Is Back?

When I used to be a football player, there was always crude humor in the locker room and one was the following lyric which has haunted my mind (or what little there is left of it) for 40 years (oops it’s actually 50 years since I first heard it).

Advice to New Cheerleaders.

If at first you don’t succeed, keep on sucking until you do suck seed.

OK, so I am a little neurotic and persistent in my research. On December 27, I did a Google search on and found a cache page for Of course I went to the page by copying the URL and adding &strip=1 to the end of the URL before pressing enter. This additional command strips all images and the site never knows you visited it. Unfortunately, it also strips all scripts and image sources so you do not know the source for the code. I went to the site and it was pure vanilla so I ripped the code and found an affiliation with

This is the second time where a potential kiddie porn site has morphed into a feed for When you do a Google search of, you find that they are a very nasty American site who is hijacking sites and offering them up for ransom. I wonder if they are aware of the government connection with the sites they are hijacking and I wonder if Keeve Allen is going to sue to get back. Imagine someone actually complained that their site was hijacked to the FBI and I’m sure the agent-in-charge laughed all the way to the office glory hole before relieving his tension.

I simply do not believe all the posting’s about this site. If they really were hijacking sites and holding them for ransom, it would be a world class FBI case and they would pursue it for the publicity particularly since is a purely American invention. I believe these are false claims, and Homeland Security is using this site to park their inventory of kiddie porn URL’s

Amazingly, when I went back to double check the research, I could no longer find any Google references to prove the cache page ever existed for and I couldn’t get the site online. It’s a good thing I printed out the source code with a date stamp or even I wouldn’t believe the coming and going of Keeve Allen’s

2 Responses to “Is Back?”

  1. Steve Says:


    Unfortunately, really is hijacking websites. And they target a broad range of industries. They just hijacked the domain for my law firm’s website, and I’m not happy about it.


  2. fatsavage Says:


    Oh, I believe it and in my sarcastic way that is my point. America is wasting money prosecuting people for looking at holocaust like pictures but ignoring criminals who are destabilizing the internet by destroying our trust in the institution. This site is big, it’s made in the USA and Homeland security is prosecuting the little guys without lawyers on very trumped up charges. Just like the old days go after the drug user and let the drug dealers alone.

    I just have a funny way of pointing out that my government is ignoring people who are really hurting you and me while making show trials out of minuscule charges and probably fabricated evidence and perjured witnesses.

    Oh well glad I’m approaching high numbers in the seven stages of man.


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