English is a Funny Language.

After reading up on Encase and index.dat files, I found more more evidence of leading witnesses by the prosecutor and psychotic lying by Shannon Perkins, The Government Expert Witness. Now I was going to title this entry:

The Unholy Duo: Godless Witch and Psychotic Liar

but that was not all inclusive. I mean what I really meant to say was:

The Unholy Duo: Godless Witch and Godless Psychotic Liar

but found that a little clumsy. I said the hell with it and just titled this entry as above.

I already did my report on the Witch part but what got me pissed is when she screwed around with the defense witness on index.dat in the art of obfuscation to mislead the jury. Now the prosecutor took an oath as an officer of the court to be a seeker of truth. she is supposed to be a prosecutor not a persecutor. Violating the oath obviously allows the godless title to be applied to witch.

Now in the case of expert witness Shannon Perkins, she testified under oath that the weekly compilation of the index.dat file was not done on Monday as would have been expected because the machine was not turned on. Now this was simply not true as the log shows that the machine was definitely turned on. Perhaps she knew (or perhaps not) that the weekly compilation is made the first time that Internet Explorer is used during the week and idle machines don’t create this file. So it seems once again, that our Techie used Internet Explorer on the machine and that only makes sense if the machine was online.

OOPs, the Techie is not a Law enforcement Officer, and he should not have been online with that machine. The fact that he testified that he wasn’t indicates he’s hiding something.

All so sad that the wicked web of lies they weave actually did work to deceive the jury.

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