What’s Worse Than a Carnevor Stalkin You?

For the past couple of weeks, there has been a super spooky hummer driving around my neighborhood. Of course its black with windows tinted black (so dark you can’t see inside). On top, towards the rear, there is a small half dome like the bubble on top of the pope-mobile only this one is not clear, its more like an electronic signal detector and towards the front there is a directional parabolic antenna. This thing has been driving around the community in nice neighborhoods and even visiting some resort hotels.

Now I’m not exactly sure what this vehicle does with our tax dollars, but I’m sure it’s got great suspension and air conditioning which makes it a perfect but somewhat expensive ride for our lousy roads and warm climate. I wouldn’t have given it a second thought except that I was researching the FBI’s Carnivore, I stumbled upon NSA’s Echelon which came to the forefront with the demonstration of electronic snooping shown in the movie Patriot Games.

It seems that this system was under development since the seventies to snoop on satellite communications and was merely upgraded to pry on Internet communications. NSA has been charged with spying on foreign threats until that Traitor to American Values, George Bush, became President and now Echelon is used domestically against private Citizens. Another evil aspect of Echelon is that there is no record of use or warrants and unlike Carnivore, it leaves no tracks. Wikipedia has a good article on it but you can’t tell whats really accurate about super secret crap so it could be wrong in parts.

Now my blog has had nothing to do with anything except the use of intrusive spying and planting of evidence against private citizens and lying at trial so I wasn’t worried about being classified a terrorist for being what I consider to be a Patriot. After all, as they say in the Caribbean, “Wrong is Wrong” and I’m reporting on information which is just plain wrong.

Unfortunately, one of the sites I had been looking at as a government Honeypot for kiddie porn has started to direct me to Arab and Muslim porn and it would appear that the FBI’s Carnivore has classified me or planted evidence that I am an Arab Terrorist. (As an aside, the Arab woman on these sites are attractive full figured adults and I might have exercised my tendency towards red blooded maleness to “sneak a peak”)

So why would I be concerned about being tracked by Echelon. After all what could be worse than being stalked by a Carnivore? The answer of course is not being stalked by a Carnivore. Overnight, every single track left by Carnivore has been removed from my machine. There is no longer computer evidence that Carnivore was there as all the protocols that I unsuccessfully tried to block or remove are gone without a trace. So no evidence of Carnivore, no evidence of Echelon! Scary?

However, this really pisses me off, I was gonna offer my firewall, Linux drive and Windows XP drive as a bundled package on E-bay to any collector who wanted to own their own exotic animal. But maybe, I’m lucky. They could have used “Encase” to find traces of kiddie porn and gone after me for being a distributor. So the safest path is to turn them into Lot’s wife.

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