None Dare Call It Treason?

Patriot Game Part #2 – The New Faustian Dilemma.

Now just suppose that I was the new moral and spiritual leader of the world being elevated after the passing of Jerry Falwell. As such, I point out that I am an opponent of kiddie porn and am personally offended that there can be a site as big as that has redundant Intercage hosts on an Nlayer backbone.

This site has been on line for three years since they charged a man with possessing pictures from this site, a lot of these pictures are just plain nasty and every kiddie porn picture is from the National Government Archive of Hashed Kiddie Porn Pictures and still on-line. The United States Government owns these pictures, many of the victims are living human beings under 18 and the Government does nothing to take the site down.

Now hackers trying to get bragging rights by breaking into US Government computers are begging for a trip to jail unless they are genuine Arab Terrorists protected by an Islamic State and looking for their 144000 virgins. Other nations do prosecute hackers. So being a reasonable Spiritual leader who recognizes the needs for adulation by gifted hackers, I beg them to do the work of God and take down by using their God Given ability to hack the crap out of it. This is the New Patriot Game.

Now this site has been protected by the full power of the United States Government ands the skill level required would be equal to taking out the Pentagon. However, the defense is obvious for the hacker. I never heard of the Fat Savage, I didn’t know it was a government site, it’s been on line for 4 years serving kiddie porn, it’s illegal so I hacked it to do Gods work and shut it down.. Not much of a dilemma there.

However, if I were to do such a thing as the new spiritual leader of global geeks, I might be guilty of treason if I firmly believed that this was a Government site and I was requesting the willful destruction of Government Property. Now the Justice Department Dilemma (Part 2) is to confess full ownership to the site and charge me with advocating the destruction of Government property or to ignore me to uncover a new Government owned Kiddie Porn Site and urge my followers to take it out.

Thank God, I am only mildly delusional; and do not believe I have an army of ethical hackers with the skills necessary to destroy a Kiddie Porn site. I may not even believe that it is government property. But if it’s government protected, I’m still personally offended by this shit and it ought to be off line. .

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