A Political Vignette

When I did the search for “young models” like any young girl might do, I reported on the results but failed to comment on the political solution. With reference to young girls wearing clothes, there was report of a debate between a politician who wanted Federal intervention for legislation on the sites because they are likely to encourage pedophiles.

Jeffery J. Douglas, chairman of the board, of adult trade group said any effort to legislate good taste would probably be unconstitutional. “If there are Web sites that are literally promoting child porn, those laws already exist. If it’s a matter of trying to address people’s poor taste in eroticizing children…I don’t think there’s a federal solution to that problem.”

The Congressman responded that the bill “will meet constitutional muster…We don’t make laws that we think will be shot down. Unlike these website operators, our motives are pure.”

So who’s the Congressman with pure motives. Why, it was ex-Congressman Mark Foley, Republican from Florida, who was caught sending porn pictures to children and playing with little boy’s in the Congressional Men’s room.

Thank God for the “purity of motives” of politicians.

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