Accidental Honeypots

Always be cautious when you attribute knowledge to a so called government expert which is an oxymoron at best. According to Ralph Logan, vice president of the Honeynet Project, “there are no false positives with honeypots. If a [something] touches [the honeypot], something is suspect.” Now for those who don’t know, the honeynet project is partially funded by by the National Intelligence Council, U.S. Government.

I can just imagine good old Ralph testifying at the trial of a 17 year old kid who faces being a registered sexual offender for the rest of his life that there are “no false positives with honeypots.” To bad, it’s a government sponsored lie.

The truth is based on a retaliatory tool used by pornmasters on people that attempt to enter there sites with infected machines. Botnets are global networks of infected machines which have become zombie servers for some master. They are used for email spam and for phishing sites which con people out of their money. Most people don’t want to attack the zombies because the owner is an innocent victim. Still there is a danger that a person with an infected machine may infect your website and make you a zombie in some illegal activity.

Since the police are not likely to offer much protection to porn site operators and since their word of infestation might not hold much weight at trial, they must protect themselves. So what do the do to retaliate?

It’s obvious; they dump you on a government honeypot which attacks your machine. Can this statement be proved? Of course, its on the Fat Savage Blog so it must be true.

Other than my word, you can read the terms of use agreement for (PPC) and (RHP) and in section 12 (PPC) and 13(RHP). It clearly states that they can cancel any account related to botnets and refer that machine to a honeypot or any other destination.

Unfortunately, millions of machines have been infected and are part of botnets.

As to government integrity, I went to the honeynet site and read the proud announcement that individual users can now check for honeypots and other sites that deliver malicious code so I checked Would you believe that it was rated benign and a safe site to visit? It would seem is guilty of the delivery of some very nasty material yet still protected by the Honeynet Project!

Go figure!

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