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Is Just One Picture a Crime?

April 12, 2007

One of the questions which has occurred in search engine terms for this site is as follows:

How can possession of a photo be a crime?

The answer is simple. It is a crime because George Bush and the Moral Majority in Congress made it a crime. In the passion of the post 9/11 era, an abomination in the eyes of the Lord called the Patriot Act was made the law of the land. An even bigger abomination was that the law is actually the Kiddie Porn and Patriot Act and the same excesses used to capture Arab Terrorists can be used to seek and destroy sick old men playing with their tallywackers.

Even worse, it doesn’t have to be a picture, it can be an electronic image on the hard drive of your computer which is only accessible by a certified geek and it doesn’t matter that a mere mortal can’t access it or that your weird brother-in-law may have used your computer while you were on vacation. If it’s anywhere on your machine, then you possess it and you’re guilty.

Now don’t let the asshole in Washington who represents you, tell you it would never be enforced this way. The government spent days during the three week trial trying to prove that Chuck (Charles Stephano) was weird and yet that is exactly how they described the charges to the jury over and over.

Anyone who read my rather disturbing post on Stalking The Young Black Male, will recognize that I picked up about 30 fairly young pictures in less than 2 hours. It doesn’t matter that I’m trying to prove that this type of crap can be placed on every on-line computer in the nation. If it’s on my machine, I posses it and am guilty. Now you all can understand the 7-pass wipe after I capture it. I want to know how it got there (The Technology) and why it got there and trust me kiddie porn ain’t pleasure to me.

Nobody will ever convince me that stalking the young black male or old veterans who haven’t engaged in bimodal sex of any nature in years is in the national interest.

If you ever saw an undesirable porn pop-up on your computer, you have pictures too and it would take a geek to permanently get rid of them so EnCase cant find them. Re-formatting doesn’t work. Unfortunately getting rid of pictures you can’t find means getting rid of all the family photos and documents stored on your computer.

Always remember, Big Brother is watching you! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Ben Franklin said those who sacrifice freedom for security get neither.

Don’t Blame the Jury!

March 31, 2007

In reality, the guilty verdict was the only one the jury could possibly have delivered. You have 12 computer illiterate mothers of young children look at 500 of the nastiest pictures of abused children you have ever seen in your life and listen to a geek talk about honeypots and Trojans and zombie computers run under the control of their masters. The pictures were shown twice during the trial and twice more during the closing arguments.


Our expert was a โ€œhomieโ€ who told the truth and their’s was a white woman from Washington who lied and said she didn’t have to address the technical issues because the earth was flat and technical problems with virus and Trojans didn’t exist on computers โ€“ especially on dial-up accounts.


The closing arguments in a Federal case gives two shots to the Prosecution and one to the Defense. So the closing was as follows:


  1. The Chief Prosecutor from Washington, a white mother, showed the 86 pictures at 2 second intervals. She never bothered with intelligent dialog as she was either incapable or thought it not necessary.

  2. The Defense presented the technical arguments about Trojans and while on a John Belushi roll about this trial being for all of us and the future of the computer industry, a juror raised her hand and requested a pee break and the judge decided to break for lunch.

  3. The Assistant Prosecutor pointed out that the defense attorney had primitive ideas about innocent until proved guilty, had overstated the need for valid evidence and if just one picture was on the computer, Chuck (Charles Stephano) was guilty under the Patriot & Porn Act โ€“ Just for luck she showed the faces of 12 more victims.


No shit, I’m glad I was a researcher for the defense, because the emotional bullshit was beginning to move me.

What the hell’s an Arc Bomb?

March 30, 2007

An Archive Bomb is one of those very stupid pieces of malware that almost no one has heard of. In the early days of virus development, everyone wanted to crash the network just to prove they could do it. This is reminiscent of the mindless vandalism of the the statue of the Madonna and the Christ child that some asshole did with a hammer years ago. It took Michaelangelo years to create it and it took the jerk seconds to destroy it.

Well malware creation has also moved into a very creative and profitable endeavor. Even when the motive isn’t profit you get more bragging rights with a good denial of service attack against SCO, false ads overlaying the real ones on Google and Koran verses replacing porn pictures.

On the other hand a well crafted network of bots or zombie porn servers delivering kiddie porn, spam or phishing are worth real money. So no one designs a non-profit arcbomb to shut down machines without a motive. Just think who would destroy an asset worth real money. If someone allowed you to steal their car, drive it as fast as you wanted and paid for the gas for life, you would never destroy it. Even if you stole a faster car, you would keep it around as a spare and leave it rust but never intentionally trash it.

That’s why destructive Trojans make no senses unless there is an issue of kiddie porn, national security or some other compelling reason. Hey, design the Trojan to take out the machine and when the person takes it to get repaired, they self incriminate.

The first encounter with this was when I heard it described in this kiddie porn trial. The video shut down, Chuck (Charles Stephano) took it in for repairs and bam, he got raided. When I started researching the topic, One machine shut down, and a second and third were half blind. The techie said signal out of range 74 KHz and that’s the signal I got three times. Needless to say, I never asked for help with repairs.

So when researching Trojans in general, I stumbled on an arcbomb or archive bomb. This is when an old compressed file is opened by your antivirus for inspection and BOING it explodes because it has been compressed and recompressed 18 to 20 times so a 7k file expands to fill the drive. Now in the old days this might have been a threat because drives were so small and I paid no attention to it. UNTIL, I was installing programs on my thumb drive that could be concealed and my antivirus got hung on an infinite loop and then froze.

I was about to throw the thumb drive out until, my resident geek suggested we take it apart. We sorted all text files and found one that filled the bulk of the drive. We tried to open it but everything froze. We took the cowards way out and deleted the text file. We then deleted all compressed files and now the drive is working. His comment โ€“ โ€œI never believed all your crap till I saw thatโ€ โ€“ Thanks CE, but he also warned I should try to reside in the real world most of the time even when I’m living life on the technological edge because a lot of people might doubt it otherwise.