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September 27, 2007

It seems the more controversial a post is, the more difficult it is for some people to post a comment or comments are being blocked along the way from your place to mine.  No problem send me an email and I will research your tip or post your comment.  For now my email is:WORDPRESS-AT-FATSAVAGE-DOT-COM

I’m posting in the above format so spiders don’t catch it but I’m sure you can figure it out.

Youngsex and The Castingcouch Begots

June 25, 2007 led us to and tracking the spawn of that unholy alliance is one of the most difficult things I have ever done. It’s not that it involved kiddie porn, it’s just that I hit all of the spawn listed in this post in an involuntary manner to find out that most of this crap makes the top 25,000 sites in the whole world or pissing women exceeds 99.9% of all the cerebral work on the Web.

When I went to, I was greeted by your typical cop portal with all the disclaimers. Upon entering, there was nothing spectacular, it was just typical average porn. A casual exam of the code, showed that the Javascript was being called from site very similar to the way got it’s Javascript and images from (Also, the site was ranked about 23,000 which as mentioned above is quite impressive.

It is hosted by CWIE, off a Level 3 network with no obvious honeypots in the path. I probably would have quit there except for three items. First, there were some obvious close ties to in the code and second, there was a relationship to one of those go to jail sites,, which was connected to

However, the real reason I decided to take a look was when I hit the back-button to get a screen shot of the legal crap, I entered a new site, Once again, I couldn’t find anything special or memorable. The site was hosted by CWIE off a Level 3 backbone. I think their claim to fame was that they offered access to 10 (or maybe 20) sites that all looked the same for one price. Unbelievably, this site ranks in the top 10,000 world wide or bigger than 99.99% of all the sites in the world.

When I hit the back-button again, I was directed to which brought nothing much to the party. The porn was ordinary. The site was hosted by CWIE off a Level 3 backbone. I guess being part of a spawned group pays. This site is ranked in the top 5,000 in the United States, Egypt and Israel.

Now the back button delivered me to the really bright spot in Middle Eastern Harmony and a blight on my soul which was This very obvious piece of crap is exactly what the name applies. Unbelievably, it is ranked in the top 10,000 in the Palestinian Territory, Egypt and Israel. This is higher than the (1,048,000) or (208,000) although also makes the top 10,000 in Israel. Once again hosting is by CWIE off a Level 3 Backbone

The backbotton then delivered me to which is a very weird site. Instead of code sharing and relying on Javascript from a common server as the other sites do, this site uses a php page to tag you and identify the location of your IP so as to offer woman from your own town. Of course the woman you see are the same whether you are surfing from new Jersey or Afghanistan. The other weird aspect is continued Middle Eastern Harmony as lonely people in the Palestinian Territory, Egypt and Israel rank this site in the top 15,000.

Since I couldn’t break out of this loop by hitting the back button, I shut the browser only to discover a popunder which was not blocked by my pop-up blocker. It took me three tries to shut down maybe because it was spawned by each of the sites I entered by use of the backbutton. This site also identified a home town and offered to hook me up with lonely women in my own area. As expected, the site was hosted by CWIE off a Level 3 backbone. This site is ranked in the top 7,500 in the United States, Egypt and Israel.

This chain of sites offers an excellent test area for antispyware programs for several reasons. These are definitely law enforcement sites using the best technology. They are related to sites that offer and steer you to kiddie porn but hey don’t do it themselves nor are there residual images of kiddie porn on your machine so they are all legal (if tasteless). Here is a place to play with the best and not end up in jail while testing your new anti-spy products. Testing reports are at the Tigerstail.

The only thing I can’t tell considering their global popularity is the following:  Are these sites spying on Islamics, Israelis or Domestics? Or do the people at homeland security ignore the differences?

Does Domestic Spying Exist?

June 15, 2007

I found a really weird foreign blog which has a header of blood spattered body parts and had the following post:

the iraqis have a word that’s unique to them.that word is sahel, which means “to utterly defeat and humiliate someone by dragging his corpse through the streets”.

Now to me thats a weird and dangerous post worthy of tracking the writer and maybe even visitors to the site but the hosting is normal with other sites large and small. Maybe I should make comments at the weird sites I stumble on and have them tracked too.

Unfortunately, I thought this might happen so I have really stopped making comments at other sites because I don’t want people associated with me. I have stopped using IM and minimized E-mail contact. I make my phone calls on land lines because domestic phone taps still have a few rules left.

Still the person who published that post is on a normal WordPress server, and I have my special Level 3 server. I was concerned that I might be giving information important to the global war on terrorism and decided to see what happens when I run a trace route from Austria. Every single response for all of the sites ended up at the Dallas home of WordPress on the server. So obviously any foreign traffic was not being diverted to the Fatsavage Honeypot.

Because or my naturally scientific bent I did a traceroute from Australia to various WordPress blogs including myself and they all ended up at the servers previously mentioned for Obviously, the Fatsavage Honeypot is only accessible from an American IP address and is being used for Domestic Spying on Patriots and Perverts.

Of course, I’m not sure an FBI man has been trained to tell the difference.

I’m My Own Honeypot!

June 15, 2007

In my never ending quest for knowledge, I decided to check a few more sites to find if I was alone among bloggers. My obvious first choice for unbridled home grow sedition was of course Mike E. over at I did my Visual Trace Route and guess what Mike E ends up on the Level 3 server next to me. After that, I checked and he had a “normal track.” My last two regulars, and are on the Level 3 server.

Oops, seems like the quickest way to hit the Level 3 server in New Jersey’s kiddie porn hosting honeypot area is to be a regular at the Fat Savage Blog –

So sorry to everyone.

It’s pretty obvious how I got there, I am an obvious choice for a person of interest, I am an educated native American who speaks out against an oppressive government and doesn’t run from my sensuality.

Now my friend Mike E. is an obvious choice as a walking pharmacology and an advocate of self medication for all that ails you. is a stretch even for an oppressive government. Her only sin of record is to be a military wife so maybe she made the honeypot on her own as they don’t want her badmouthing the war from an insider perspective (She Never Does.).

The one that utterly amazes me is who is a prudent thoughtful writer without any obvious sins other than his presence on my site. So the only group I can find that is hosted by Level 3 are those who have made comments on my site.

Fucking Amazing!

I Guess I’m Still Pissing Them Off.

June 13, 2007

For the past month or so, I’ve focused on tracking kiddie porn sites to Corporate American located in the good old USA. So far, I have never seen a foreign kiddie porn site, there is very little black kiddie porn and most of the pictures were variants of ones shown at trial from the National Archive of Hashed Kiddie Porn Pics. This is good solid white America at it’s worst under the leadership of George Bush.

Now don’t get me wrong, these pictures are hauntingly evil and remain embedded in memory, the same way Holocaust pictures do. It’s just fucking disgusting that all of it is published in America, much has been online for almost a decade and it’s all hosted and transported by big American Business.

I first recognized that I was pissing them off when CERT hit me with a military strength Trojan and of course being stalked by Carnivore was a dead give away that I was a so called “person of interest.” Now They have topped all that.

I have always suspected that some of my search results were filtered so, I’ve gone to the extreme of using Google from foriegn locations (Mexico and Washington DC), using very clean secure machines, various mobile IP’s such as war driving for access and using multiple search engines. The one thing that I never expected was that I would be tagged for access denial to a site such as

Can you imagine my surprise when I Googled a know porn serving malware program and found several posts on the topic at then clicked a link and got the following message.

mySQL query error: DELETE FROM ibf_secessions WHERE ip_address = ‘’

Now I hope that you all recognize that ‘’ represents both of my IP addresses on my two networks at two physically remote locations.

You got to love it.

With more than 4 billion IP addresses in the world, I’ve pissed off someone enough to get both of mine blocked at

They even blocked my ability to contact SWI or join a forum so I couldn’t bitch about the shoddy treatment they are giving The Fat Savage. Christ, I thought I was fighting for privacy, intellectual freedom and against government created malware and these dumb fucks should be on my side.

The really sad part, I had printed the articles of interest on a weak printer and just wanted a better copy, so I already have hard copy on the articles of interest.

I Speak The Truth

June 12, 2007

You can always tell when you speak the truth when people try to shut you up.  I have reached the point where my feed stats exceed my blog stats which means my regular readers exceed my total readers.

It seems I’m suffering a denial of access attack.

I would have never noticed except I dropped from 300 viwers to 20 overnight and my feed stats were still above 40 per day. 

 When the Feds want to fuck with you, they will.

Oh well, I was always writing to document the crap said at trial so I will write until the appeal is over. 

The question is why stop me if I’m wrong. At least you know the basis of appeal if I stay on line.

Bad Writing and Gender Bias

February 7, 2007

I never thought I would ever have to worry about being gender challenged at age 62. I pretty much always thought of myself as male and pretty much of a bull at that. I mean I openly acknowledge my lust for sex and the fact that I started my weight reduction process because I was getting to fat to fornicate. But then my friend Mike E asked me about the impact of hunger on writing and The Middle Manager introduced me to the Gender Genie.

I found in my initial analysis that I was prone to shorter “more” feminine blogs when fasting and longer androgynous blogs when eating well. Of course, The Ideas Man teased me about switching the name of the column to The Gonzo Fat Female and some frriends privately mentioned that the weak winy voice of a fasting male might be feminine in nature.

Now I wasn’t too concerned that my non fasting style was somewhat androgynous when eating well. Why, it was only a few years back that I declared myself to be a cool, sensitive, worldly, metrosexual guy. That claim didn’t last long as my daughter gave me a book called the Reluctant Metrosexual where this guy went through having his eyebrows plucked and a full body wax to remove pubic hair so he could share the pain of the female gender. My phase abruptly ended as I recognized that I did not have the credentials or the desire to get enough to validate me as a metrosexual and went back into the Fat Savage mode.

So why do I believe that the starving me is feminine in my writing skills and the answer lies in my ADHD. In school, I pretty much refused to learn anything I was not instantly good at and that included writing, tennis and golf. If at first you don’t succeed, quit. Fortunately, IQ and SAT tests never tested my writing skills, the bias was at word games, logic skills and math. That part was instant knowledge and I could excel without learning. In college, I only needed I year of writing English and I passed with a D for great ideas poorly executed. The crunch came when I started a job after my Master’s work in Engineering where I punted on the Thesis.

Here I am a brilliant engineer being mentored by a more brilliant chemist who never went to college and he pointed out the obvious. In big business, you are not judged on your ideas but the presentation of them. If you can write, your paper will be passed on. If you can’t, your boss will write the idea up and pass it on. The boss will get the credit for hiring you and recognizing your brilliant ideas. The other thing he said is that those who write the minutes of a meeting control history and can slant the meeting in their own directions. Since everybody hates to write, the volunteers are always selected.

So now writing became a discipline that I had to learn and my wife taught me. I started writing letters to the editor which she would correct and edit. If she was going to type it I had to clone her style. This was before computers and spell checkers and the Bill Gates grammar rules. I hated typing so I became her writing clone and remained that way for 30 years until Word Perfect arrived on my desk. Besides, I never knew their was gender bias in writing; I just thought there were rules of grammar.

The first article I wrote (which was published in the New York Times), she typed 36 times and told me never again – I had to learn the rules or type it myself. By 1990, I got an award for the best small business article of the year and got a write up in Inc Magazine (I brought 10 copies). I typed that myself but still relied on my wife as an editor.

So a far simpler argument for being feminine in writing is that when I’m fasting, I don’t feel like arguing about style and revert to the rigid rules established by my wife. When I’m sated, like all Fat Savages, I’ll argue and fight with anyone for the fun of it.

Dieting – My Personal Kryptonite

January 25, 2007

Robin (Limenade and Watermelon) made the following statement over at the Waistloss Blog:

“We are all human…and everyone has their Kryptonite…for me it is pastries and chocolate.”

For me it’s family and extended family gatherings. In truth, I am sort of a very antisocial human being with a few exceptions. I like my family – that is I like the part of my family I still talk to. We grew up in an Irish beer drinking clan and the part of the family that never quit drinking stayed together. Naturally, our children have our blood and continue the tradition. As with most old world families you never drink without eating and the more the better. So alcohol is a trigger for food and in a family setting food is a trigger for alcohol. We are a perfect match for the new improved “family menu Hooters

It doesn’t matter if it’s a visit from daughter, son, son-in-law, niece, brother or whoever, the kryptonite arrives with the guest. Now my wife of 40 years is a social person who likes to stop after work for a glass of wine or so prior to dinner. Since I enjoy her company, I usually join her and then of course there is more wine with dinner. The only time I skip is during a planned fast which I usually start when she is visiting the grandchildren in winter without me. So in a sense, I live with my own social kryptonite that leads me to food and drink. She is a good cook when in the mood so seconds are an easy course.

In addition, we go out to dinner on Sunday to a restaurant which has great seafood which my wife is allergic to and great Italian which she loves. This place offers so much flavor, that when fasting, I’ll eat 2 appetizers and feel happy. My wife favors this place because of the absolutely fantastic deserts which neither of us cook and which you can’t buy in stores and never see outside of big cities.

The worst cases of instant weight gain is when I gained 17 pounds in a 6 day trip to see my son. I get up at 5am and would eat some fruit with coffee and milk. At 9am everybody was ready for breakfast which I would join for the social event but I love bacon and eggs. Eveybody else wanted lunch at 12:30 pm, wine and appetizers at 6 and dinner and more wine at 9 pm. Naturally I never skipped a family event or a meal. Fortunately, I dumped the weight in 8 days to fall back into the obese range.

The other sustained weight gain came with current girlfriend who is also a social eater who wants company with every meal. So up at 5am and breakfast (coffee and leftovers). Then at 7am, hearty breakfast with with GF. At 10 am off to a resort hotel for a nice meal with my wife. Then at 2pm, it would be time for a big West Indian meal with GF (stewed beef with carrots and potatoes served over a bed of seasoned rice and pigeon peas.) After work, wine with wife, then home for steak, baked potatoes and vegetable and more wine.

So in less than 6 months I was pushing 260 and TFTF so there was no sense having a girlfriend. The positive side was being so sedated that all the paperwork was always done.

It’s easy for me to say no to food, but that damn social kryptonite catches me every time.

Happy Birthday, Body

January 23, 2007

The following is a transcript of an Instant Message Exchange between me and my daughter on my birthday.

Daughter says:
Happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to you…

My purpose in life is to die young as old as possible says:
Hey thanks been sort of limin today [limin means relaxing]

Daughter says:
Cool. You probably need that

Daughter says:
You going out to dinner tonight?

My purpose in life is to die young as old as possible says:
Naw, did that Sunday – decadent – went to Duggan’s for a two pound lobster and wine. Then off to Cultured Pelican for deadly desert and after-dinner drink

Daughter says:

Daughter says:
On your diet this week?

My purpose in life is to die young as old as possible says:
Did breakfast at The Palms today.

Daughter says:
Of course you did

My purpose in life is to die young as old as possible says:
Believe it or not 220 this morning. My three year low before Christmas was 219.6 and that was after fasting for five days – I do believe after 62 years I have figured out this eating/activity shit so that I can stay in a narrow range- even just beginning to figure out how to eat light on days when a desk-jockey

Daughter says:
your a nut
My purpose in life is to die young as old as possible says:
Not a nut – just a Fat Savage

Out of the Closet – I’m Addicted to My Scale!

January 21, 2007

My relationship with my scale makes Monk look like an amateur when it comes to compulsive behavior. On the average day I probably weigh myself 10 to 20 times. When I don’t like my weight, I weigh myself 2 or 3 more times just to make sure it comes up with the same answer. I step on from a different angle or I place my feet in slightly different positions all in an effort to get a lower reading. In the old days of mechanical scales, you could play the scale for a 3-5 pound difference and get the answer you wanted after an all night binge.

With the new electronic sales, that type of activity doesn’t work but old habits die hard.

Seriously, I weigh myself before going to a party. I weigh myself after a party. (5-6 pound gain) and the unusual activity is in the middle of the night. Every time I get up for aspirin for chronic pain or to go to the toilet, I weigh myself and monitor my night time weight loss. By morning, after going to the bathroom I will have lost 3-5 pounds as my body sheds the excess indulgences from the day before. I can usually tell by 2 am if I will wake up with a gain or loss. Even in the morning I weigh myself before and after my trips to the bathroom. (0.6 pounds difference, if you really want to know.)

I know that most personal trainers, Oprah and the About experts suggest once a week or less, but I believe that is bullshit advice. I know that when I get in to the party, sedentary desk-jockey, night time couch potato mode instead of acting like the ADHD hyperactive person I am, the first thing I do is stop weighing myself at all because I won’t like the results. Who the hell wants to monitor failure on a long term basis?

I am glad to find out that professional paid science is once again beginning to catch up with armature meology. Recent reports of scientific research on the web and in the press, point out that daily weighing leads to greater weight loss. In a two year study, those who never weighed themselves gained 4 pounds, those who weighed themselves weekly lost 6 pounds and those who weigh themselves daily lost 12 pounds over the two years.

Now that’s exactly why I intend to weigh myself 10-20 times a day for the next year as part of my regime to lose 30 pounds and keep it off.

Oh well, looks like scaler addiction ain’t all that bad.