Let The Patriot Games Begin

The FBI & A Faustian Dilemma

The original concept of a Faustian Dilemma was based on a man who sold his soul to the Devil in exchange for wealth and power. I suspect that the Patriot Act has had a similar effect on well meaning young people who joined the service to put bad guys in jail by doing the right thing. The right thing now involves lying at trial about covert operations and sources of information so they are catching bad guys by compromising American Core values. Tough Choice.

The Story of the Devil and Daniel Webster put a different spin on the concept of Faustian Dilemmas in that story you had a hard time judging the good guy from the bad guy by what they said or did or how they appeared. As a researcher on a case I’m working under the protection of the court and as a reporter publishing on line I have my limited right to freedom of limited speech. Everything covered in this blog was said in trial by the Defense Expert and denied by Shannon Perkins (except the good stuff about Carnivore). It is therefore already part of the public record in the trial of Charles Stefano.

I have published that Honeypots exit.
That porn is monitored and served by Honeypots.
That it is easy to accidentally download kiddie porn.
That the Government owns the National Achieve of Hashed Kiddie Porn Pictures.
That many sites publishing Kiddie Porn which are easy to trace are immune from shutdown.
That Law enforcement publishes kiddie porn as part of their honeypot operations.

And I am now being actively monitored by Carnivore or DSC-1000. It would appear that the encrypted locked servers nested on my computer are owned by the FBI.

By my publishing everything I find out on this crap, I am proving that the experts lied and perjured themselves at trial and an oppressive government can do whatever they want to an innocent man. By their actions they prove me correct but if they take no action the truth may lead to a change in law which means they have to do their job the old fashioned way by telling the truth.

Will truth prevail over the power of the police state?

Let the Patriot Games Begin.

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