still using the pictures as bait.

Now if it’s not too difficult, use your head.

Before the Internet there was a finite number of pedophiles and in the first two years of this program they located about 3500 perverts a year. Now that’s a group of pedophiles that existed largely anonymously for 50 years prior to George Bush seeking out kindred souls.

That is, kindred spirits willing to spend billions to find them perverts.

Problem is after a couple of years, all the real bad ones have been caught and the only way to keep spending billions on a dead program is to create new ones by gradually enticing them over the edge or by going after marginal players like teenagers trying to look at other teenagers.

Unfortunately, large American corporations are distributing Kiddie porn and so long as Bush is President this pitiful exploitation of American Children will continue.

The are running hosting companies for porn, high speed multimedia distribution and a backbone network.

The only thing I don’t know is if they are engaged in the production end with executives actually fucking the little kids.

That’s actually not too far fetched.

If you look at the ever expanding list of Republican perverts and accept that birds of a feather flock together, it’s a good bet that those engaged in the distribution of kiddie porn are also players in the sand box.



Does Domestic Spying Exist?

June 15, 2007

I found a really weird foreign blog which has a header of blood spattered body parts and had the following post:

the iraqis have a word that’s unique to them.that word is sahel, which means “to utterly defeat and humiliate someone by dragging his corpse through the streets”.

Now to me thats a weird and dangerous post worthy of tracking the writer and maybe even visitors to the site but the hosting is normal with other sites large and small. Maybe I should make comments at the weird sites I stumble on and have them tracked too.

Unfortunately, I thought this might happen so I have really stopped making comments at other sites because I don’t want people associated with me. I have stopped using IM and minimized E-mail contact. I make my phone calls on land lines because domestic phone taps still have a few rules left.

Still the person who published that post is on a normal WordPress server, and I have my special Level 3 server. I was concerned that I might be giving information important to the global war on terrorism and decided to see what happens when I run a trace route from Austria. Every single response for all of the sites ended up at the Dallas home of WordPress on the server. So obviously any foreign traffic was not being diverted to the Fatsavage Honeypot.

Because or my naturally scientific bent I did a traceroute from Australia to various WordPress blogs including myself and they all ended up at the servers previously mentioned for Obviously, the Fatsavage Honeypot is only accessible from an American IP address and is being used for Domestic Spying on Patriots and Perverts.

Of course, I’m not sure an FBI man has been trained to tell the difference.

I’m My Own Honeypot!

June 15, 2007

In my never ending quest for knowledge, I decided to check a few more sites to find if I was alone among bloggers. My obvious first choice for unbridled home grow sedition was of course Mike E. over at I did my Visual Trace Route and guess what Mike E ends up on the Level 3 server next to me. After that, I checked and he had a “normal track.” My last two regulars, and are on the Level 3 server.

Oops, seems like the quickest way to hit the Level 3 server in New Jersey’s kiddie porn hosting honeypot area is to be a regular at the Fat Savage Blog –

So sorry to everyone.

It’s pretty obvious how I got there, I am an obvious choice for a person of interest, I am an educated native American who speaks out against an oppressive government and doesn’t run from my sensuality.

Now my friend Mike E. is an obvious choice as a walking pharmacology and an advocate of self medication for all that ails you. is a stretch even for an oppressive government. Her only sin of record is to be a military wife so maybe she made the honeypot on her own as they don’t want her badmouthing the war from an insider perspective (She Never Does.).

The one that utterly amazes me is who is a prudent thoughtful writer without any obvious sins other than his presence on my site. So the only group I can find that is hosted by Level 3 are those who have made comments on my site.

Fucking Amazing!

I Guess I’m Still Pissing Them Off.

June 13, 2007

For the past month or so, I’ve focused on tracking kiddie porn sites to Corporate American located in the good old USA. So far, I have never seen a foreign kiddie porn site, there is very little black kiddie porn and most of the pictures were variants of ones shown at trial from the National Archive of Hashed Kiddie Porn Pics. This is good solid white America at it’s worst under the leadership of George Bush.

Now don’t get me wrong, these pictures are hauntingly evil and remain embedded in memory, the same way Holocaust pictures do. It’s just fucking disgusting that all of it is published in America, much has been online for almost a decade and it’s all hosted and transported by big American Business.

I first recognized that I was pissing them off when CERT hit me with a military strength Trojan and of course being stalked by Carnivore was a dead give away that I was a so called “person of interest.” Now They have topped all that.

I have always suspected that some of my search results were filtered so, I’ve gone to the extreme of using Google from foriegn locations (Mexico and Washington DC), using very clean secure machines, various mobile IP’s such as war driving for access and using multiple search engines. The one thing that I never expected was that I would be tagged for access denial to a site such as

Can you imagine my surprise when I Googled a know porn serving malware program and found several posts on the topic at then clicked a link and got the following message.

mySQL query error: DELETE FROM ibf_secessions WHERE ip_address = ‘’

Now I hope that you all recognize that ‘’ represents both of my IP addresses on my two networks at two physically remote locations.

You got to love it.

With more than 4 billion IP addresses in the world, I’ve pissed off someone enough to get both of mine blocked at

They even blocked my ability to contact SWI or join a forum so I couldn’t bitch about the shoddy treatment they are giving The Fat Savage. Christ, I thought I was fighting for privacy, intellectual freedom and against government created malware and these dumb fucks should be on my side.

The really sad part, I had printed the articles of interest on a weak printer and just wanted a better copy, so I already have hard copy on the articles of interest.

I Speak The Truth

June 12, 2007

You can always tell when you speak the truth when people try to shut you up.  I have reached the point where my feed stats exceed my blog stats which means my regular readers exceed my total readers.

It seems I’m suffering a denial of access attack.

I would have never noticed except I dropped from 300 viwers to 20 overnight and my feed stats were still above 40 per day. 

 When the Feds want to fuck with you, they will.

Oh well, I was always writing to document the crap said at trial so I will write until the appeal is over. 

The question is why stop me if I’m wrong. At least you know the basis of appeal if I stay on line.

A Texas Ranger Testifies

May 24, 2007

The most bothersome thing about are the abused and haunting faces of the naked children reminiscent of the Holocaust Museum. Now, no matter how disgusting these pictures or the 500 pictures shown at trial are, at least one must depict violence and at least one must be a real person to insure that they are not retouched photos for a sick audience. This is the only way to insure a conviction.

Someone must testify that this is a living human being, who was sexually abused. You have to admit, it’s a lot easier task for the Government to find one picture when hundreds of pictures automatically downloaded from a stinkpot you happened to wander into and then its hidden in a secret index.dat file so there is no chance it will be erased.

According to the newspaper report, Sergent Matthew Cawthon, testified that he had worked a case of a know sexual predator and earlier had seen a haunting picture of a young child (5 years old) being abused. He was able to track her down after they arrested the pervert and located his former wife. In addition to others, he was abusing his own daughter. He testified that she is now a living nine year old child. The pervert got a five year sentence for screwing his daughter and distributing the pictures.

Actually, there was a lot more to his testimony, it was presented in full gory details while the picture remained on the screen. After his testimony, a woman ran from the room in tears and the Defense Attorney’s only question was why they didn’t execute the man. No other Defense question was possible.

Now Texas Ranger Cawthon appeared to be an honorable older man who probably didn’t know shit about law enforcement honeypots and the claims of law enforcement personnel that they own all kiddie porn distribution.

My questions would have been slightly different. I would want to know if it’s so easy for the Fat Savage to track these hosts to big business hosting and backbone carriers, why doesn’t the government shut them down. Why is it that every single site that I traced which publishes kiddie porn is residing in America.? Why are kiddie porn sites all not for profit in an industry driven by greed? Why do these sites load you with pictures, redirect you to sites you never asked to go to and spawn new browsers that load URL’s and pictures into your cache memory without your consent or participation? Why is our government condoning the publication in America of real pictures of abused naked girls who are just now reaching puberty? Why have these sites stayed on line for almost a decade while the government goes to the expense of flying you all over the world to prosecute little boys and old men caught playing with themselves?

If that dumb fuck knew how easy it was for our Government to shut these hosts down and stop embarrassing the child, do you really believe he would still testify on the government side?

I kind of feel sorry for good old Matthew, – he appears to be just a good old country boy trying to do the right thing for his country and the child. He would never believe that the government is the one exploiting these pictures in the name of child protection even if I taught him enough Internet Forensics to track them to the host and distributor.

PS,, and are shown to be located in Houston Texas and offered to take me to their pages offering “Sexual Child Abuse”. Enough to do a Texas Ranger proud.

PPS. Actually, I think they are really located outside of Washington DC and the feds are just fucking with Texas in placing the host in that state.

Honeypot Basics Part #1

May 21, 2007

What is a Honeypot?

In the traditional sense, a honeypot was exactly what it’s name implied. It was a homemade clay pot with a lid that was used to store honey. In one sense, it was seductively sweet but as Poo Bear well knew it could be dangerous as he got his nose stuck in it. Other dangers were that a honeypot could attract bugs and animals that might be a problem to the honeypot operator.

The first humorous adaption to the term was when the old people who lived in towns and cities would store there human waste in a bucket to be taken away. Inside the house was a chamber pot to be used for night time visits to the bathroom and these were either pored into the outhouse in the morning or put into a honeypot to becarted off for sanitary sewage removal. To a fly, a bucket of shit is a Honeypot.

One of the earliest scientific adoptions of the concept was the invention of flypaper or those ugly fly rolls of gummy tape, The sweet smelling goop on the paper would attract the flys which stuck to the paper until they died.

During World War’s I and II, the ungodly enemies used the baser services of woman to prey on the weaknesses of men but the temptresses were not referred to as honeypots. They were of course Mata Harri and Tokyo Rose.

During the Cold War, The Ungodly Russian’s standardized the process and through selection and training started mass producing Honeypots which were labeled as such by the Cold War Warriors. They were attractive and dangerous spys seeking information.

Now their’s a huge difference between a mugger or an extortionist and a true honeypot. A true honeypot doesn’t have to threaten harm or blackmail you for information, they rely on their strength as a woman and the general banal weaknesses of men to get some men to reveal their inner secrets. They may uses sex as a weapon or just the conversational skills of a seductive woman might be enough. Now just remember in a true honeypot situation, the person voluntarily gives up the desired information by doing something that he probably knows is wrong to gain some sort of gratification.

In the computer field, use of a honeypot is not necessarily an ungodly act. It is actually based on another fairly easy concept to understand and that is a chain will break at it’s weakest link and an enemy will attempt to find you weakest link when they attack you. In this case a honeypot is similar to The Original Trojan Horse. The honeypot is a weak computer usually placed just outside a very hardened computer network with the rest of the computers behind the firewall. (The exception is if you’re spying on employees you put it inside the firewall and if you trust nobody, you do both.)

In the traditional sense, a honeypot is passive and used to spy on the intruder, to gather information which can be tracked back to the intruder and used to identify the person. A real honeypot, if feminine in nature, would not harm or destroy the intruder because their would be no more future benefits from information. It appears that the Military and the FBI have developed retaliatory Honeypots which I have been referring to as stinkpots. These computers are pushing the spirit and letter of the law and may well be illegal. However, when the jury gets done looking at 500 nasty pictures, the niceties of the law hardly matter.

Your Guilty and That’s It.

The End of a Lifestyle

March 11, 2007

Well, over the past three weeks, I’ve been driving too fast in the morning; Drinking too much at night; skipping my vitamins and eating junk food. I even thought about having a cigar but in truth the fat lady never sang.

We lost the case and are now madly working on the appeal process. Why should anyone care about what happens to an 67 year old man crippled with chronic pain and arthritis who plays with his tally whacker at 3 am in the morning while looking at the ugliest crap imaginable? Then I’m reminded of that old World War II story out of nazi Germany.

“When they came for the criminals, no one cared. When they came for the homosexuals, no one cared. When they came for the Jews, no one cared. When they came for me, there was no one left to care.”

Always remember what can be done to the least of us can be done to all of us.

However, I’ve really got to regain control of my life but it’s difficult right now. The stress of taking on the Government is colliding with my hedonistic nature. What the hell – eat, drink and make Mary for tomorrow you may die.

I’m Happy Being a Neanderthal!

February 18, 2007

Some of my politically correct friends and even family members have referred to me as a Neanderthal. I think they used that word because calling me a savage is sort of unrefined. I checked with my online dictionary and find that savage means untamed, unpolished, rude, an uncivilized human being. I would have to admit that I am definitely untamed and unpolished and occasionally rude. By politically correct standards, I’m probably an uncivilized human being, so I know that savage can be used as a description.

Now if I cared, I might consider calling me a neanderthal a little mean spirited as it means “primitive, culturally or intellectually backward; an unenlightened or ignorant person; a barbarian; a person with very old-fashioned ideas.” As I pondered this concept, I checked Wikipedia and found that Political Correctness is a term used to describe language which is intended to provide a minimum of offense, particularly to racial, cultural, or other identity groups. Now given that neanderthals were a different species with their own distinct value systems, it has to be disparaging to call someone a neanderthal.

Since I’m not terribly politically correct, I was curious to determine if there were any accuracy to the charge. I checked and found that neanderthals invented the flute before their human counterparts and also had art equal to humans of the same time period. They were also skilled hunters to the point that food surpluses allowed them to take care of the old and infirm. This is very unlike their human counterparts who have a rich history of letting infirm and poor babies die and of euthanizing the old.

All in all, I must admit that based on my analysis of neanderthals, I’m not terribly insulted and the next time I am called a neanderthal for my views on the world, religion and life I can smugly smile as I have the knowledge to understand that this branch of the evolutionary tree had some commendable attributes and even calling me one is indicative of a lack of knowledge and political correctness by the very person charging me with being politically incorrect.

Now what provoked me to thing about this at all was that I read an article about primitive Indians cultivating spices and hot pepper to improve the flavor of their food over 6500 years ago. Since I am a self proclaimed Fat Savage and don’t mind the implication of being untamed or unpolished, I’ll stick with the name because Fat Neanderthal is harder to spell.