Is Perjury Legal?

Maybe. When laws totally conflict, it is only possible to obey one of them. In the case of testimony at trial, all experts are sworn to tell the truth. At the same time Agents of the Government are sworn to defend the government from all threats.

An interesting article at points out that one element of the Homeland Security Act is to restrict Freedom of Information in relation to the critical infrastructure. If Shannon Perkins had told the truth and not acted stupid, she would have been led to discuss Government Honeypots and Shutdown mechanisms. Since honeypots are marginally legal, they still might have won the case (except for indefensible porn loading and damaging machines but the jury might have ignored that nicety).

The problem is since it’s the FBI and The National Homeland Security and Kiddie Porn Agency, the same tools that are used to hurt the Russian Mafia and Arab Terrorists are being used to destroy private Americans and she cannot discus those tools.

So poor frumpy hardworking Shannon Perkins appears to be one very stupid Pawn. So sad – all at the start of a brilliant career.

On the other hand she may well be stupid and never heard of the association between porn and Trojans, the use of Trojans on dial-up or a honeypot or government use of honeypots. After all, she’s not a SANS scholar, she’s just a government expert.

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