Why Fuck Chuck??

At the start of this trial there could be no doubt that Charles Stephano was being railroaded, tarred and feathered. All the forensic evidence and some judicial decisions pointed to a setup. I mean there was no direct link between the computer and the crap on it with Mr. Stephano. The Techie had it for a couple of days and Agent Carter surfed more pages at some sites than Mr. Stephano did. Without the computer admitted, the whole case would collapse.

Throughout the course of the trial, the lies from their computer expert Shannon Perkins have been discussed in detail and every time we presented new credible evidence she simply lied and perjured herself.

Now one of the interesting trivial discoveries I have made is that you can’t Googe federal agents or experts to find out anything about them and their past credibility. However their system is not perfect? (An interesting aside is to testify for the defense, you must provide your home address and social security number while Federal Law Enforcement Officers provide nothing that can be validated – not even their name on a Google search.)

I tripped across the following online resume for Shannon Perkins and now, I’m really confused. She had to know about Trojans on dial-up, involuntary porn and malware. I mean this woman had fantastic credentials and was credibly intelligent from her record prior to this trial. It turns out that she is a SANS certified GSEC (Global Securities Essential Certification) and had to pass a test involving malware and honeypots. Why would the government work so hard at convicting Stephano to the point of destroying this womans technical credibility for life by having her blatantly perjure herself?

Who the fuck is Charles Stephano and why did the government frame him?

2 Responses to “Why Fuck Chuck??”

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