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September 27, 2007

It seems the more controversial a post is, the more difficult it is for some people to post a comment or comments are being blocked along the way from your place to mine.  No problem send me an email and I will research your tip or post your comment.  For now my email is:WORDPRESS-AT-FATSAVAGE-DOT-COM

I’m posting in the above format so spiders don’t catch it but I’m sure you can figure it out.

Is Arab Porn Worth Dying For?

June 18, 2007

There has been a lot of press about Iran’s new laws regarding the death penalty for those engaged in producing Internet porn and equally draconian penalties for those possessing or surfing for it. Now you really have to ask what is their real social interest in such laws. I mean after all, Muhammad who was the most perfect example of all men claimed to have the sexual prowess of 40 men and had about a dozen wifes who he slept with in rotation to satisfy all. His followers were urged to take as many wives as needed, they could satisfy and that they could afford including all the children they may have. If they couldn’t afford a wife and children, they could satisfy themselves with slaves or concubines. Certainly sex and sensuality are not the issues.

Prior to this blog, I had never even conceived of the concept of Arab, Muslim or Islamic porn. Even now, it’s not a big concern and I probably would never written about it because this blog has little to do with porn and a whole lot to do with fabricated evidence. What changed my mind is when I went to a law enforcement Honeypot called which had been spawned by doing something with The first few times I visited, nothing much happened and my first reports were that it was a boring and very uninteresting cop site with models that were fully clothed and old when the design was first done about five years ago and they are probably all grandmothers by now.

After I got stalked by the FBI’s carnivore, the portal changed. On one machine, I was offered “sexual child abuse” and on another one on the same network I was offered Arab porn. Now there was really no attraction in going to the child sexual abuse sites as I had seen the pictures at trial and like the Holocaust pictures, they remain embedded in your mind with no need for a refresher.

I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the Arab porn I was referred to. For those who are not familiar with, it is ranked 37,878 globally and it is in the top 25,000 sites in Lebanon, Palestinian Territory, Egypt, Jordan, Bahrain, Algeria, Morocco, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, India, Israel, United Arab Emirates and Malaysia.

Actually, it is a quality site designed by cops and lawyers who have some taste for a change. All of the child access porn blockers are on the portal page and the testimony about all models being above 18 is there, along with a politically correct statement about non-defamation. As previously reported, the models are mature (30+) Mediterranean types with full figures and olive complexion, – just the type that makes me start dribbling down my chin and acting like a fool.

When you track the site from foreign servers, it sort of ends up in New York behind firewalls that block your knowledge of the exact location and when you track it from America it seems like it’s in Atlanta. None of the code appears to be terribly malicious and this appears to be a passive information gathering Honeypot.

Now I’m pretty sure because of the begot from, is more a cop/spy site than it is an Arab pornsite, so it really shouldn’t be counted as Arab porn. Still, if you are a connoisseur of porn and are not Arab, this could be considered a pleasing set of eyecandy for a quick visit.

Now the only real Arab porn site I tripped across was which is just one of those nasty 1950 type porn publications with black and white type pictures, airbrushed over at the appropriate place. Only one model is used on a dozen affiliated sites as they could probably only find one Egyptian slut in the world. She is obese and those who like obese sex might be attracted to this site as all that cellulite and fat might put a whole new wrinkle on sex. I’m not sure the death penalty is appropriate for this type of tasteless crap, but some punishment is deserved for accidentally exposing me to it.

I’m totally amazed that in Egypt, Yemen, Palestinian Territory, Syrian Arab Republic, Bahrain, Sudan and Pakistan this site is ranked in the top 25,000 and it has a global rank 214,722.

Go figure, their is no accounting for taste.

There are no apparent honeypots along the route to this site and no obvious malicious code. So put a little middle eastern spice in your life and sneak-a-peak.

As the kid’s say:

It’s soooooooooo bad.

Does Domestic Spying Exist?

June 15, 2007

I found a really weird foreign blog which has a header of blood spattered body parts and had the following post:

the iraqis have a word that’s unique to them.that word is sahel, which means “to utterly defeat and humiliate someone by dragging his corpse through the streets”.

Now to me thats a weird and dangerous post worthy of tracking the writer and maybe even visitors to the site but the hosting is normal with other sites large and small. Maybe I should make comments at the weird sites I stumble on and have them tracked too.

Unfortunately, I thought this might happen so I have really stopped making comments at other sites because I don’t want people associated with me. I have stopped using IM and minimized E-mail contact. I make my phone calls on land lines because domestic phone taps still have a few rules left.

Still the person who published that post is on a normal WordPress server, and I have my special Level 3 server. I was concerned that I might be giving information important to the global war on terrorism and decided to see what happens when I run a trace route from Austria. Every single response for all of the sites ended up at the Dallas home of WordPress on the server. So obviously any foreign traffic was not being diverted to the Fatsavage Honeypot.

Because or my naturally scientific bent I did a traceroute from Australia to various WordPress blogs including myself and they all ended up at the servers previously mentioned for Obviously, the Fatsavage Honeypot is only accessible from an American IP address and is being used for Domestic Spying on Patriots and Perverts.

Of course, I’m not sure an FBI man has been trained to tell the difference.

I’m My Own Honeypot!

June 15, 2007

In my never ending quest for knowledge, I decided to check a few more sites to find if I was alone among bloggers. My obvious first choice for unbridled home grow sedition was of course Mike E. over at I did my Visual Trace Route and guess what Mike E ends up on the Level 3 server next to me. After that, I checked and he had a “normal track.” My last two regulars, and are on the Level 3 server.

Oops, seems like the quickest way to hit the Level 3 server in New Jersey’s kiddie porn hosting honeypot area is to be a regular at the Fat Savage Blog –

So sorry to everyone.

It’s pretty obvious how I got there, I am an obvious choice for a person of interest, I am an educated native American who speaks out against an oppressive government and doesn’t run from my sensuality.

Now my friend Mike E. is an obvious choice as a walking pharmacology and an advocate of self medication for all that ails you. is a stretch even for an oppressive government. Her only sin of record is to be a military wife so maybe she made the honeypot on her own as they don’t want her badmouthing the war from an insider perspective (She Never Does.).

The one that utterly amazes me is who is a prudent thoughtful writer without any obvious sins other than his presence on my site. So the only group I can find that is hosted by Level 3 are those who have made comments on my site.

Fucking Amazing!

I Guess I’m Still Pissing Them Off.

June 13, 2007

For the past month or so, I’ve focused on tracking kiddie porn sites to Corporate American located in the good old USA. So far, I have never seen a foreign kiddie porn site, there is very little black kiddie porn and most of the pictures were variants of ones shown at trial from the National Archive of Hashed Kiddie Porn Pics. This is good solid white America at it’s worst under the leadership of George Bush.

Now don’t get me wrong, these pictures are hauntingly evil and remain embedded in memory, the same way Holocaust pictures do. It’s just fucking disgusting that all of it is published in America, much has been online for almost a decade and it’s all hosted and transported by big American Business.

I first recognized that I was pissing them off when CERT hit me with a military strength Trojan and of course being stalked by Carnivore was a dead give away that I was a so called “person of interest.” Now They have topped all that.

I have always suspected that some of my search results were filtered so, I’ve gone to the extreme of using Google from foriegn locations (Mexico and Washington DC), using very clean secure machines, various mobile IP’s such as war driving for access and using multiple search engines. The one thing that I never expected was that I would be tagged for access denial to a site such as

Can you imagine my surprise when I Googled a know porn serving malware program and found several posts on the topic at then clicked a link and got the following message.

mySQL query error: DELETE FROM ibf_secessions WHERE ip_address = ‘’

Now I hope that you all recognize that ‘’ represents both of my IP addresses on my two networks at two physically remote locations.

You got to love it.

With more than 4 billion IP addresses in the world, I’ve pissed off someone enough to get both of mine blocked at

They even blocked my ability to contact SWI or join a forum so I couldn’t bitch about the shoddy treatment they are giving The Fat Savage. Christ, I thought I was fighting for privacy, intellectual freedom and against government created malware and these dumb fucks should be on my side.

The really sad part, I had printed the articles of interest on a weak printer and just wanted a better copy, so I already have hard copy on the articles of interest.

I Speak The Truth

June 12, 2007

You can always tell when you speak the truth when people try to shut you up.  I have reached the point where my feed stats exceed my blog stats which means my regular readers exceed my total readers.

It seems I’m suffering a denial of access attack.

I would have never noticed except I dropped from 300 viwers to 20 overnight and my feed stats were still above 40 per day. 

 When the Feds want to fuck with you, they will.

Oh well, I was always writing to document the crap said at trial so I will write until the appeal is over. 

The question is why stop me if I’m wrong. At least you know the basis of appeal if I stay on line.

AmericanThumbs and

May 19, 2007

Shitting in the Swimming Pool- A Metaphor for life.

One of the most important concepts I ever learned, I learned at 16. It is the story of a group of people who will destroy something valuable for everyone, if they cannot use it themselves. Unfortunately, there seems to be logic to their perverse activity of wanton destruction, so if you search for the logic and find it you get a deeper understanding of the problem.

While I was lifeguard at a pool, somebody would shit in the swimming pool almost every day at exactly 12 Noon. Since there were hundreds of kids in the pool, we couldn’t initially isolate a source. The result of finding the turds in the pool was to shock the pool with chlorine and keep everybody out of the pool for an hour. We probably would have never solved the problem if it weren’t for an observant kid who notice his friend take a dump and screamed that Johnny had shit in the pool.

It seemed that the kid’s mother strictly enforced regular mealtimes and that the kid must remain out of the pool for exactly one hour after eating. Since other parents were more lax, Johnny’s friends were all in the pool ignoring him. His solution was sort of elegant and definitely simple. Shit in the pool and force everybody out of the pool for one hour so all his friends could play with him.

Now what brings this to mind is had remarkably primitive code. The code starts by setting a cookie with the following Javascript code.

document.cookie = ‘ucjc=xucjcxnorefxucjcxnorefxucjcx1xucjcx0xucjcx0xucjcxxucjcx; path=/;’

Even to the casual observer, that’s an awful lot of ucj’s and it would appear that xucjx is being used to pass 6 different pieces of information. The next interesting aspect (to a geek) is that the small thumbnail pictures have various values associated with them including values for rating, votes, use and age. The values appear to be passed along with your unique cookie to the server by way of a php script if you click on the picture for a larger version.

Links to other sites are called from a cgi-file named ucj which is also an executable script.

Now when I Googled “ucj”, two results of relevance came up. The first was UCJ is a Traffic Trading Script for the porn industry, sort of like a link exchange. The unique aspect is that Keeve from americanthumbs has two other sites listed and there are 22 sites with Lolita as part of the name so your chance of getting a link to a dangerous sounding URL to be presented at trial are pretty good. As a matter of fact porn site operators can get a discounted service if the limit their customer’s choice to only or . Seems like if you click a link you are purchasing your one way ticket to jail.

The final interesting code was a referral to which was an analytic tool for pornsite owners. You find out incoming traffic from typed URL’s, domain referral, search engine and more. You see the IP addresses of old and new visitors and you find out the browsers they use and which plug-in services they have. from their 2004 site, ” statistics are much too comprehensive to list everything here.”

Adult webmasters loved this service even though it was pretty obvious they were tracking there customers. Unfortunately, it was highly visible and dangerous for law enforcement trackers to use because it could be easily identified and the type of information collected explored at trial. So someone shit in the swimming pool and destroyed the product. Pornmasters bemoaned the loss and all that is left is a blank page when you go to

Oh yeah the other reference to ucj is from a blog.

“Greetings… I suppose the most noteworthy thing to point out is that I have a week and a half to master UCJ before Diane goes on vacation. I’m getting there… I just hope I’m “there” then. UCJ, of course, is the Uniform Criminal Judgment, the program that allows us to print orders the judge signs that effectively outlines the sentence people who are convicted get. I’ve got most of it, but I know I don’t have all the little bells and whistles I need to know.”

Your choice UCJ is the name for a link exchange program or a law enforcement protocol.

Primer on Capturing Kiddie Porn – Doubting Thomas #2

April 16, 2007

First turn on your home page. If you are like a lot of lazy people who never change your home page nothing much happens except:

1. There are three URL’s automatically logged into your history, 6 cookies were set on your machine to track your activity and 36 images transfered to your machine which are stored in the cache file. But you knew all that. They are from Microsoft and MSN which are usually the default home page.

2. I then went to and typed in “free pzzle inlay game” and clicked
“Enter”. Automatically, 6 URL’s entered my history, 1 cookie was set and 2 more images were added to the cache file.

3. I clicked on the following link and so can you:

Pzzle inlay game free, Puzzle inlay game free – Gospel singing news

4. One URL, ( is entered in history and no cookies or images were set.


WRONG!!!! had 6 URL’s entered into history, set 1 cookie and planted 29 images – 3 of which which might be kiddie porn. (This is sort of a fantasy site so the kiddie porn pictures may be touched up. It shows a picture of a black man with an organ the length of the forearm (from finger tip to elbow) and the thickness of a ½ gallon juice can penetrating every orifice of a white blond woman.) had 6 URL’s entered in history, set 6 cookies and downloaded 13 images to the cache file. It also set several Trojans and spyware programs. set one cookie. sent 2 images to the cache file without showing up in any other log. sent 4 images to the cache file without showing up in any other log.

Our expert swore that nothing like this is possible, automatic redirects and pop-ups are not stored on your machine so you have nothing to worry about. You know you can trust Washington Experts and our Government under George Bush.

For Profit or Protection?

March 16, 2007

How do Walt Disney, Paul Allan and other Big Companies end up in a discussion of Kiddie Porn. Read and follow the “who’s who” of American Business that are profiting from Protecting our young.

You would think that tracking a name as famous as would be easy so it kind of intrigued me when I ran into certified bullshit. I ran a tracert on the name and came up with an actual IP address of and then on to to look up the owner of this address. It said it was a law firm that owned every address which ended between 192.0 and 199.255

Since every pair of IP addresses can host 50000 websites, thats hosting for 50 million small businesses or one heck of a big law firm. So next I went to which is sponsored by ESPN and is the College Sports Information Directors of America and looked up Starwave in their directory. It reported the same address as the whois response and reported that there were no contacts for the organization.

A direct trip to doesn’t tell much because its sort of a “hustle” site running a contest for a cell phone company. Now a trip to started to get interesting. It turns out that is the “Producer of,,, and other large sites.” The whois directory reflects that this is part of DIG which is the Disney Internet Group.

If I hadn’t been run around the information highway in a recycled loop, I probably would have stopped. But instead I went to Wikipedia to find out the origins of Starwave. It seems that Starwave was founded by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen and aside from being the producers of the big name sites previously named, they were among the first to create the technical capability for multiplayer gaming. In our case, the technology would be needed to connect the two data mining machines to the data analyzer at in a multiplayer game.

The ownership of has cost Disney millions. They got sued by who was the actually payee on the money order I received in November 2000. It cost me $50 to frame (Garishly Gilded Gold) the debased $0.50 money order. However I was still right about the relationship. Goto was the original successful pay per position search engine. Disney had a look alike logo for and lost a $21.5 million claim to In a surprise move in May 15,2001, Disney replaced it’s own technology with the paid listing service from Yahoo now owns Goto and Disney still uses the pay for position service.

It’s easy to imagine, the multiplayer game being established by Starwave with Goto tabulating the the pictures located by Americanthumbs and where Disney makes a profit on both ends and naturally gets paid on a pay per dirty picture or a pay per predator isolated while doing a “Public Service”

Americanthumbs and lolitacj will be discussed separately.

Meanwhile, no longer works at any level. Seems that it automatically redirects you to
I wonder if Agent Carter’s old user name and password are still valid.

The End of a Lifestyle

March 11, 2007

Well, over the past three weeks, I’ve been driving too fast in the morning; Drinking too much at night; skipping my vitamins and eating junk food. I even thought about having a cigar but in truth the fat lady never sang.

We lost the case and are now madly working on the appeal process. Why should anyone care about what happens to an 67 year old man crippled with chronic pain and arthritis who plays with his tally whacker at 3 am in the morning while looking at the ugliest crap imaginable? Then I’m reminded of that old World War II story out of nazi Germany.

“When they came for the criminals, no one cared. When they came for the homosexuals, no one cared. When they came for the Jews, no one cared. When they came for me, there was no one left to care.”

Always remember what can be done to the least of us can be done to all of us.

However, I’ve really got to regain control of my life but it’s difficult right now. The stress of taking on the Government is colliding with my hedonistic nature. What the hell – eat, drink and make Mary for tomorrow you may die.