Professor Jill Trumbull-Harris

That’s right, our prosecutor who prostituted herself at the trial of Charles Stephano is teaching her nefarious methods to some of the brightest kids in America. Still, it’s really hard to conjour what combinations of assets and luck made her a college professor at a tier one schools before she was even a law school graduate.

Seems that she parlayed her undergraduate experience with mock trials into a position as the Founder of a similar program at Northwestern and became the Director of the Summer Undergraduate Mock Trial Institute recruiting students from all over the Nation including Penn and Harvard. She was officially named Adjunct Professor of Communications for the years 1998 to 2001 which began one year after her undergraduate graduation.

It was natural for her to parlay this experience into becoming a course assistant in Trial Advocacy and believe it or not Ethics. She and her professor would develop a working relationship that would become a major influence on her life. Based on this youthful experience, it was natural upon graduation that she became an Adjunct Professor of Trial Advocacy at The John Marshall Law School. When she moved to DC to work with the Fed’s she joined the faculty of George Washington University as an Adjunct Professor of Trial Advocacy.

That is an incredible meteoric rise in the academic world. Unfortunately for Jill, meteors are known to burn bright and move fast before disappearing into the night.

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