Jill Trumbull-Harris Overachiever!

It’s impossible from her record at Northwestern University Law School to figure out whether it was brains, beauty or luck that contributed to her continued string of achievements. While academically, Jill Trumbull-Harris only graduated “cum laude” (Down from magna cum laude as an undergraduate), she kept busy as a member of the National Trial team which won First place and an award for best advocate. She also was named Outstanding Advocate for her graduating class and was a two term President of the Student Funded Public Interest Fellowships.

Now anybody who has been to graduate school knows that work assignments and research posts are somewhat arbitrary but whether from brains or beauty, Jill certainly maxed out her achievements from her positions. As a law student, Jill became a course assistant for a rather famous professor and also was the Founder and Director of The Summer Undergraduate Mock Trial Institute as well as the National Trial Team Head Coach which gave her the status of Adjunct Professor as a second year law school.

All that she learned from her varied positions in law school contributed to the morals and values she would carry into the courtroom to the trial of Charles Stephano and the other pornography cases shes tried.

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