Agent Carter Did It.

It’s appalling that the computer of Charles Stephano could be admitted as evidence to anything. The existence of the index.dat file of May 4, proves conclusively that Internet Explore was used while the machine was in possession of the computer repair shop. This log is generated every Monday or the first time that Internet Explorer is used after midnight on Sunday. So what ever activity he did is registered somewhere and hidden in the mass of index.dat entries created at that time.
Also, the log shows that Chuck Stephano on April 22, went to and had a visit count of 5 pages. No one disputes that images from those pages would be stored in cache memory. Each image on each page would be retained.

As I have said, the girls on americanthumbs were wholesome without violence and none of the naked ones looked very young. When Agent Carter went to the machine on May 6, and turned it on, there were six site visits at American thumbs and the earliest date of a cache page being reported was for April 22 at 5:29 pm. All the other images and pages showed a last visited time (local and GMT) which matched the time of his visit indicating that he was on pages that were probably not visited by Stephano. So five pages and the images from those pages were added to the inventory of cached pictures from the National Archive of Hashed Kiddie Porn Pics because there is no record that the five pages were the same ones that Mr. Stefano visited. The same comments apply to pictures and images from

At that point, it became impossible to determine if Mr. Stephano, Agent Carter or the untrained Techie is the one with very bad taste and no search warrant should have been issued because there was no uncontaminated chain of evidence being offered to support a warrant.

Of course, I’m sure their is some subsection of the Patriot Act which says evidence is irrelevant in obtaining a warrant to seize property and search the premise.

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