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Corinnas & Sugarthumbs Sisters in Sin!

May 21, 2007

If the spawn of Adultwebmaster.Info was naughty but legal, the sisters of Americantrhumbs were just plain illegal. It’s not that the models were abhorrently abused, they were just young and very obviously not trying to be sensual. It’s like when you see a mother washing her daughter on the beach, or an Old and very wrinkled Danish lady changing out of her bathing suit, there is nothing sensual about it and you avert your eyes. (At least I do!), amd were clones and sisters in sin. Corinna was the first to be born and the first to die (5/18/01 to 12/1/05). The name Corinna is quite cerebral and has roots in ancient Greek and Roman Literature. In the Greek she was a beautiful and unbeatable poet and in Roman literature she was the Puella of Ovid. Puella has a double meaning in that it is a symbol in Geomancy for the vagina and in Italian, it also means girl. Corinna is a Greek name and the origin is the Greek word for maiden or young girl. So the person who designed this trilogy of sin was pretty well educated or involved in an educated subculture where none of my friends dwell.

So where do you expect to find this sister’s server? In New Jersey with the middle sister being hosted by Choopa?

Absolutely not. Like most older sisters. she’s residing in the region of her birth and as a product of Moral Majority Policies in Washington DC, we find her in the suburb of Ashburn, Virgina on the Peer 1 Hosting Service off the Cogento Backbone service.

The last really active sister is also a resident of Ashburn, Va. There is some very fancy routing of your URL request which starts in the nations capital, maybe bounces to Germany before coming back to the home in Ashburn. This sister is still on line and just as dangerous as AmericanThumbs. If you discount the loop to Germany and back, this site is hosted by Carpathia Hosting in Ashburn on the Nlayer backbone.

In the earliest part of this study, it appeared that New Jersey and it’s Mafia had a strangle hold on kiddie porn. But deeper study is beginning to show the Washington DC heritage of holding on to power and money. If politicians and bureaucrats weren’t so damned predictable, this crap would be harder to pin on them. My apologies to the upstanding New Jersey Mafia who was probably unjustly maligned by me and may not be involved in kiddie porn at all.

I should have known it was the Washington Mafia all the time or maybe I did.

Death of a Dot Com!

May 20, 2007

You can always tell when a dot com is starting to go down the tubes. They stop innovating, updating and sort of let a good product go to hell. Now in it’s heyday, had a BBS (bulletin board) with 6344 users on line at the same time (8/2/2003) whereas today there were fewer than 500 on line to keep the lonely webmaster company. A check with Alexa has their traffic count down 26% for the past 3 months and their rank is dropping.

When it comes to their UCJ Traffic Trading system, the pages have not been upgraded since 2004, so sad. Perhaps the reason the product started dying was sites like Alexa. Now here they are offering to trade traffic with and and the sites are ranked 1,298,874 and 8,361,533 respectively. Why would I want to pay to trade traffic with anyone doing that poorly. I can do that bad on my own. The Fat Savage Blog does that well and I don’t have any pictures of naked ladies.

So sad, these sites have attractive young girls with enough legal disclaimers that you would swear that they were designed by cops and lawyers. And even with the legal disclaimers, compliance with the code for 18 year old models with girls who are slightly anorexic but attractive, they still don’t have any business. I guess only the Government can lose money in the porn business.

One of the things about last being updated in 2004 is that was the same year as the alleged viewing of kiddie porn at trial and Kevin Allen was on the list with three sites one of which was and the other two were and This information is worthy of it’s own post which will follow.

So where would you expect to find the fountainhead of knowledge for the kiddie porn industy and two legal kiddie porn sites designed by cops and lawyers?

You got it!!!

The smoke and mirrors says Florida but a tricky cable loopback puts it in a Cogent Communications co-location off a Cogent backbone line in Washingthon, DC. After all why would the FBI want all that information stored away from the seat of power.

AmericanThumbs and

May 19, 2007

Shitting in the Swimming Pool- A Metaphor for life.

One of the most important concepts I ever learned, I learned at 16. It is the story of a group of people who will destroy something valuable for everyone, if they cannot use it themselves. Unfortunately, there seems to be logic to their perverse activity of wanton destruction, so if you search for the logic and find it you get a deeper understanding of the problem.

While I was lifeguard at a pool, somebody would shit in the swimming pool almost every day at exactly 12 Noon. Since there were hundreds of kids in the pool, we couldn’t initially isolate a source. The result of finding the turds in the pool was to shock the pool with chlorine and keep everybody out of the pool for an hour. We probably would have never solved the problem if it weren’t for an observant kid who notice his friend take a dump and screamed that Johnny had shit in the pool.

It seemed that the kid’s mother strictly enforced regular mealtimes and that the kid must remain out of the pool for exactly one hour after eating. Since other parents were more lax, Johnny’s friends were all in the pool ignoring him. His solution was sort of elegant and definitely simple. Shit in the pool and force everybody out of the pool for one hour so all his friends could play with him.

Now what brings this to mind is had remarkably primitive code. The code starts by setting a cookie with the following Javascript code.

document.cookie = ‘ucjc=xucjcxnorefxucjcxnorefxucjcx1xucjcx0xucjcx0xucjcxxucjcx; path=/;’

Even to the casual observer, that’s an awful lot of ucj’s and it would appear that xucjx is being used to pass 6 different pieces of information. The next interesting aspect (to a geek) is that the small thumbnail pictures have various values associated with them including values for rating, votes, use and age. The values appear to be passed along with your unique cookie to the server by way of a php script if you click on the picture for a larger version.

Links to other sites are called from a cgi-file named ucj which is also an executable script.

Now when I Googled “ucj”, two results of relevance came up. The first was UCJ is a Traffic Trading Script for the porn industry, sort of like a link exchange. The unique aspect is that Keeve from americanthumbs has two other sites listed and there are 22 sites with Lolita as part of the name so your chance of getting a link to a dangerous sounding URL to be presented at trial are pretty good. As a matter of fact porn site operators can get a discounted service if the limit their customer’s choice to only or . Seems like if you click a link you are purchasing your one way ticket to jail.

The final interesting code was a referral to which was an analytic tool for pornsite owners. You find out incoming traffic from typed URL’s, domain referral, search engine and more. You see the IP addresses of old and new visitors and you find out the browsers they use and which plug-in services they have. from their 2004 site, ” statistics are much too comprehensive to list everything here.”

Adult webmasters loved this service even though it was pretty obvious they were tracking there customers. Unfortunately, it was highly visible and dangerous for law enforcement trackers to use because it could be easily identified and the type of information collected explored at trial. So someone shit in the swimming pool and destroyed the product. Pornmasters bemoaned the loss and all that is left is a blank page when you go to

Oh yeah the other reference to ucj is from a blog.

“Greetings… I suppose the most noteworthy thing to point out is that I have a week and a half to master UCJ before Diane goes on vacation. I’m getting there… I just hope I’m “there” then. UCJ, of course, is the Uniform Criminal Judgment, the program that allows us to print orders the judge signs that effectively outlines the sentence people who are convicted get. I’ve got most of it, but I know I don’t have all the little bells and whistles I need to know.”

Your choice UCJ is the name for a link exchange program or a law enforcement protocol.

Biblical & Porn Begots

May 18, 2007

I must admit that when I was forced to read the Bible as a kid, I read it rather selectively. I obviously felt a lot in common with the suffering of Job for all those years and the concept of the nuclear destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah was an obvious parallel for a child of the fifties and early sixties.

Even Leviticus was kind of cool as a road mad to perversions you could only dream of. Check out the shall not’s as an organizational structure to good eating (Lobster Thermador &, Beef Stroganoff) and extreme porn “Booty Call’s”. For those who never read the bible, tenderloin of pork, shell fish and mixing meat and dairy are not allowed. I figure everybody knows what a booty call is but Leviticus describes hundreds of things that are sin that you may want to try.

The part of the Bible that I never got was the begots. I mean, it’s easy to figure out that there aren’t any descendants of Able, that Cain’s dependents never amounted to much and that Seth lived 900 years and populated the earth by screwing his sister’s, nieces and maybe even mom and cousins in order to populate the earth until the time of Noah.

Now after Noah, I couldn’t figure out what Ham, Sham and Whoever did for the human race. One turned queer cause he looked at his Daddy, one made dark babies and the other gave us the white folk or something like that and poor mom was busy screwing all of them and turning out Blacks, Whites and Gays.

Thank God for mitochondrial DNA, which seems to be bringing order to geneology even if it does put Eve evolving out of Africa about 200,000 years ago and Adam lagging well behind.

The porn site begots are almost as confusing as we have hosts, service to the net and backbone carriers.

Some sites do not serve anything but automatically redirect you to even worse sites. Some serve offensive or illegal material, others serve attractive, well built models but are data mining or redirecting you to more danger. Unbelievably, some are hidden in deep cover for no apparent reason. In order to keep track, I’ve created a webpage which will be a database for dangerous aggressive porn sites. There is now a Access Shit List link on the front page. It will be updated as I continue the research of the URL’s that can send you to jail and what they did both past and present.

You can bookmark it if you want but the truth is that each update will carry a sequential URL so I can keep track of my updates and progress in tracking the methods of the bad guys. As of right now the addition of the sites and their spawn will not change the URL. It’s only as new sites are explored that the name will change.

None Dare Call It Treason?

May 18, 2007

Patriot Game Part #2 – The New Faustian Dilemma.

Now just suppose that I was the new moral and spiritual leader of the world being elevated after the passing of Jerry Falwell. As such, I point out that I am an opponent of kiddie porn and am personally offended that there can be a site as big as that has redundant Intercage hosts on an Nlayer backbone.

This site has been on line for three years since they charged a man with possessing pictures from this site, a lot of these pictures are just plain nasty and every kiddie porn picture is from the National Government Archive of Hashed Kiddie Porn Pictures and still on-line. The United States Government owns these pictures, many of the victims are living human beings under 18 and the Government does nothing to take the site down.

Now hackers trying to get bragging rights by breaking into US Government computers are begging for a trip to jail unless they are genuine Arab Terrorists protected by an Islamic State and looking for their 144000 virgins. Other nations do prosecute hackers. So being a reasonable Spiritual leader who recognizes the needs for adulation by gifted hackers, I beg them to do the work of God and take down by using their God Given ability to hack the crap out of it. This is the New Patriot Game.

Now this site has been protected by the full power of the United States Government ands the skill level required would be equal to taking out the Pentagon. However, the defense is obvious for the hacker. I never heard of the Fat Savage, I didn’t know it was a government site, it’s been on line for 4 years serving kiddie porn, it’s illegal so I hacked it to do Gods work and shut it down.. Not much of a dilemma there.

However, if I were to do such a thing as the new spiritual leader of global geeks, I might be guilty of treason if I firmly believed that this was a Government site and I was requesting the willful destruction of Government Property. Now the Justice Department Dilemma (Part 2) is to confess full ownership to the site and charge me with advocating the destruction of Government property or to ignore me to uncover a new Government owned Kiddie Porn Site and urge my followers to take it out.

Thank God, I am only mildly delusional; and do not believe I have an army of ethical hackers with the skills necessary to destroy a Kiddie Porn site. I may not even believe that it is government property. But if it’s government protected, I’m still personally offended by this shit and it ought to be off line. .

Unbridled Hypocrisy – Drunks, Sinners and Pedophiles.

May 17, 2007

It’s been alleged that many bartenders are drunks but the cause is not clear. It could be the temptations of the trade or it could be that drunks like to be around booze and choose the profession. With the death of Jerry Falwell, it’s a time for reflection on sinners and Church and trying to decide whether other sinners are drawn to a profession. I mean can the temptations of church turn a normal person into a sinner and can the pressures of Homeland security turn a man into a pedophile or are sinners attracted to these groups.

The antics of priests are near legendary and as an organization, the Catholic Church is economically paying for past transgressions. If we look at Jerry Falwell’s life he first came to national prominence when Jim and Tammy Bakker asked him to take over the Praise the Lord Club after Jimmy was caught paying church secretary Jessica Hahn about $265,000 in blackmail money over an affair in 1980.

When Falwell began examining the accounts, he discovered that the Bakkers were taking large amounts of money from the ministry fund, including hundreds of thousands of dollars for salaries, insurance, property and other fees. After the Internal Revenue Service investigated the accounts, they discovered that the couple had diverted $4.8 million for personal use.

Now Jerry Falwell who was a spiritual mentor for President George W. Bush, inherited PTL ministries after Bakker’s arrest, drove the organization to its bankruptcy and in 1989 dissolved the Moral Majority, a ministry that he had founded, as well. Mean while other famous ministers were keeping busy. Moral Majority minister Jimmy Swaggart confessed to a “sin,” which later was said to involve his use of prostitutes. Two years later he was discovered in a car with a prostitute and a pile of pornographic messages perhaps even the picture of him and his prostitute from Penthouse magazine.

I guess it’s possible that all that exposure to sinners and all that forgiveness can lead a decent man to sin.

If the forgiveness of Church seems to promote sin, maybe the heavy hand of the Homeland Security and Kiddie Porn Agency was a good national experiment in sin prevention and to control the uncontrollable desires of the Moral Majority. After all poor Mark Foley was a member of the Moral Majority and stalked little boys. Also, 86% of adult males occasionally surf some kind of porn.

If it was just such an experiment, it’s time to shut it down. The deputy press secretary for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security was arrested for using the Internet to seduce what he thought was a teenage girl. Brian J. Doyle, 55, was arrested at his residence in Maryland on charges of use of a computer to seduce a child and transmission of harmful material to a minor. He thought the teenie teen he was trying to screw was a cancer survivor and it never slowed him down. Of course he was just a press secretary with national security clearance.

On the other hand, Frank Figueroa was the former head of the Department of Homeland Security’s program to stop child predators (Operation Predator). He pleaded no contest to charges he exposed himself to a 16-year-old girl. According to the victim, “Figueroa pulled up a leg of his shorts, exposed himself and masturbated for about 10 minutes” in front of her.

If your not sick and tired of graveside reflections for Jerry Falwell and his Republican Moral Majority, you can find more sins of the Moral Majority here. (Don’t go- the list is not funny, it’s disgusting!)

Post script. When I reread this blog I found I owe an apology to Michael Hampton who whote about porn and Homeland security over a year ago and got me thinging about the attraction of perverts to the service. (Who’s reading pornography at Homeland Security?)

Do You Yahoo at My Web???

May 16, 2007

Most of us use the default homepage and get zapped with more than a dozen cookies as we turn the machine on and check our Hotmail account. It really is informative to check the visible information to check what is passed in the cookies. Where a line is unknown, I’ll just use “line unknown” instead of a bunch of encrypted stuff that I don’t understand. Where I do have an idea, I’ll put it in the second column.

I’ll be skipping a lot of cookies that are meaningless to me so as only to get to the essentials.

CULTURE                 What Culture?
EN-US                        United States English speaking                     Company Address
1024                            User Class maybe big business
Line Unknown
Line Unknown
Line Unknown
29854330                 Cookie ID

MUID                        Microsoft User Identification?
753AB7F41(etc.)      My Encrypted ID                    Company Address
1024                           User Class maybe big business
Line Unknown
Line Unknown
Line Unknown
29854330                 Cookie ID

MSPPre                     Not sure    My Email Account in plain English (an example)            Company Address
1024                           User Class maybe big business
Line Unknown
Line Unknown
Line Unknown
29854330                  Cookie ID

MSPCID                     Microsoft PC Identification Number
7cfde65372a37c3a    My Machine’s Encrypted ID             Company Address
1024                            User Class maybe big business
Line Unknown
Line Unknown
Line Unknown
29854330                   Cookie ID

Now that we have checked the email and the cookies are carrying my Microsoft identity, my Hotmail name and my machine ID, how about surfing a little porn over at

__utm(a b or z)         Three cookies are set. One for a, b & z.
Mess of numbers       Line used for Google Analytics.            Company Name
1600                            User Class probably porn.
Line Unknown
Line Unknown
Line Unknown
29854330                  Cookie ID

So our porn habits are measured by Google Analytics and tracked to my microsoft identity, my hotmail name, and my machine ID through my Cookie ID. Now lets see what happens when we click the My Web Button for Yahoo.

Line Unknown
Line Unknown                 Company ID
1024                           User Class Probably big business
342532096               Ties Yahoo button to hotteens account
32065574                  Ties Yahoo button to hotteens account
29854330                  Cookie ID

Yahoo then asks you to sign in with your yahoo account to put the page in your My Web Folder.

Can anybody deny who they are, what machine was used, and where they went? Unfortunately, anybody that read my first post on this subject knows that I never asked to go to, I was automatically redirected there.

What’s Worse Than a Carnevor Stalkin You?

May 16, 2007

For the past couple of weeks, there has been a super spooky hummer driving around my neighborhood. Of course its black with windows tinted black (so dark you can’t see inside). On top, towards the rear, there is a small half dome like the bubble on top of the pope-mobile only this one is not clear, its more like an electronic signal detector and towards the front there is a directional parabolic antenna. This thing has been driving around the community in nice neighborhoods and even visiting some resort hotels.

Now I’m not exactly sure what this vehicle does with our tax dollars, but I’m sure it’s got great suspension and air conditioning which makes it a perfect but somewhat expensive ride for our lousy roads and warm climate. I wouldn’t have given it a second thought except that I was researching the FBI’s Carnivore, I stumbled upon NSA’s Echelon which came to the forefront with the demonstration of electronic snooping shown in the movie Patriot Games.

It seems that this system was under development since the seventies to snoop on satellite communications and was merely upgraded to pry on Internet communications. NSA has been charged with spying on foreign threats until that Traitor to American Values, George Bush, became President and now Echelon is used domestically against private Citizens. Another evil aspect of Echelon is that there is no record of use or warrants and unlike Carnivore, it leaves no tracks. Wikipedia has a good article on it but you can’t tell whats really accurate about super secret crap so it could be wrong in parts.

Now my blog has had nothing to do with anything except the use of intrusive spying and planting of evidence against private citizens and lying at trial so I wasn’t worried about being classified a terrorist for being what I consider to be a Patriot. After all, as they say in the Caribbean, “Wrong is Wrong” and I’m reporting on information which is just plain wrong.

Unfortunately, one of the sites I had been looking at as a government Honeypot for kiddie porn has started to direct me to Arab and Muslim porn and it would appear that the FBI’s Carnivore has classified me or planted evidence that I am an Arab Terrorist. (As an aside, the Arab woman on these sites are attractive full figured adults and I might have exercised my tendency towards red blooded maleness to “sneak a peak”)

So why would I be concerned about being tracked by Echelon. After all what could be worse than being stalked by a Carnivore? The answer of course is not being stalked by a Carnivore. Overnight, every single track left by Carnivore has been removed from my machine. There is no longer computer evidence that Carnivore was there as all the protocols that I unsuccessfully tried to block or remove are gone without a trace. So no evidence of Carnivore, no evidence of Echelon! Scary?

However, this really pisses me off, I was gonna offer my firewall, Linux drive and Windows XP drive as a bundled package on E-bay to any collector who wanted to own their own exotic animal. But maybe, I’m lucky. They could have used “Encase” to find traces of kiddie porn and gone after me for being a distributor. So the safest path is to turn them into Lot’s wife.

Your Tax Dollar’s at Work?

May 15, 2007

Al Gore took a lot of crap for saying he invented the Internet but I can tell you from personal family lore that he payed an important role in its development. Unfortunately for Al, there were probably 1000’s others who also played a role in its development.

I remember in 1972, Dave Eads at Rohm and Haas wanted to use the IBM mainframe at night but couldn’t get resources for keypunching. He got together with the company electrical engineers and they coupled a wang computer to the IBM by using an Western Electric ASCII interface which could talk to both machines. This was a copycat adaptation of an idea that Dave had read elsewhere.

The original Internet concept came out of The United States Military for a redundant communications system and the accessibility features came out of CERN.

So what the hell did Al Gore have to do with it. He started preaching to all he knew that there should be an everyman’s Internet. He presented his concept to the DC Council of the Arts and one of my extended family members started an ISP in the DC area..

At every step of the way the Internet has been heavily subsidized by the United States Government and your tax dollars. Ever cent of tax dollars spent lowers the cost of the Internet operations for users big and small but of course big users get the most in terms of absolute dollars.

So do the math, everybody thinks kiddie porn and protected kiddie porn sites suck, but if we stopped the flow of government dollars to subsidize big business on the Internet, costs for everyone would rise.

I use the term big business because it’s descriptive. I mean Chooppa has their own fiber optic line connected to Level 3 Communications, InterCage is a national criminal organization operating in cooperation with Server Central and Nlayer. If the government pulled out of the kiddie porn business, it might even cost me $1 a year in increased rates.

To me it’s worth the buck to see this crap off-line.

You decide for yourself!

Let The Patriot Games Begin

May 14, 2007

The FBI & A Faustian Dilemma

The original concept of a Faustian Dilemma was based on a man who sold his soul to the Devil in exchange for wealth and power. I suspect that the Patriot Act has had a similar effect on well meaning young people who joined the service to put bad guys in jail by doing the right thing. The right thing now involves lying at trial about covert operations and sources of information so they are catching bad guys by compromising American Core values. Tough Choice.

The Story of the Devil and Daniel Webster put a different spin on the concept of Faustian Dilemmas in that story you had a hard time judging the good guy from the bad guy by what they said or did or how they appeared. As a researcher on a case I’m working under the protection of the court and as a reporter publishing on line I have my limited right to freedom of limited speech. Everything covered in this blog was said in trial by the Defense Expert and denied by Shannon Perkins (except the good stuff about Carnivore). It is therefore already part of the public record in the trial of Charles Stefano.

I have published that Honeypots exit.
That porn is monitored and served by Honeypots.
That it is easy to accidentally download kiddie porn.
That the Government owns the National Achieve of Hashed Kiddie Porn Pictures.
That many sites publishing Kiddie Porn which are easy to trace are immune from shutdown.
That Law enforcement publishes kiddie porn as part of their honeypot operations.

And I am now being actively monitored by Carnivore or DSC-1000. It would appear that the encrypted locked servers nested on my computer are owned by the FBI.

By my publishing everything I find out on this crap, I am proving that the experts lied and perjured themselves at trial and an oppressive government can do whatever they want to an innocent man. By their actions they prove me correct but if they take no action the truth may lead to a change in law which means they have to do their job the old fashioned way by telling the truth.

Will truth prevail over the power of the police state?

Let the Patriot Games Begin.