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Google Hacking For Kiddie Porn!

January 29, 2008

In order to really use Google Hacking techniques, you have to have a knowledge base that directs your search and helps you recognize when you reach a destination. While checking on to see if the are still on line feeding images of abused anorexic young girls (they are), I also checked the source code and was reminded of the ucj cookie and cgi image feed.

Since all the images are fed from links containing a /ucj/ directory, I figured I’d do a long shot and Google

link:*/ucj/* which amazingly worked better than the Google “site” or “inurl” commands and led to two sites. One was a dead kiddie porn site and the other Interestingly this is a site which cannot be explored through the front door because entry is blocked to the home page. The page I found is a manual for the ucj porn delivery system and the backdoor is wide open.

The URL, is still live and for those who care you can move up the directory tree by eliminating the c.html and then the ucj45 drectory until you reach docs where you are once again are shut out. Now recognizing the weak link, you can explore the site with and find which takes you to a list of 1951 porn sites some of which contain kiddie porn because some known kiddie porn sites are on the list.

Now searching through 1951 sites for kiddie porn is a pretty inefficient uses of time but this line of thought allowed me to target my Google Search and zero in on the really nasty sites with one simple entry into the search bar.

Jill Trumbull-Harris, Total Failure

January 28, 2008

Well it didn’t seem to piss anybody off or result in content filtering when I criticized poor Jill so while I’m in a site rebuilding mode, I may as well crap on the persecutor of Charles Stephano, Jill Trumball-Harris.

So how could anybody call poor Jill a total failure? – easy it’s simply a matter of Goals and Values.

In Mock Trial’s, every law school wants a winning program and everybody wants to knock off the tier one schools. Jill has parleyed her expertise into developing programs, writing a book and managing a winning team. Of course this led to her teaching assistant position and to her becomming an adjunct professor in tier one schools. Now as pointed out, in a previous post – her mentor believes that lawyers can’t, don’t and shouldn’t have to tell the whole truth or at least minimally be able to withhold the truth when it helps the client.

Now I supposed that this advice is fine for Mock Trials where no one really gets hurt and perhaps even for a vigorous defense when trying to establish a doubt in the juror’s minds but this cavilier attitude is simply not allowed for the prosecution. Seems when Jill took the job she swore her oath to become an agent of the court and a seeker of truth. Quite simply she is not supposed to persecute people but to become a fact finder to establish either a persons Guilt or innocence.

One way or the other, she has a conflict in her life which cannot be ethically resolved. Mock Trials are as close to a blood sport as Tier One Lawyers are ever likely to come and the job is to win at all costs. When a prosecutor carries this attitude into a courthouse, we have a travesty of Justice like the Duke Hockey team. If I wasn’t such a geek and sat through a three week trial, poor Jill might have got away with her shit. As it stands, her prostituting herself may be acceptable to a Republican Justice Department but should be an automatic disqualified for an academic position.

Google Content Filtering!

January 27, 2008

Once again, I seemed to have pissed a lot of important people off. My site traffic dropped by over 70% and I was curious as to why. I had written a few insulting posts on Prosecutor Jill Trumbull-Harris (with a few more to come). Google lists one in the top ten, MSN has two, Yahoo is the top 3 and Ask has zero. Traffic is steady but weak and those who have a need can find the information.

Likewise I checked traffic and and rankings for which is a kiddie porn site and had top ten listings in Yahoo, Ask and Google. Once again, I couldn’t see any evidence of content filtering.

Life got really interesting when I checked on! Now it seems once again, I got slammed with a huge drop in traffic on my most recent posting which coincided with a huge drop in Google referrals. The last time this happened, I had not yet figured out how to prove that it was content filtering. Now I am presenting the supportive mathematical arguments at

It’s not like I’m really opposed to content filtering. It’s pretty obvious that a manual on purifying uranium and building a nuclear weapon is not going to be online. On the other hand, why would anyone want to block a Christmas wish to Charles Stephano or warnings that is a really nasty kiddie porn site. (first blocked post), Hack This Site!

January 21, 2008

If you are a true pedophile, this site is almost guaranteed to contain all the hashed kiddie porn Pictures from the National Archive of Kiddie Porn Picks. If your a Christian, Google has had four complaints that this site is a kiddie porn server and pages have been removed. My experience is a lot more personal.

At the trial of Charles Stephano, the expert witnesses all parroted the claim that anybody who Googled “young models” was probably a pedophile and as evidence, this site was one of many identified as having names which were designed to attract pedophiles. In this particular case they offered a direct link between a known and hashed (secretly marked) kiddie pornĀ  image that was definitely served from according to their experts.

Reasons to hack this site include:

1. It has been on-line since July 3, 2004 despite their being a bonafide kiddie porn server.

2. The Feds are aware of their being a kiddie porn server from Google complaints and testimony by federal agents at a federal trial.

3. This is purely an American invention from San Jose California.

4. Throughout the trial this site was on line and still is today.

5. It has some of the nastiest kiddie porn and and the ability to flood your system with more images than you can mentally process before pulling the plug. They end up in cache memory without you actually ever getting to see them.

6. They also dump machine crippling malware on the unsuspecting victim.

7. It is still online today and under certain certain circumstances you can still suffer the effects of 5 and 6.

8. Under other circumstances, you can get a controlled delivery of very nasty kiddie porn which really should be illegal.

This is a site with absolutely no redeeming quality other than it’s free so the dumb asses that run it can’t even claim a profit motive.

Free porn is truly a characteristic off a law enforcement honeypot run by Homeland Security under the Patriot Act.

Jill Trumbull-Harris Wrote the Book!

January 20, 2008

Twenty-two year old Jill Trumbull-Harris certainly knew how to turn her undergraduate Mock Trial Loss into a winning career. First, she got herself appointed as Coach of the undergraduate Mock Trial Team and parlayed that into creating the summer program and becoming the first Director. This led to her being an Adjunct Professor and later a Teaching Assistant of Trial Advocacy.

Along the line she started working very closely with Professor Steven Lubet and got credit for being a major researcher on a paper presentation entitled: EXPERT WITNESSES: ETHICS AND PROFESSIONALISM. Seems that Ms Trumbul-Harris has no excuse for ignoring unethical behavior by a novice expert (Shannon Perkins) out to score her first win. This close working relationship with Professor Lubet continued with the publication of a jointly authored book based on Trumbull-Harris’ hands on experience and Professor Lubet’s exulted status. It’s not ever undergraduate who gets to co-author a Book on Mock Trials: Preparing, Presenting and Winning Your Case with a world renown author.

In addition to working as a researcher for Professor Lubet on the Ethic’s Paper, she was also a Teaching Assistant in Ethics so it’s informative to note the title of his September 2002 book, Nothing but the Truth: Why Trial Lawyers Don’t, Can’t, and Shouldn’t Have to Tell the Whole Truth.

Even with the funky title, Professor Lubet has one caveat for Lawyers, DON’T LIE and in his paper on expert witnesses offers another for Lawyers, DON’T LET YOUR EXPERT’S LIE.

Her school tried to teach her right from wrong so any legal transgressions are an artifact of her own invention.

She is now a Professor at George Washington teaching a future Generation of lawyers her method of winning at all cost.

Go Jill Go. Kiddie Porn Portal

January 19, 2008

I love it when old standbys reinvent themselves and start sailing in uncharted waters. Seems that used to be a source of information driven by a community wiki. Now they are using their database to create Internet portals for businesses and the porn industry has the most to spend on self promotion. In order to appear non commercial, they are calling these categories “Category” and the syntax is

So while I was doing a Google background check on a potential kiddie porn site I found a listing for

Now being the suspicious sort, I Googled Cheerleader and it was all Pro-football teams stuff and on the first few pages there were not many links to porn of any kind. So, I immediately clicked the above link and found 890 sites listed many with porn like names and quite a few with go to jail type names. I’m not sure how many were American made (I Checked and some were) and how many were promoting illegal kiddie porn (I Checked and some were).

Unbelievable the access to porn didn’t stop there. I noticed at the top of the page a link to Teens and took it only to be told that these were adult sites and I would have to be a registered user to find their names although I doubt that the sites could be worse than those listed under Cheerleaders. I tried “Porn” and entered another restricted area but then went to the list of go to jail search terms mentioned at trial. linked to 118 page reviews of mostly porn sites but delivered the mother load of Kiddie porn with over 1200 entries. I never got beyond looking at the list as I had already seen enough with the Cheerleaders.

I wonder if has figured out what this portal business is about.

Professor Jill Trumbull-Harris

January 18, 2008

That’s right, our prosecutor who prostituted herself at the trial of Charles Stephano is teaching her nefarious methods to some of the brightest kids in America. Still, it’s really hard to conjour what combinations of assets and luck made her a college professor at a tier one schools before she was even a law school graduate.

Seems that she parlayed her undergraduate experience with mock trials into a position as the Founder of a similar program at Northwestern and became the Director of the Summer Undergraduate Mock Trial Institute recruiting students from all over the Nation including Penn and Harvard. She was officially named Adjunct Professor of Communications for the years 1998 to 2001 which began one year after her undergraduate graduation.

It was natural for her to parlay this experience into becoming a course assistant in Trial Advocacy and believe it or not Ethics. She and her professor would develop a working relationship that would become a major influence on her life. Based on this youthful experience, it was natural upon graduation that she became an Adjunct Professor of Trial Advocacy at The John Marshall Law School. When she moved to DC to work with the Fed’s she joined the faculty of George Washington University as an Adjunct Professor of Trial Advocacy.

That is an incredible meteoric rise in the academic world. Unfortunately for Jill, meteors are known to burn bright and move fast before disappearing into the night. – Hack This Site!

January 15, 2008

Whether you are a black or white hat, a hacker or cracker, part of the Christian thought police or a libertine who believes in pedophilia, is the site to hack for all of the following reason

1. It has a go to jail name where it being in your history is evidence of a predisposition to pedophilia.
2. Up to a week or so ago, it had pictures of young girls that would make Hannibal Lector dibble down his chin in hunger
3. The site has sweet young girls and abused young girls that would make a pedophile pink with lust. (careful they’re all from the National Archives of Hashed Kiddie Porn
4. The site was made in America and until last week it resided here. (It probably still is in the DC area with some tricky IP crap.)
5. It’s pretending to hide abroad.
6. Google documents three complaints for pedophilia but they operate with impunity from Cease and Desist actions.
7. They had the audacity to claim all models are 18 despite the charges of kiddie porn and Google’s dropping them from the search engine because of it.
8. It links to many other sites with go to jail type names that imply pedophilia
9. This site acts with an audaciousness that could only stem from legal immunity
10. Watch out, it is probably protected by the federal government as a law enforcement honeypot. has to retire or be taken down.

Jill Trumbull-Harris Overachiever!

January 12, 2008

It’s impossible from her record at Northwestern University Law School to figure out whether it was brains, beauty or luck that contributed to her continued string of achievements. While academically, Jill Trumbull-Harris only graduated “cum laude” (Down from magna cum laude as an undergraduate), she kept busy as a member of the National Trial team which won First place and an award for best advocate. She also was named Outstanding Advocate for her graduating class and was a two term President of the Student Funded Public Interest Fellowships.

Now anybody who has been to graduate school knows that work assignments and research posts are somewhat arbitrary but whether from brains or beauty, Jill certainly maxed out her achievements from her positions. As a law student, Jill became a course assistant for a rather famous professor and also was the Founder and Director of The Summer Undergraduate Mock Trial Institute as well as the National Trial Team Head Coach which gave her the status of Adjunct Professor as a second year law school.

All that she learned from her varied positions in law school contributed to the morals and values she would carry into the courtroom to the trial of Charles Stephano and the other pornography cases shes tried.

Jill Trumbull-Harris, Fantastic Student.

January 11, 2008

It’s kind or hard not to wonder about the type of monster who would engineer a travesty of justice like the trial of Charles Stephano. The case was won with a corrupted evidence stream and perjured witnesses. Fortunately, we can study this case because we have a very visible and publicly accessible Prosecutor named Jill Trumbull-Harris. Jill’s first brush with secondhand fame came as a source on housing and food in a couple of articles in the student newspapers about food and housing at the University of Arizona where she graduated Magna Cum Laude in 1997.

During her four years, she gathered many academic Honors including Phi Beta Kappa, Mortar Board Senior Honor Society. Scholar of the Year, President of the Honors Student Association, president of the Pre-Law Organization and vice president of both. She was awarded the regents Full Tuition Scholarship which the record shows she deserved. Obviously the Prosecutor is an extremely bright person with extremely depraved values to have engineered an almost perfect web of deciet based on perjured expert testimony. This is truly a case where the Prosecutor chose to win at all costs with total disregard for the facts.

Still when you examine her record carefully, you will find that the seeds of her fixation with winning were sowed in her undergraduate years where she lost her first Mock Trial. As will be shown, Jill became fixated with winning and teaching others how to win cases designed to allow for a jury to declare a win or a loss based on the presentation and not the evidence. Jill became a world class expert on winning at Mock trials where no human lives are involved and the only goal is to win at all costs.

Unfortunately, Jill Trumbull-Harris is now Prosecutor and Persecutor of those charged with Internet Crimes involving pornography.