Is Shocking

So I was doing my final follow up on (which is a very nasty site on it’s own) when I noticed that the spawn of CCT all pull their Javascript from the same address which is just an IP number,

Of course, I’m curious and run a traceroute to the server which is hosted by CWIE off a Level 3 backbone, the same as which makes sense if you are using this IP as your JavaScript server. The only unusual detail was the IP check reveled a verified reverse name of by two different services.

As discussed separately, was one of those sites that you just couldn’t find information on no matter how hard you tried. I did an search which reported that “There is currently no text in this page”. An search said there was no data available. When I Googed it, I found the cache pages were unavailable and there was no meaningful information about the site.

So finally, I went to the site and got slammed with an automatic redirect which offered me about 100 free video clips- some involving that world famous Texas daddy abusing his daughter. Today, when I was fact checking, Aboutus is now providing minimal information but when I put in my Google search bar and pressed enter, it never did a search, it just slammed me with that automatic redirect for porn videos.

Now I’m really curious to find out who in the world would host this nasty crap. Whois provided exactly what I thought, no information at all except that the site was allegedly located in the United Kingdom. A traceroute from showed that it traveled to New York on the Level 3 backbone before being connected to ISPrime system and was hosted by them. Visual Route from Ashburn showed a path to New York connecting to ISPrime and ipipe hosting while the Visual Route TraceRoute from London connected to ISPrime in New York and hosting by ipipe.

Well, it is fairly obvious that ISPrime is the Web Host and it’s most likely located in New York but just to check, we did a traceroute from Australia which took us to New York, as did traceroutes from Austria and Pakistan. So no matter where in the world you start from, you can’t get fucked by until you reach ISPrime in New York. Once again a protected American site is exploiting a poor Texas child by facilitating the viewing of her sexual abuse online.

Now I have to admit the begots from this site are a little more difficult to track and at least the foreign locations are plausible but I’m still sure we’ll find some roots in the good old USA.

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