Stalking the Carnivore.

Never believe that the FBI’s Carnivore is extinct. Like any other animal it actually leaves tracks while stalking you. This program is done in cooperation with your local ISP and for some reason contact is made through them. This is like a lion using a gazelle as a front to stalk a human.

It seems if you are using Norton Internet Security, your very first on line update is controlled through a contact with your local ISP. If you’re using Pccillin, you have incessant messages that your local ISP is attempting to make contact with your machine through a wireless connection – even when your using a LAN

The real proof comes when you check your Virtual Server Setup on your Internet router and all of a sudden the epiphany hits and you want to puke – not out of fear but disgust at what your government is doing to its citizens in the name of security.

A virtual server is a method of partitioning your hard drive such that every partition can operate as an independent machine. Each server will have it’s own full fledged operating system and each server can be independently rebooted. Remember when I complained about sneak a peak warrants and someone turning on my machines. Remember when I complained about by rapidly shrinking hard drive. Seems all those other independently operating servers take space and can be rebooted by their controller without being present. No shit this explains it all.

Right now my machines are set up by someone other than me to allow traffic from Virtual Servers through a private IP of which you may recall is the IP on the router which bypasses the firewall. I have virtual servers to handle FTP (Ports 20/21), HTTP (port 80), HTTPS (port 443), DNS (port 53), SMTP (port 25), POP3 (port 110), and Telnet (port 23). Hey those are all pretty normal servers and the Russian mafia might want to use them.

How about i2eye (port 1720?) This is patent pending technology from D-link which happened to manufacture my router which is designed originally for enhanced streaming video technology to Televisions so I’m not sure why its on my machine as I have never knowingly downloaded a audio or video, and don’t have a TV card. Also, I reset the router to factory defaults three times in the past week so none of this crap should be on it.

Of course PPTP was enabled through port 1723 which allowed the virtual machine to operate on point to point contact basis through a secure channel using IPSec on port 500. No wonder I can’t figure out how to find out whats stored on my machines or how to remove it. The machines have their own operating systems, have encrypted content, unique encoded keys and are immune from programs which can snoop on them.

How do I know it’s Carnivore. Easy.

DCS 1000 is also on my machine operating through port 80. This is the new user friendly name for the FBI’s Carnivore which sounded too much like a predator.

With all this shit on my machine, it’s hard to tell what is real and what’s not. Have I been getting valid research and making actual posts or just looking at the results from virtual servers on my own machine?

And I thought The Truman Show was a fucked up movie.

Post script. So in order to get the post on line I wiped out all of that shit and reset the router while it was off line. In spite, it added NetMeeting at port 1720 and DSC-2000 to the virtual server list – Cool Technology??????

One Response to “Stalking the Carnivore.”

  1. fatsavage Says:

    Oh Shit, I probably shouldn’t have mentioned DSC-2000. It’s so new that when you google it you cant find anything meaningful. 😉

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