Jill Trumbull-Harris, Fantastic Student.

It’s kind or hard not to wonder about the type of monster who would engineer a travesty of justice like the trial of Charles Stephano. The case was won with a corrupted evidence stream and perjured witnesses. Fortunately, we can study this case because we have a very visible and publicly accessible Prosecutor named Jill Trumbull-Harris. Jill’s first brush with secondhand fame came as a source on housing and food in a couple of articles in the student newspapers about food and housing at the University of Arizona where she graduated Magna Cum Laude in 1997.

During her four years, she gathered many academic Honors including Phi Beta Kappa, Mortar Board Senior Honor Society. Scholar of the Year, President of the Honors Student Association, president of the Pre-Law Organization and vice president of both. She was awarded the regents Full Tuition Scholarship which the record shows she deserved. Obviously the Prosecutor is an extremely bright person with extremely depraved values to have engineered an almost perfect web of deciet based on perjured expert testimony. This is truly a case where the Prosecutor chose to win at all costs with total disregard for the facts.

Still when you examine her record carefully, you will find that the seeds of her fixation with winning were sowed in her undergraduate years where she lost her first Mock Trial. As will be shown, Jill became fixated with winning and teaching others how to win cases designed to allow for a jury to declare a win or a loss based on the presentation and not the evidence. Jill became a world class expert on winning at Mock trials where no human lives are involved and the only goal is to win at all costs.

Unfortunately, Jill Trumbull-Harris is now Prosecutor and Persecutor of those charged with Internet Crimes involving pornography.

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