SexTracker is Stalking You!

Anybody who knows anything about computers knows you don’t have to visit or to get a cookie from theses sites and anybody who knows anything about porn knows you don’t have to be a pedophile to end up with cookies. Unfortunately, administrators, prosecutors and juries don’t know a damn thing about cookies and if they know anything about porn, they don’t admit it.

The discovery of sextracker cookies on a computer by a computer forensic expert has been used as supporting evidence to terminate faculity, and to convict pedophiles in America, her Colonies and in Europe. Perhaps one of my favorite sentences on the Web is; “He visits,,, etc. which proves he’s a predatory pedophile.”

One unfortunate aspect of sextracker cookies is that they set-up a segment of our society least able to defend themselves. The cookies are disproportionately on computers owned by undereducated older males with below average income. (This is almost the opposite of Fatsavage visitors.)

It’s time for web surfers to become more than a little paranoid. There is ample information on minimizing stored tracking information and eliminating History and clearing your cache. Yes, you can go to jail for suggestive sounding names from clearly legal sites ( especially when combined with and cookies.

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