One of Dem Dayz!

Today is one of those days  where I’m gettin my ass beat.  Seems my last post on who’s copping a piece of young models must have pissed off a few people.  My network went down at work. The last time it happened, it was a fried antenna and it took a couple of days to fix it which means it’s not likely to happen tomorrow.

On my other access network, my so called “counterfit” windows (If they can fuck with me I can use a small w in windows) is giving me a case of the ass.  It started by saying my hardware had changed and I had to update the system.  Then it said my addition was counterfit and I needed to contact them. The last time it said , I had used the number too many times and it was no longer valid.

Each time it gathered more information(enough for another post) and finally it said for $99 they would issue a new product key and I could keep using my bogus addition.

Funny thing, I think it really was Microsoft on a phishing trip for Uncle Sam. So much for their privacy promises.

I’m typing this on a laptop so I apoligize for the errors.  I’ll get it into it’s docking station tomorrow so I can jerk their tools somemore.

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