Stalking Young Models!

One of the excuses for not taking down Kiddie porn sites is that it’s hard to track this illegal activity. When I started this blog, American Thumbs was up and running and operating out of a host in Sayerville, NJ. It was relatively easy to track because a big business needs a fat pipe to serve their constituency.

The easiest way to track kiddie porn is to get an understanding of the needs of big business. If this crap were being served from hijacked machines it would be too slow. IP numbers would be changing by the second and most servers would be on very slow connections. This concept worked for email for a while because the file size was so small. But kiddie porn is downloading pictures and in some cases hundreds of them. That means a real big time connection to a real fat fiber optic backbone which is connected nationally and to the world from multiple locations.

Banks and other big businesses are the same, they need multiple co-locations across the nation to avoid the impact of hacker attacks or natural disasters. The only other requirement is a host so sleazy that they have no concern where there money comes from. This host is also a facilitator in the distribution of Kiddie porn so is probably a criminal also. For that matter, the group that owns the equipment in the kiddie porn co-locations probably is in possession of kiddie porn to the extent that if fails to pay their huge bill, they own the machines and the material stored on it.

For those that want to learn how to stalk the distributors of kiddie porn, there’s an excellent book called “Internet Forensics” by Robert Jones. This book is written in a style that it is easy to use and understand. Maybe it seemed that way to me because I was familiar with most of the techniques before I bought the book. Still, as a desktop companion, it’s been invaluable.

Essentially, we use a tool called trace route which tracks the request for a website along a path to a specific location. The problem is that if the IP is variable the results will change. Also, if the site is being hosted from different locations, the routes will be different and could make it appear as if it’s moving. The second concept is looking glass sites which are hosts around the world that let you track a website from their location in their country as if you were one of their customers. The final set of tools is a whois search and a Google search of all the players along the route to determine when it was passed from a “responsible” big business serving corporate America to a sleazy host serving kiddie porn.

The easiest people to squeeze are not the sleaze doing business with the owners of sites serving pictures from The National Archive of Hashed Kiddie Porn Pictures but the Big Business that is using public right of ways and benefiting from government subsidies to distribute that crap. They are the ones collecting checks from the porn host and they are guilty of kiddie porn distribution.

The problem is if the government owns the kiddie porn sites, no one will go after the distributor.

The Next post Names the Names behind Young Models ability to distribute Trojans and Kiddie Porn Pics to the world.

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