Is the SexTracker Creator a Monster?

It’s kind of hard to figure out if Andrew Edmond is a creep, cop, criminal or con-man. I mean I’ve never met the man and he never sent me a copy of his resume so I have to develop his profile from online information. Seems Andrew worked for RealNetworks until 1997 when he founded Flying Crocodile. Money from porn fueled some of the most sophisticated web hosting, the best security and helped develop streaming multimedia technology. Just like there were beneficial spin offs from the space race, there were technological improvements riding the backs of cyber-smut.

Prior to the high technology of Flying Crocodile, their were 50,000 players in mom and pop shops dealing cyber-smut in a $1 billion market. The numbers for his porn portal ( and porn hosting company were amazing. They hosted 120,000 porn sites on a $10 million gigabyte class network attracting 6 million visitors a month and generating about $60,000,000 per year. It was one of the largest privately owned networks in the world. They were bigger that Yahoo! directory and ranked in the top 25 ISP’s in the world in terms of size and among the top 5 in the use of Global Internet Bandwidth.

Despite being called the King of Porn, Andrew had a moral streak. In 2000, he testified as an industry expert on the Child Online Protection Act in favor of self regulation. His portal was already a porn search engine which indexed sites by content and when some one crossed over the line into kiddie porn, he would report them to the FBI. His new site, IQcheck could automatically find kiddie porn, drop it from his servers and report the pedophiles to the FBI without human intervention. That is a powerful indexing tool, much like I described at the start of this blog.

By January, 2001, the industry was starting to collapse and Flying Crocodile had reduced it’s staff to 12 from about 135. According to Andrew, he was going to remain active in the adult Internet industry and the porn portal and adult traffic management site was a cash cow which would continue to operate.

In March, 2001, ran a conflicting story which said that the company still had 35 employees and that co-founder Andrew Edmond, the king of porn, had resigned. At that time, there were 280, 300 free sites being tracked by sextracker and 1100 pay sites. – Hell, no wonder the industry was suffering.

By December 2002, Andrew was online touting his new business and according to him business was booming and he was making good mioney. Not only that he was willing to share with other businesses that wanted to be affiliates. – Go ANDREW Go.

In 2005, Andrew was touting a new technology business, Scream Networks and repenting for all his activity as a pornmaster. He never really ment to do anything other than play with “big servers” Well everybody knew the King and he got great press until he went broke and sold out to GridNetworks where according to their website he is still a Vice President.

Meanwhile remember the candle business, Andrew expanded that along with a few other web shops into the “PeoplePeople” portal where he again became the focus of law enforcement. Seems there were all kinds of consumer complaints for which he paid about $25,000 fines, refunds and legal fees then went out of business.

Well, he is no longer king of porn, but people are still going to jail simply based on the name of his product. Maybe, he’s just a garden variety geek lost in cyber-space without concern for the impact of his actions on other.

3 Responses to “Is the SexTracker Creator a Monster?”

  1. Your Site Says:

    I never got into the porn craze myself. I’ve been a webmaster for years and have always avoided that temptation. Sometimes money can make you do things you feel repentant about in your later years.

  2. Andrew Edmond Says:

    Hah! I was just doing some self-googling (come on, everyone is guilty of this now and then), and found this article.

    I ROFLed, then I LOLed, then I went OMG, and then I got back to work šŸ™‚

    Andrew Edmond

  3. Eric Andrews Says:

    Lot’s of factually incorrect info here. You might want to consider fact checking before you write another half-true and defamatory article like this.

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