Who’s in Bed With Young Models?

When I first started tracking young-models.org I burst out laughing. The server was within 25 miles of the fuzzy headed thinkers of Foggy Bottom in the town of Ashburn, VA. For those who don’t know, Foggy Bottom is the Nation’s capital in Washington, DC

It was pretty clear cut that the host was intercage.com and the fiber optic service came from Nlayer. A trace route from Pakistan also ended up following the same path. Nlayer is a high technology firm that links to the world at strategically placed locations to offer the fastest speeds and the least delayed transmissions. The offer co-location services on their own, to hosts like Intercage and to other smaller regional carriers. You can see a map of their Network on line. Take note they are in major Internet crossroads like Chicago, Ashburn, and San Jose, along with Atlantis, Dallas, Phoenix, and Los Angeles.

When I did a trace route from Indonesia, Turkey, Ukraine, The United Kingdom, and Denmark, there was some smoke and mirrors to suggested that the server was in Florida. However, the closest physical connection was to scnet.net in San Jose and was being serviced by Level 3 in San Jose. The host was once again intercage.com A check of Server Central shows they are another big business serving the Fortune 500 offering data centers in Chicago, Ashburn and San Jose or right along the Nlayer routes.

A trace route from the Czech Republic, Singapore, Portugal and Kyrgyzstan ended up passing through Washington DC on the way Ashburn and connected to the host Intercage. They connected through another carrier XEEX who also services the Fortune 500.

Shutting down Intercage is a dream. They have changed corporate names a few times and an estimate from a ZDnet Editor suggests that half their revenues are from Criminal Activities. Seems, they have friends in high places. When SANS Security Institute recommended isolating a huge block of their IP’s SANS was forced by “someone” to rescind that decision.

However, if anyone in Big Business really cared about kiddie porn, they could easily refuse to do business with Nlayer, Server Central and XEEX until they bar access to Intercage. They probably won’t because the loss of Kiddie Porn Profits would mean rising costs for everyone else.

So whose in bed with young models?

It looks like all of the Fortune 500 is copping a little piece of the action!.

One Response to “Who’s in Bed With Young Models?”

  1. Mike E Says:

    You’re right of course: But I suspect them a step further of doing so at the behest of the CIA. For evil if easily understood reasons: Profit & unlawful detentions.

    They behest the drug companies similarly…But that’s another story — contained in a post in-progress (one of the make-sense kind that you like). Be up in a day or so…stop on by.

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