Your Tax Dollar’s at Work?

Al Gore took a lot of crap for saying he invented the Internet but I can tell you from personal family lore that he payed an important role in its development. Unfortunately for Al, there were probably 1000’s others who also played a role in its development.

I remember in 1972, Dave Eads at Rohm and Haas wanted to use the IBM mainframe at night but couldn’t get resources for keypunching. He got together with the company electrical engineers and they coupled a wang computer to the IBM by using an Western Electric ASCII interface which could talk to both machines. This was a copycat adaptation of an idea that Dave had read elsewhere.

The original Internet concept came out of The United States Military for a redundant communications system and the accessibility features came out of CERN.

So what the hell did Al Gore have to do with it. He started preaching to all he knew that there should be an everyman’s Internet. He presented his concept to the DC Council of the Arts and one of my extended family members started an ISP in the DC area..

At every step of the way the Internet has been heavily subsidized by the United States Government and your tax dollars. Ever cent of tax dollars spent lowers the cost of the Internet operations for users big and small but of course big users get the most in terms of absolute dollars.

So do the math, everybody thinks kiddie porn and protected kiddie porn sites suck, but if we stopped the flow of government dollars to subsidize big business on the Internet, costs for everyone would rise.

I use the term big business because it’s descriptive. I mean Chooppa has their own fiber optic line connected to Level 3 Communications, InterCage is a national criminal organization operating in cooperation with Server Central and Nlayer. If the government pulled out of the kiddie porn business, it might even cost me $1 a year in increased rates.

To me it’s worth the buck to see this crap off-line.

You decide for yourself!

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