Honeypot Basics Part #1

What is a Honeypot?

In the traditional sense, a honeypot was exactly what it’s name implied. It was a homemade clay pot with a lid that was used to store honey. In one sense, it was seductively sweet but as Poo Bear well knew it could be dangerous as he got his nose stuck in it. Other dangers were that a honeypot could attract bugs and animals that might be a problem to the honeypot operator.

The first humorous adaption to the term was when the old people who lived in towns and cities would store there human waste in a bucket to be taken away. Inside the house was a chamber pot to be used for night time visits to the bathroom and these were either pored into the outhouse in the morning or put into a honeypot to becarted off for sanitary sewage removal. To a fly, a bucket of shit is a Honeypot.

One of the earliest scientific adoptions of the concept was the invention of flypaper or those ugly fly rolls of gummy tape, The sweet smelling goop on the paper would attract the flys which stuck to the paper until they died.

During World War’s I and II, the ungodly enemies used the baser services of woman to prey on the weaknesses of men but the temptresses were not referred to as honeypots. They were of course Mata Harri and Tokyo Rose.

During the Cold War, The Ungodly Russian’s standardized the process and through selection and training started mass producing Honeypots which were labeled as such by the Cold War Warriors. They were attractive and dangerous spys seeking information.

Now their’s a huge difference between a mugger or an extortionist and a true honeypot. A true honeypot doesn’t have to threaten harm or blackmail you for information, they rely on their strength as a woman and the general banal weaknesses of men to get some men to reveal their inner secrets. They may uses sex as a weapon or just the conversational skills of a seductive woman might be enough. Now just remember in a true honeypot situation, the person voluntarily gives up the desired information by doing something that he probably knows is wrong to gain some sort of gratification.

In the computer field, use of a honeypot is not necessarily an ungodly act. It is actually based on another fairly easy concept to understand and that is a chain will break at it’s weakest link and an enemy will attempt to find you weakest link when they attack you. In this case a honeypot is similar to The Original Trojan Horse. The honeypot is a weak computer usually placed just outside a very hardened computer network with the rest of the computers behind the firewall. (The exception is if you’re spying on employees you put it inside the firewall and if you trust nobody, you do both.)

In the traditional sense, a honeypot is passive and used to spy on the intruder, to gather information which can be tracked back to the intruder and used to identify the person. A real honeypot, if feminine in nature, would not harm or destroy the intruder because their would be no more future benefits from information. It appears that the Military and the FBI have developed retaliatory Honeypots which I have been referring to as stinkpots. These computers are pushing the spirit and letter of the law and may well be illegal. However, when the jury gets done looking at 500 nasty pictures, the niceties of the law hardly matter.

Your Guilty and That’s It.

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  1. hasan basri Says:

    pingin belajar masalah virus, mohon tuk dikirim cara-caranya

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    […] Visitor From Afar! I got the following feed back on the Honeypot Basic Post and I appreciate it. The email, IP and language base all track to Indonesia and I’m glad that […]

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