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September 30, 2007

I was trying to figure out how my traffic dropped from a couple of thousand hits per day to under a couple of hundred. I mean I know about denial of service attacks that block people from viewing a site but I’m not having any trouble getting to the site. However,  I also know about slowing down the server which may be what’s preventing comments.  But, I’m really not having too much trouble getting to my site and only moderate difficulty with new posts so denial of service probably isn’t the cause.

So I decided to check my search engine terms because I know that certain sites can’t be searched and the results suggest I might be one of them.

While I couldn’t find my extremely popular posts, I did find that was reinventing themselves. Hell I sort of thought nobody in the government ever listened but I guess I might be wrong. The first thing you notice is that most of the younger naked children in a family setting have been removed in favor of older, anorexic, naked girls.

Most astounding is the change to the upper right hand corner. In the original viewers were being directed to the following jail bait sites which help build a body of evidence against you:

Now thats a perfect list of jail bait sites if I ever saw one.

The new improved now posts the following in the upper right hand corner:, Whats in a name ?
“A Babe is a very hot girl with the age between 25 and 30. We like to see some younger babes though, shows you babes under the age of 25! All models were over 18 when the pictures were taken. TIP: remember the name, type in the address bar, hit enter and you will not be sent to other sites anymore, you will only get free pics.”

Now lets analyze the statement. First, it’s new and a direct challenge to the credibility of the Fat Savage. Unfortunately, for their version, the name is on a go to jail list as being associated with pedophilia. Second it doesn’t matter what they say, any pictures on your machine are not directly related to a URL so it is entirely up to you to determine the age – you can’t sue them for false advertising as you dribble down your chin over obviously young girls still pictured on the site. Also, they want you to type there name in the URL bar so that a keystroke logger will conclusively prove you went there on purpose and not by clicking a link or by an accidental feed.

Believe me, stay safe. Believe them, go to jail.

I’m saving the big lie for tomorrow, because I’m still trying to figure out if the Feds will let anybody read this post.

Arab Porn Sites – Hives Full of Honey!

September 29, 2007

Anybody who has ever hunted for wild honey knows that you have to be very careful when raiding the hive. Some bees are very aggressive and alert and will be driving you off as they attempt to kill you. Still, wild honey is sweet, favorable and exotic – no two batches are ever the same.

Obviously, kiddie porn is favoringly viewed in Arab Countries and some Indian and Jewish porn sites are well received. The sites I focus on in this post include “Arab” in their URL so there can be no doubt about the target audience. From the audience statistics, the viewers are almost perfect revolutionaries ie. poor, undereducated, very young and Middle Eastern origin looking for 144000 Virgins. If every one who views these sites is a potential suicide bomber, the supply is apparently endless.

The following sites are listed from Attractive to Ugly. None are really offensive like the rape Video Previously described. comes to you from New York City off of hosting and feed from a Global Crossing Backbone. It ranks 19,233 worldwide. The audience is largely non-white males including African-Americans, Asians, Hispanics and Arabs. There are no know honeypots along the route but that does not make it safe. comes to you from San Diego on hosting, Cox Communication feed and an Nlayer backbone. Many of the links are to It ranks 221,150 and has the most amazing demographics of any porn site I have ever researched. It is largely a FEMALE audience age 25-44 of mixed ethnic background, college educated but poorer than average with children age 6-17 years old residing at home. Now you know what Arab woman do all day while their husbands are out working and waging war. There are no know honeypots along the route comes to you from Huston on Jaguar Technology hosting and feed and Global Net Access backbone. There are many links to with the rest pay or go. It ranks 201,664 globally and the demographics are what you might expect; poor, young, undereducated men. There are no know honeypots along the route is located in Washington DC off of hosting and a feed. The backbone is ver fuzzy. From one traceroute, its a Road Runner honeypot off a Level 3 backbone feed and in another case its a Cogento Background. The site is powered by wordpress and links to other sites. The site caters to a college educated, older (35-54) male audience (Hispanic, Asian and Arab). The site’s visitors’ affinities are teen (TimeKiller), news (New York Times) and business & finance (Yahoo Finance). This appears to be a cross over with kiddie porn users. (Dangerous) is a real piece of work that serves no apparent purpose which means it’s dangerous. It headlines itself as a free porn site you can trust while affiliating itself with the castingcouchteens family. It’s either in Germany or Amsterdam or Washington DC. The first traceroute had it traveling all over America before ending in Germany so I ran a second trace route from London. The path from London to the site was as follows. The path went from London to Amsterdam to Germany to Atlanta Georgia to Washington DC back to Germany and then to Amsterdam. Seems to me there might be some chance of someone spying on you along that convoluted path. is coming to you from Dallas using as both host and internet feed operating off an backbone. The site ranks 131,853 and serves a poor African-American and Arab audience in the 25-44 year old age group. This is definitely a pay or go site so you will have to identify yourself when you pay. uses the same server and systems as According to The site ranks 149,275 and is popular among a younger, household income up to $60k, slightly male slanted group. That of course means the other half are females. comes to us from Los Angeles from an Abdominal Host, xfernet feed and a mzima feed. It, sort of an incredible free site chuck full of good to god awful Middle Eastern Woman from 18 to 80 with some of them really quite attractive. While the site is ranked 299, 996 by, they offer no other demographic information. This is quite unusual for a site ranked in the top million. Have to classify this site as Spooky. and are partners going to the same place to extract your entrance fee. I grew up and old with t-shirts proclaiming that “It’s a Black Thing – You won’t understand it.” All I can say about these pay or go sites is the fully and partially nude individuals on the entry page would look better in burkas. Conclusion – “It’s an Arab Thing – I don’t understand it.” Ranks about 300,000. Hosted by in Los Angeles off a Global Crossing network. No apparent honeypots but not needed because of pay or go you will identify yourself or leave. comes to us from San Francisco using and feed off a Global Network Backbone. I already described how tacky this site is so there is no sense doing that again. It is ranked 319,000 world wide with an audience that is young, poor, Middle Eastern Males who are of course undereducated. But don’t worry they are being closely watched, Reliable Hosting is brought to us by Choopa, the same people who gave us all the Kiddie Porn Cop Sites.

The Skinny on Arab Porn

September 29, 2007

There can be no doubt that porn is a very popular form of entertainment in the Muslim World but anyone who has followed my posts about Islam, Porn and Pedophilia will recognize that the age of consent and the use of porn are hotly debated issues but the vast majority of Islamic Porn surfers do not find porn incomputable with their religious beliefs. So how do you go about finding Arab, Islamic or Muslim Porn and the answer is simple – use a search engine and search for it. It’s the same as searching for young teens, young models or anything else.

Seek and Ye shall find it.

I must admit I’m almost depressed with the results. I found that the site with the most attractive full figured beautiful woman with almond eyes and olive complexion was at the first site I visited, (a cop site) and it was a skid down the sand dune from there. But just as “In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king”, if you come from a sexually repressive culture, any nudity, including used up older woman, might be exciting.

Of course every single site was hosted in America and most had very deceptive hosting locations and routes to the site, but that’s to be expected for Honeypot sites spying on terrorists.

The porn can be described as Good, Bad, and Ugly.

The one example of good was mentioned above and the rest will be described tomorrow except the Ugly one deserves special mention.

It starts with an attractive liberal Middle Eastern girl wearing pants dancing with some young guys who are apparently the religious thought police. In very short order, this turns into a rape flick where they take off her clothes, humiliate her and take turns raping her. It is brutal and as close to a snuff lick as I have ever seen as you can see these men terminating the woman’s human spirit. It is a sick flick and trust me it’s not porn but a tribute to the excesses of Islam.

Almost Free Speach

September 29, 2007

Well, it seems like I pissed them off again.  My friend Mike E noticed that it was impossible to post a comment because of Technical Difficulties at WordPress.  I just noticed another technical difficulty. 

On Thursday I had 1876 visitors or about one visitor ever 45 seconds. They came from search engins all over.  I was ranked in the top 500,000 of all web sites and number 23 on the wordpress fastest growing blogs. Today, I’ve had about 1 visitor every 10 minutes or one every 600 esconds. Overnight 90% of my traffic was gone. I was shut down to visitors about 5 am on Friday. This has happened before when I pissed off the Feds.

The last time I pissed them off enough to shut me down I was screwing with

This time it seems that my curse on those involved with pissed them off.

I don’t have to worry about my efforts being worthwhile.  No one would shut me down if no one was offended. 

Porn and Islam – Read the Koran!

September 28, 2007

I did not write the following Post but it is good to share the ideas of others.

Can Muslims Watch Porn, Do Sex with Toys & Do Masturbation?

We received the following email from a Muslim reader – who has been mentally tormented over his dilemma about sex with toys and watching pornography. His name has been initialized to maintain privacy. I have expressed my view on the whole range of sexual dilemma, including masturbation Muslim youths face.

MZ Khan wrote:

I am not married therefore Is viewing porn films allowed in Islam & sex with toys allowed??

MA Khan’s response:Dear MZ,

Thank you for inquiring about your sexual dilemma.

There is nothing in Islam that says that you cannot watch porn or do sex with toys. In Islam, you cannot have sex with other Muslim married women – for which you should be stoned to death. If you have sex with unmarried Muslim girl, you will be subjected to 80 lashes. If you do get involved with another man in homosexual acts, you will be forgiven – if you repent.

However, you can do sex with Kafir women any way you want. You can attack the Kafirs, kill their men and then capture the women and have sex with them. You can also kidnap them and keep them as slaves as many as you want – who will do all the household work and also provide sex to you. Allah has sent down a divine sanction to Muslims for acquiring slave women for sex by waging wars against the infidels and from spoils or booty obtained from it:

O Prophet! surely We have made lawful to you your wives whom you have given their dowries, and those whom your right hand possesses out of those whom Allah has given to you as prisoners of war.. [Q 33:50]

These being the injunctions of Islam – I do not see much reason as to why you should be worried about watching porn or have sex with toys. However, you should be able to watch porn without any restriction. So is the case with sex with toys. However, only thing you should be worried while watching porn as to whether the woman you is are watching is a Muslim or not. I do not think there are many Muslim women doing porn movies or anything like that. But I also believe that if a Muslim woman becomes porn-star, she does not remain Muslim any more. So, you should have nothing to worry about watching porn. About sex-toys, there is absolutely nothing to worry. Just fantasize it as a infidel woman, with whom you are allowed to do sex any way you want.

As I myself have grown up a Muslim, another dilemma Muslim youths face is about masturbation. There nothing specifically said about masturbation in the Quran. However, there is one hadith in which the prophet had prohibited some of his Sahabas from doing coitus interruptus with the captured women while on a Jihad expedition. Coitus interruptus means throwing the semen outside after sex – not to the women pregnant. The reason was that the semen should not be wasted which could produce children. Production of Muslim children was very critical to add the number to small Muslim community at that critical stage of Islam. However, while doing masturbation there is not scope to impregnate anybody. Young men keep loosing semen all the time through wet dreams. Muslim population is too big and Muslims have been producing more than they can handle.

So I do not see any reason that you should not be able to do masturbation. Furthermore, many moderate Muslims have been urging to delete hadiths from Islam altogether. So, you should not be worried about that dubious hadith on Coitus Interruptus. Using condoms to limit pregnancy – which is the ideal example of Coitus Interruptus – has become quite common in the Muslims world.

Last but not the least, Muslims are one of the peoples most active in masturbation and watching porn in the world. Their homosexual engagements are also equally high.

Contact Me!

September 27, 2007

It seems the more controversial a post is, the more difficult it is for some people to post a comment or comments are being blocked along the way from your place to mine.  No problem send me an email and I will research your tip or post your comment.  For now my email is:WORDPRESS-AT-FATSAVAGE-DOT-COM

I’m posting in the above format so spiders don’t catch it but I’m sure you can figure it out.

Porn and Islam – The Moral Majority Speaks

September 27, 2007

I did not write this post, just sharing the viewpoint of the Islamic Moral Majority.

(Link to the original content.)




Addiction to Porn & Masturbation: Islamic Remedy



Dear scholars, As-Salamu `alaykum. I have recently become Muslim. Since I converted I have reformed my ways, for the most part. I think I am a good person except that I am addicted to pornography and masturbation. What is the Islamic remedy for this? Jazakum Allah khayran.






Love & Sex


Wa `alaykum As-Salamu wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh.In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.All praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger.Dear brother in Islam, We welcome you to the Muslim Ummah. We also thank you for the great confidence you place in us, and we implore Allah Almighty to help us serve His cause and render our work for His Sake.

In his response to your question, Sheikh Ahmad Kutty, a senior lecturer and Islamic scholar at the Islamic Institute of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, states:

“Since you have been addicted to an extremely pernicious habit that destroys your spiritual soul and thus leads to self-destruction, you must urgently summon your will power and take all the necessary steps in order to wean yourself of it immediately.

In order to empower yourself to achieve this, you should seek counseling and therapy, preferably from those professionals in the field who are conscientious Muslims. If such Muslim professionals are not available, choose one from those who are ethically and morally conscious. It is important for you to wean yourself of these pernicious habits. The consequences of persisting in them are simply unthinkable; they would undoubtedly corrode your spiritual soul and cause your spiritual death.

Sins by their very nature are addictive, for it is in the very nature of the carnal self to seek pleasure in sins. As Al-Busiri has rightly said, “The carnal self is a like a baby; if you neglect him, he will grow up clinging on to the breast-milk forever, but if you wean him off, he will be weaned off.” I suggest a few tips which you can use to empower yourself:

1. Visualize and meditate on the ugliness of this heinous sin and conjure up images of hell fire as painted in the Qur’an and the Sunnah as many times as possible until such time that whenever you are tempted to visit such websites or read such magazines, the scenes of hell fire will be playing in your mind. Thus, even as you have associated this addiction with pleasure, you will come to associate it with pure pain and suffering.

2. Convince yourself of the urgency of removing this malignant cancer from your life by taking all measures such as listing all the negative things about such habits, and listing the verses and traditions about the gravity of sins. Remember it is far more serious than cancer attacking your body, since your soul survives you even after your physical body has disintegrated in the earth.

3. Imagine how terrible a loss you will be facing were you to die while being addicted to this most heinous sin.

4. Seek strength from Allah by crying to Him for succor. But you can never seek the help of Allah unless you seek to establish connection with Him through regular Prayers, so never be slack in your Prayers.

5. Schedule your time in such a way that you are never left with any time to think of such matters. Imam Ash-Shafi`i said, “If you don’t occupy your mind with good works, your carnal self will make you busy in bad deeds!”

6. Surround yourself with spiritual and Islamic influences and virtually immerse yourself in them.

7. Always hang around with good Muslims who are busy doing good works; join a halaqah (study circle) where spiritual training is imparted together with the study of Islam.

8. Make your mind and tongue busy with dhikr (remembrance of Allah). Say the following words and others frequently:

Subhan Allah; al-hamdu lillah; laa ilaha illa Allah; Allahu akbar;
Wa laa hawla wala quwwata illa billah. Astaghfir Allaha al-azhim min kulli dhanbin wa atubu ilaihi.
(Glory be to Allah; praise be to Allah; there is no god but Allah; Allah is Greatest. There is no power or strength except by the will of Allah. I ask forgiveness of Allah from all my sins and repent to Him.)

9. Once you have been weaned of these pernicious habits, you should seriously consider marriage; marriage is the protection against temptations.

I pray that the Beneficent Lord of Mercy save us all from the evil inclinations of our souls and make us hate disbelief, transgressions and sins; and may He endear to our hearts faith and good works. Amen.”

The Demographics of Pedophilia!

September 26, 2007

Demographics is the study describing groups by average characteristics. It’s used extensively in political campaigns and in Marketing and Advertising. In politics, we want our canidates to lie and give the average views that will get the elected regardless of what the hack believes in. It’s just this type of thinking that got us into Iraq. (Post 9/11 everyone wanted revenge so we started a couple of wars with Moslem Nations.)

In Advertising, if we understand our groups, we can advertise and sculp our message. I mean why pay to advertise in the Washington Post if it’s cheaper to advertise on or which attracts a similar audience. There are other economic reasons. Big Business can’t advertise booze or cigarettes on Nickelodeon TV but if they find a demographic match with, they can advertise their poison to horny young me on that Web Site and not violate the laws.

Take note, all the descriptions are from and also take note that my ( target audience of educated, young and affluent people doesn’t match any of the really nasty kiddie porn sites. The nasty ones are at the top of the list and the ones that are actually wholesome but will send you to jail because of their URL names are at the bottom. is truly nasty shit!

(rank 28,595) “This site reaches approximately 63,912 U.S. monthly uniques. The site is popular among a fairly wealthy, primarily older(45-64), mostly Caucasian, heavily male crowd. The site’s audience’s affinities are teen (TimeKiller), magazines (Maxim, Smithsonian, PC World, Playboy) and entertainment (, TMZ)” – Definately Not For Profit

(rank 57,975) This site reaches approximately 28,364 U.S. monthly uniques. The site caters to a mostly Caucasian, fairly wealthy, heavily male (35-54) audience. The site’s visitors’ affinities are magazines (Popular Science, Readers Digest, Maxim, PC World), auto info (Autobytel, Popular Mechanics, MSN Autos, Edmunds) and political (,, bad kiddie porn.

(rank 57,217) This site reaches approximately 28,800 U.S. monthly uniques. The site caters to a primarily older(45-64) , heavily male audience. The site’s audience’s interests are auto info (Autobytel, Auto Extra, Parts America ? Auto parts, Yahoo Autos), entertainment (The Smoking Gun,, and political (, is illegal!

(ran 9,703) is a top 10,000 site that reaches over 219K U.S. monthly uniques. The site caters to a primarily male, older (45-64) audience. The site’s visitors’ interests are sports (Champ Car World Series, National Footbal League, PGA Tour, CBS Sportsline), movies (Celebrity Movie Blog, Internet Movie Database) and auto info (Autobytel, Automobile Magazine, Popular Mechanics, is a top 1,000 site that reaches over 2.1 million U.S. monthly uniques. The site caters to a mostly male, older(35-54) following. The site’s audience’s affinities are movies (Celebrity Movie Blog,, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer,, teen (WeakGame Entertainment, College Party House, MonsterTones, TimeKiller) and auto info (,, Left Lane News, O’Reilly Automotive).

Youngerbabes Suck Bad is a top 1,500 site that reaches over 1.6 million U.S. monthly uniques. The site is popular among a mostly male, older (35-54) audience. The site’s visitors’ affinities are magazines (NRA Publications, Smithsonian, American Legion), sports (Golf Courses Resource, USA Cycling, Bike Forums, Wimbledon) and movies (ReelViews.Net).

YoungPervs Getting Younger is a top 10,000 site that reaches over 357K U.S. monthly uniques. The site appeals to a fairly wealthy, mostly male, older (35-54) audience. The site’s visitors’ interests are teen (College Party House, TimeKiller, NothingToxic, Pure Volume), movies (Celebrity Movie Blog, Joblo.Com Movie Info and Reviews,, Box Office Mojo) and entertainment (Bullz-Eye Entertainment, IGN Entertainment,, Pop Sugar). – Part I

(rank 2,799) The site attracts a heavily male (25-54), more affluent, mostly Caucasian audience. The site’s visitors’ affinities are political (,,,, 2008 candidates (Fred Thompson (Rep), Hillary Clinton (Dem)) and auto info (, Auto Blog, Hemmings, CarTalk).

Youngbabes & Hotteens Suck!


(rank 25,784) This site reaches approximately 71,766 U.S. monthly uniques. The site caters to a largely male, very youthful audience. The site’s visitors’ interests are magazines (Playboy, Maxim), political ( and television (Univision TV, Nickelodeon).

The audience is young (25-34), affluent, and college educated. Almost equally devided between male and female.


Youngerbabes Suck Bad

September 25, 2007

If is bad, than is worse. Now my biggest complaint about was that it automatically referred you to and a bunch of suggestive sounding ‘go-to jail’ type URL’s.

In reality, the girls on are full figured woman and there is a statement that says all models are 18+ years old at the time the pictures were taken. So other than the suggestive names and the loading of your history with images and URL’s from sites you never intentionally visited, there is nothing illegal here except it provides good supporting evidence of pedophilia.

Now with, the girls are young and physically underdeveloped. There is a statement which say the models were 18 when the visual content was produced but it does not say the models were 18 when the pictures were taken so they could be openly publishing true Child Pornography. As previously discussed, the girls are healthy and many are in family type innocent poses. If this really is viewed as a sexual object by anyone, the person could probably get off just as easily by playing with their tally whacker while looking at a K-mart children’s underwear supplement and avoid a trip to jail.

This finally crafted piece of jail bait is hosted by off an Nlayer Backbone in the State of Texas. Ranger Matthew Cawthon came all the way from Texas to send a man to jail for looking at this shit but was too lazy to walk across town and take it off line. – A curse on Everyone Involved!

September 24, 2007

This site is the most bothersome Child Pornography site that I have visited. In my mind, it is worse than the sick ones showing anorexic abused children because the pictures are all cute young girls in a family like setting. My son in law sent me a picture of his two beautiful daughters playing in the bath tub. It is innocent cute and family.

It is just this type of picture that is shown on The pictures change daily, and a recent offering was about nine years old with a quizzical expression while working with a training bra which she really didn’t need.

A plague on all who think these pictures are anything but innocent and cute.

A plague on the webmaster that posted them.

A plague on the American Hosting Company and the Backbone Carrier

A Plaque on the Agency who posted it on line or allowed it to exist.

A plague on the Government who pays for this crap.

A plague on the Lawmakers who wink an eye at out of control activity.

A plague on the Republicans who indulge themselves with weird shit.