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A comment was posted in the “About” section and the person asked how to contact me. Simple, that person just did. I read all comments , check the search terms searched and react to what my information needs are during the up and coming appeal process or retrial and what you the reader wants to learn.

In the comment area of WordPress an email is required. If you want a personal reply make sure that it is a correct email address and I’ll get back to you fairly quickly while I’m working on a pending case because I’m constantly doing research and always on the computer.

The cases are coming quickly and some you just don’t want or can’t help. For instance, there is the guy who had a full production and editing facility and was engaging in normal consensual sex with 12 year olds (paid of course.). While there was computer evidence and he was publishing the crap on line, the police got him the old fashioned way – A parent talked to their child who ratted the pervert out and the parent went to the cops and they did their job. Shit the guy coped a plea rather than pay a bunch of legal fees and still lose in court.

After all, when you have flesh and blood adolescent participants from a community who can be identified, you don’t have much of a defense. And that is not what this blog is about. It’s about the government sponsored kiddie porn sites which disgust me.

It’s also, about Carnivore being more than ever described in Congress or wikipedia.. It is not just a computer motoring tool that is placed on a computer at your Internet host. Carnivore is an intrusive data gathering system which altered the settings on your firewall, places intelligence gathering tools on your computer and uses your resources including electricity and computing power to track your every move. It can even activate your web cam to confirm the identity of the keytracker log and surfufing history. It also alters the setting on your network adapter to open up all group activities and allow remote administration of your machine. No wonder they glossed over this at trial.

I don’t like kiddie porn, I’m not a religious terrorist, I’m not an anarchist and up to that asshole Junie Bush became president, I used to be a Republican. But this level of bedroom partnership is intrusive and offensive.

This blog is about freedom – so let’s keep it simple and remember that.

PS Junie is a Caribbean diminutive for Junior and in this case it is truly diminutive.

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