Is the Russian Mafia Paying royalty?

The security industry is buzzing with news of a new Russian Trojans which has some almost unbelievable powers. Instead of just hijacking your machine and sending the information back to one master, it can hijack your machine and send the results to several IP’s in a group meeting. Glad to see that the security industry is catching up with the claims I made here and here. On top of that the Trojan is stealing the user certificates associated with the machine and transmitting the number with the other information.

Now I hadn’t really dwelt on the use of the user certificate as a national identity for a user and a machine but thats exactly what it is. It is more private and dangerous to share that a social security number and everyone is aware of those dangers. In a previous post I discussed the concept of people self- incriminating when their national identity number of their machine has been altered.

I expect in the future we will see phishing sites that warn of an altered user certificate and offering to correct this situation for a fee. In bundled software, they will also offer to include a free check for kiddie porn and removal of that for an additional fee.

Now this may be why it was so easy during the trial for me to have shut down two machines instantly, just by researching the terms mentioned in the newspaper and so hard to shutdown machines that were on the same network. They have been letting me fuck with them because my national identity has been established which links the machine and operating system to me in a fairly indisputable manner.

Now remember every picture in this trial is from the National Archive of Hashed Kiddie Porn and search as I might I had not been ale to find a single one on line until I reached All of a sudden I am seeing really nasty shit like shown at the trial and getting hit with Military Strength Trojan.

I think two things have changed. Many sites like hot teens and young babes have suggestive names which are used by the government to establish a pattern and then a second site like is used to take you out once the old babe sites with young names have set cookies related to your unique machine identity number, placed excessive numbers of nudes on your machine and created a pattern of use with similar young names from the spawned sites.

I wounder if the Russian Mafia is paying Royalty to the US Government for all of the nasty Trojans and Worms developed for the war on Kiddie Porn. Rember every site discussed in detail was “Born in the USA”. If you really want to know the next security threat, you shouldn’t be reading newsrooms and websites, you should be searching for Hashed photos of Kiddie Porn from the National Archive. When you find them, you’ll find a stinkpot delivering both kiddie porn and Military Strength, State of the Art Trojans.

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