is Deceitful!

I really hate to go to this site because it is so aggressive. Everything about it is just plane nasty, the code is written in hexadecimal to obscure the meaning, in Javascript which few people use at all and php because whatever active shit they want to serve is done at the server before it hits your machine.

In this case the hidden code is used to detect your operating system, browser and cookies and deliver pop-ups and Trojans according to your machines likely weakness. When I went to rip the code on a Windows machine, (It turns out to be the same on the Linux machine) it ran its little Javascript and called up a very interestingly named site which was used to deliver the spawned serving of more nasty kiddie porn sites. I think I got 800 pictures and it only took me 6 minutes to rip the code, print a copy and save the code to work with it. I had to do it all for fear the machine would be shut down. I also got my anti virus trashed, the time changed, it ruined my ability to update, destroyed my index.dat analyzer and more.

The loss of the index.dat Analyzer was most serious. I don’t mind shit on my machine but I like to be able to find where its hidden, print a record and remove it. Oh well, I guess I will have to take this attack serious. It’s a brand new machine and I hate to have to replace it before it’s 3 months old.

The name of the interesting site was “”. I always thought was a “reputable porn site” (oxymoron) but now I’ll have to look at them closer. Oh lord how the angles are lining up to switch sides but who can tell the good from the bad???

Oh yeah, the other thing the Trojan did was invalidate my Windows Registry Number, but that’s a whole new blog.

Will the stories never end???

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