The YoungPerves Retire

During the course of the trial. came up with two different spellings. When I went to this site I found old, fat and sloppy woman giving tug-jobs to equally disgusting looking men. It utterly amazed me that the government witnesses could reference suggestive names without having gone to the sites and the defense never went either. It seems the fear of being labeled a pedophile is so great that people are convicted on suggestive names alone.

Now being little more that an ignorant fat savage, it didn’t bother me to sneak a peak even if I am disgusted by very young, anorexic and abused children. I can’t find a single relationship between that and wholesome healthy sex.

Over the past year, it would appear that this site has become like a wandering Jew in the desert. It started life in Orlando with the tug-jobs, then moved to London and now its on Sedo Parking in Germany. was retired very early and was at Sedo Parking before the trial was over so I couldn’t tell you what there specialty was.

When I checked one of the pictures from during the trial, I almost had a heart attack. This was one of the pictures that had been used to convict the man and it was still on line. When I started looking for where this crap was located, I found it at off a feed and backbone. It was serving up a porn portal with pictures and javascript

These sites were linked at trial for their suggestive names, and they are linked in retirement at Sedo Parking. They are tied into and can only be described as Cop Honeypots.

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  1. » The YoungPerves Retire Bangbros best Says:

    […] It started life in Orlando with the tug-jobs, then moved to London and now its on Sedo source: The YoungPerves Retire, The Gonzo Fat Savage […]

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