Jill Trumbull-Harris Wrote the Book!

Twenty-two year old Jill Trumbull-Harris certainly knew how to turn her undergraduate Mock Trial Loss into a winning career. First, she got herself appointed as Coach of the undergraduate Mock Trial Team and parlayed that into creating the summer program and becoming the first Director. This led to her being an Adjunct Professor and later a Teaching Assistant of Trial Advocacy.

Along the line she started working very closely with Professor Steven Lubet and got credit for being a major researcher on a paper presentation entitled: EXPERT WITNESSES: ETHICS AND PROFESSIONALISM. Seems that Ms Trumbul-Harris has no excuse for ignoring unethical behavior by a novice expert (Shannon Perkins) out to score her first win. This close working relationship with Professor Lubet continued with the publication of a jointly authored book based on Trumbull-Harris’ hands on experience and Professor Lubet’s exulted status. It’s not ever undergraduate who gets to co-author a Book on Mock Trials: Preparing, Presenting and Winning Your Case with a world renown author.

In addition to working as a researcher for Professor Lubet on the Ethic’s Paper, she was also a Teaching Assistant in Ethics so it’s informative to note the title of his September 2002 book, Nothing but the Truth: Why Trial Lawyers Don’t, Can’t, and Shouldn’t Have to Tell the Whole Truth.

Even with the funky title, Professor Lubet has one caveat for Lawyers, DON’T LIE and in his paper on expert witnesses offers another for Lawyers, DON’T LET YOUR EXPERT’S LIE.

Her school tried to teach her right from wrong so any legal transgressions are an artifact of her own invention.

She is now a Professor at George Washington teaching a future Generation of lawyers her method of winning at all cost.

Go Jill Go.

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