Death of a Dot Com!

You can always tell when a dot com is starting to go down the tubes. They stop innovating, updating and sort of let a good product go to hell. Now in it’s heyday, had a BBS (bulletin board) with 6344 users on line at the same time (8/2/2003) whereas today there were fewer than 500 on line to keep the lonely webmaster company. A check with Alexa has their traffic count down 26% for the past 3 months and their rank is dropping.

When it comes to their UCJ Traffic Trading system, the pages have not been upgraded since 2004, so sad. Perhaps the reason the product started dying was sites like Alexa. Now here they are offering to trade traffic with and and the sites are ranked 1,298,874 and 8,361,533 respectively. Why would I want to pay to trade traffic with anyone doing that poorly. I can do that bad on my own. The Fat Savage Blog does that well and I don’t have any pictures of naked ladies.

So sad, these sites have attractive young girls with enough legal disclaimers that you would swear that they were designed by cops and lawyers. And even with the legal disclaimers, compliance with the code for 18 year old models with girls who are slightly anorexic but attractive, they still don’t have any business. I guess only the Government can lose money in the porn business.

One of the things about last being updated in 2004 is that was the same year as the alleged viewing of kiddie porn at trial and Kevin Allen was on the list with three sites one of which was and the other two were and This information is worthy of it’s own post which will follow.

So where would you expect to find the fountainhead of knowledge for the kiddie porn industy and two legal kiddie porn sites designed by cops and lawyers?

You got it!!!

The smoke and mirrors says Florida but a tricky cable loopback puts it in a Cogent Communications co-location off a Cogent backbone line in Washingthon, DC. After all why would the FBI want all that information stored away from the seat of power.

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