Corinnas & Sugarthumbs Sisters in Sin!

If the spawn of Adultwebmaster.Info was naughty but legal, the sisters of Americantrhumbs were just plain illegal. It’s not that the models were abhorrently abused, they were just young and very obviously not trying to be sensual. It’s like when you see a mother washing her daughter on the beach, or an Old and very wrinkled Danish lady changing out of her bathing suit, there is nothing sensual about it and you avert your eyes. (At least I do!), amd were clones and sisters in sin. Corinna was the first to be born and the first to die (5/18/01 to 12/1/05). The name Corinna is quite cerebral and has roots in ancient Greek and Roman Literature. In the Greek she was a beautiful and unbeatable poet and in Roman literature she was the Puella of Ovid. Puella has a double meaning in that it is a symbol in Geomancy for the vagina and in Italian, it also means girl. Corinna is a Greek name and the origin is the Greek word for maiden or young girl. So the person who designed this trilogy of sin was pretty well educated or involved in an educated subculture where none of my friends dwell.

So where do you expect to find this sister’s server? In New Jersey with the middle sister being hosted by Choopa?

Absolutely not. Like most older sisters. she’s residing in the region of her birth and as a product of Moral Majority Policies in Washington DC, we find her in the suburb of Ashburn, Virgina on the Peer 1 Hosting Service off the Cogento Backbone service.

The last really active sister is also a resident of Ashburn, Va. There is some very fancy routing of your URL request which starts in the nations capital, maybe bounces to Germany before coming back to the home in Ashburn. This sister is still on line and just as dangerous as AmericanThumbs. If you discount the loop to Germany and back, this site is hosted by Carpathia Hosting in Ashburn on the Nlayer backbone.

In the earliest part of this study, it appeared that New Jersey and it’s Mafia had a strangle hold on kiddie porn. But deeper study is beginning to show the Washington DC heritage of holding on to power and money. If politicians and bureaucrats weren’t so damned predictable, this crap would be harder to pin on them. My apologies to the upstanding New Jersey Mafia who was probably unjustly maligned by me and may not be involved in kiddie porn at all.

I should have known it was the Washington Mafia all the time or maybe I did.

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