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The End of Kiddie Porn???

March 27, 2009

Since I stopped actively Blogging about a year ago, much has changed and much has stayed the same.  Military Veteran, Charles Stephano, is still incarcerated in a Puerto Rican Jail for an indeterminate term. (That’s two years in jail without ever having been sentenced.)  Now we are not talking about terrorists in Guantanamo, we are discussing a native born American Veteran who never touched another human but was hit by porn loaders on the Internet.

The one thing which has changed is that young-models. org is down off the net and is no longer engaged in criminal activity.  It would seem that in the waning days of the Bush Administration some of the truly nasty crap was taken off line (or maybe the code for the pornloader  became so well known that the technology became obsolete).

It is still easy to Google for kiddie porn by just inserting the following in the search bar:


Your search will take you to a bunch of sites like  (not an actual site)

Take off  the garbage at the end  and visit the site home page i.e.

For each page of results, you will find at least one site with enough kiddie porn to send you to jail.  (usually about one site per page of results)

The sad part is that Google could easily block this search and make access to kiddie porn a little more difficult.

A spot check shows that there are still plenty of Kiddie porn sites on line and only users of this crap are going to jail.  Web Hosting Companies and backbone carriers operate with immunity.  Well even if the government is not working to take down kiddie porn, the economic community seems to be rejecting the wages of sin.  When I first mentioned Level 3, a carrier and host of kiddie porn,  the stock was valued at $6.38. Last week the stock was 70 cents and it’s been as low as 57 cents.

So the more things change the more they stay the same.

Google Dorking 4 Kiddie Porn

February 11, 2008

When you Google Dork for porn, you can never be quite sure of the result you will get and not all Google based searches are created equal.  Now while Google dorking for kiddie porn sites with one search I did hit the mother load of hundreds of sites where every page of 10 results had a warning at the bottom of the page that some pages had been removed because of kiddie porn complaints.  When I clicked on the complete URL, most pages came up dead ends or redirected to advertising content.  However, when I just put the main domain name in the URL locator, many of the sites showed suspiciously young girls with a disclaimer they were all 18 and many had a ucj cookie the sames as other “go to jail” type sites. Usually, a page would yield three  domains suspected of hosting Kiddie Porn.

I thought that the search was;


Now the reason I couldn’t initially repeat the experiment was because when I went back I tried to play it safe. I went to and did my annomyuous surfing only to turn up a list of crap domains which took you to them phony advertising dumps. Next, I used Firefox and killed all cookies only to get the same list of crap.

I tried Lynx on a live cd and got a very evil list but I was forced to yield to cookies to get in.  Well, once your screwed, you may as well go all the way.  When, I allowed cookies in the machine, bam I was back to the Mother of all Kiddie Porn Portals – straight from the fine folks at Google.

The only problem is they will have this search and my cookies on file until 2038 when it finally expires. 

You know you can trust Google to give you any result you want.  You just can’t do it annomyously.

Google Hacking For Kiddie Porn!

January 29, 2008

In order to really use Google Hacking techniques, you have to have a knowledge base that directs your search and helps you recognize when you reach a destination. While checking on to see if the are still on line feeding images of abused anorexic young girls (they are), I also checked the source code and was reminded of the ucj cookie and cgi image feed.

Since all the images are fed from links containing a /ucj/ directory, I figured I’d do a long shot and Google

link:*/ucj/* which amazingly worked better than the Google “site” or “inurl” commands and led to two sites. One was a dead kiddie porn site and the other Interestingly this is a site which cannot be explored through the front door because entry is blocked to the home page. The page I found is a manual for the ucj porn delivery system and the backdoor is wide open.

The URL, is still live and for those who care you can move up the directory tree by eliminating the c.html and then the ucj45 drectory until you reach docs where you are once again are shut out. Now recognizing the weak link, you can explore the site with and find which takes you to a list of 1951 porn sites some of which contain kiddie porn because some known kiddie porn sites are on the list.

Now searching through 1951 sites for kiddie porn is a pretty inefficient uses of time but this line of thought allowed me to target my Google Search and zero in on the really nasty sites with one simple entry into the search bar.

Contact Me!

September 27, 2007

It seems the more controversial a post is, the more difficult it is for some people to post a comment or comments are being blocked along the way from your place to mine.  No problem send me an email and I will research your tip or post your comment.  For now my email is:WORDPRESS-AT-FATSAVAGE-DOT-COM

I’m posting in the above format so spiders don’t catch it but I’m sure you can figure it out.

Is the SexTracker Creator a Monster?

September 20, 2007

It’s kind of hard to figure out if Andrew Edmond is a creep, cop, criminal or con-man. I mean I’ve never met the man and he never sent me a copy of his resume so I have to develop his profile from online information. Seems Andrew worked for RealNetworks until 1997 when he founded Flying Crocodile. Money from porn fueled some of the most sophisticated web hosting, the best security and helped develop streaming multimedia technology. Just like there were beneficial spin offs from the space race, there were technological improvements riding the backs of cyber-smut.

Prior to the high technology of Flying Crocodile, their were 50,000 players in mom and pop shops dealing cyber-smut in a $1 billion market. The numbers for his porn portal ( and porn hosting company were amazing. They hosted 120,000 porn sites on a $10 million gigabyte class network attracting 6 million visitors a month and generating about $60,000,000 per year. It was one of the largest privately owned networks in the world. They were bigger that Yahoo! directory and ranked in the top 25 ISP’s in the world in terms of size and among the top 5 in the use of Global Internet Bandwidth.

Despite being called the King of Porn, Andrew had a moral streak. In 2000, he testified as an industry expert on the Child Online Protection Act in favor of self regulation. His portal was already a porn search engine which indexed sites by content and when some one crossed over the line into kiddie porn, he would report them to the FBI. His new site, IQcheck could automatically find kiddie porn, drop it from his servers and report the pedophiles to the FBI without human intervention. That is a powerful indexing tool, much like I described at the start of this blog.

By January, 2001, the industry was starting to collapse and Flying Crocodile had reduced it’s staff to 12 from about 135. According to Andrew, he was going to remain active in the adult Internet industry and the porn portal and adult traffic management site was a cash cow which would continue to operate.

In March, 2001, ran a conflicting story which said that the company still had 35 employees and that co-founder Andrew Edmond, the king of porn, had resigned. At that time, there were 280, 300 free sites being tracked by sextracker and 1100 pay sites. – Hell, no wonder the industry was suffering.

By December 2002, Andrew was online touting his new business and according to him business was booming and he was making good mioney. Not only that he was willing to share with other businesses that wanted to be affiliates. – Go ANDREW Go.

In 2005, Andrew was touting a new technology business, Scream Networks and repenting for all his activity as a pornmaster. He never really ment to do anything other than play with “big servers” Well everybody knew the King and he got great press until he went broke and sold out to GridNetworks where according to their website he is still a Vice President.

Meanwhile remember the candle business, Andrew expanded that along with a few other web shops into the “PeoplePeople” portal where he again became the focus of law enforcement. Seems there were all kinds of consumer complaints for which he paid about $25,000 fines, refunds and legal fees then went out of business.

Well, he is no longer king of porn, but people are still going to jail simply based on the name of his product. Maybe, he’s just a garden variety geek lost in cyber-space without concern for the impact of his actions on other.

SexTracker is Stalking You!

September 19, 2007

Anybody who knows anything about computers knows you don’t have to visit or to get a cookie from theses sites and anybody who knows anything about porn knows you don’t have to be a pedophile to end up with cookies. Unfortunately, administrators, prosecutors and juries don’t know a damn thing about cookies and if they know anything about porn, they don’t admit it.

The discovery of sextracker cookies on a computer by a computer forensic expert has been used as supporting evidence to terminate faculity, and to convict pedophiles in America, her Colonies and in Europe. Perhaps one of my favorite sentences on the Web is; “He visits,,, etc. which proves he’s a predatory pedophile.”

One unfortunate aspect of sextracker cookies is that they set-up a segment of our society least able to defend themselves. The cookies are disproportionately on computers owned by undereducated older males with below average income. (This is almost the opposite of Fatsavage visitors.)

It’s time for web surfers to become more than a little paranoid. There is ample information on minimizing stored tracking information and eliminating History and clearing your cache. Yes, you can go to jail for suggestive sounding names from clearly legal sites ( especially when combined with and cookies.