Guilty and Protected.

It’s really rather amazing that the English Language which already has about 1 million words is still assimilating new words. I first heard the German word gemutlich about 40 years ago and when searching for an exact meaning I went to to find it creeping into English with a meaning of warm and cozy, comfortable, friendly or pleasant.

As my friend explained to me at the time 40 years ago, the word means much more. It suggests all the warmth and comfort of being present at an after skiing gathering at an old Alpine lodge with a huge fireplace, beautiful people and a warm welcome.

Some times foriegn words are necessary to describe unusual combinations. Now one example of the concept of being both guilty and protected is the life of our less than esteemed president George Bush. After all, drugs, poor grades and shaky business deals were never a deterrent to heading straight to the Whitehouse and becoming the worst president of record replacing Jimmy Carter with the dishonor and turning me into a card carrying Democrat. Quite simply the man was guilty and protected which is three words.

Under the Bush Presidency, illegal kiddie porn has become a permanent Internet presence whose roots are in America and not Elbonia. It is a major export industry with most American kiddie porn sites being more popular in Islamic Countries than they are in America. For George, it’s just one more way to bring those Arab oil Dollars back home. As an industry, kiddie porn is both guilty and protected which is once again three words.

It turns out there is an Arabic word which means both Guilty and Protected and it is “dhimmis”. The word is applied to Jews and Christians living in Islamic States. They are guilty because they have been exposed to the old testament of the Bible and still reject Muhammad as a prophet of Allah. Yet they are protected so long as they pay taxes to the state and do not try to spread their beliefs. Simultaneously they are both guilty and protected.

In a theocracy, dhimmis makes a lot of sense. You must protect all the citizens of you state who work and pay takes, yet the ruling religion can consider the minority guilty of sin for their alien beliefs. In the case of George Bush and Kiddie Porn, protecting the guilty (dhimmis) makes no sense at all.

2 Responses to “Guilty and Protected.”

  1. totaltransformation Says:

    I am quite disappointed with Bush, but I don’t think I would go as far as you. I think Bush still has a way to go to be worse than Carter. After all, many of the problems we face today arose from Carter’s mistakes (Theocratic Iran, Ever growing Chinese power, etc.).

  2. fatsavage Says:

    God I absolutely hate good logic when I’m being sarcastic. I will back off slightly on the point until this case is resolved. If the Government wins with poor evidence and perjured witnesses, I’ll stick with Bush.

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