A Texas Ranger Testifies

The most bothersome thing about teens18.biz are the abused and haunting faces of the naked children reminiscent of the Holocaust Museum. Now, no matter how disgusting these pictures or the 500 pictures shown at trial are, at least one must depict violence and at least one must be a real person to insure that they are not retouched photos for a sick audience. This is the only way to insure a conviction.

Someone must testify that this is a living human being, who was sexually abused. You have to admit, it’s a lot easier task for the Government to find one picture when hundreds of pictures automatically downloaded from a stinkpot you happened to wander into and then its hidden in a secret index.dat file so there is no chance it will be erased.

According to the newspaper report, Sergent Matthew Cawthon, testified that he had worked a case of a know sexual predator and earlier had seen a haunting picture of a young child (5 years old) being abused. He was able to track her down after they arrested the pervert and located his former wife. In addition to others, he was abusing his own daughter. He testified that she is now a living nine year old child. The pervert got a five year sentence for screwing his daughter and distributing the pictures.

Actually, there was a lot more to his testimony, it was presented in full gory details while the picture remained on the screen. After his testimony, a woman ran from the room in tears and the Defense Attorney’s only question was why they didn’t execute the man. No other Defense question was possible.

Now Texas Ranger Cawthon appeared to be an honorable older man who probably didn’t know shit about law enforcement honeypots and the claims of law enforcement personnel that they own all kiddie porn distribution.

My questions would have been slightly different. I would want to know if it’s so easy for the Fat Savage to track these hosts to big business hosting and backbone carriers, why doesn’t the government shut them down. Why is it that every single site that I traced which publishes kiddie porn is residing in America.? Why are kiddie porn sites all not for profit in an industry driven by greed? Why do these sites load you with pictures, redirect you to sites you never asked to go to and spawn new browsers that load URL’s and pictures into your cache memory without your consent or participation? Why is our government condoning the publication in America of real pictures of abused naked girls who are just now reaching puberty? Why have these sites stayed on line for almost a decade while the government goes to the expense of flying you all over the world to prosecute little boys and old men caught playing with themselves?

If that dumb fuck knew how easy it was for our Government to shut these hosts down and stop embarrassing the child, do you really believe he would still testify on the government side?

I kind of feel sorry for good old Matthew, – he appears to be just a good old country boy trying to do the right thing for his country and the child. He would never believe that the government is the one exploiting these pictures in the name of child protection even if I taught him enough Internet Forensics to track them to the host and distributor.

PS Femalesex.com, Raunchy.com, and Naked.com are shown to be located in Houston Texas and Femalsex.com offered to take me to their pages offering “Sexual Child Abuse”. Enough to do a Texas Ranger proud.

PPS. Actually, I think they are really located outside of Washington DC and the feds are just fucking with Texas in placing the host in that state.

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