Counterfeit Windows?

After my code grabbing foray to, and the damage assessment, I restarted the machine which told me I had substantial changes in my hardware and had to reactivate my Windows Operating system within 3 days or my machine would crash. Of course there were no changes to hardware.

I did what every kid would do, I ignored it and started surfing the web. I had so many pop-ups from Microsoft asking me to reactivate my operating system that I finally decided to do it. I went on line and was told that it’s not an equipment problem but that I was using a Counterfeit copy of Windows XP and that I should either purchase a legal copy or work with them to resolve the issue. They even have an 800 number. This machine was updated and activated in the states and had been used online for 3 months.

Can’t you just imagine the call:

Hi Bill, this is the Fat Savage who is publishing a site about Trojans, and Kiddie Porn and being attacked by the Russian Mafia and the US Government with Military Strength Trojans that attack both Linux and Windows XP and while I was at this nasty site called, they fucked my machine and changed my registry number so I’d like to straighten this mess out.

My Name Oh Yeah I’m the Fat Savage.
My Address – What’s the difference
My Phone – You already tracked it but it’s one of those drug dealer phones you buy at K-mart and pay a kid Ten Bucks to figure out how to activate it. It was purchased for cash.

Hey do you even care about the original product key number on the package or do you just want my mothers maiden name and the Internet account number.

Oh – Those were the next two questions

Bye, I’ll figure this out myself.

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