Is Dangerous! is a very dangerous site. Imagine a 3 year old kid trying to pick up a 357 magnum gun with a hair trigger. It could go off at any second and in any direction.

When you enter the site it runs some fairly sophisticated Javascript which redirects and makes choices on what to serve you. In my case it’s up close and personal. It feeds me a bunch of nasty pictures that are illegal kiddie porn from the National Archive of Kiddie Porn and then fires a stink bomb at me that shuts down my machine.

During the trial, I found out that no one on the defense team had looked at the evidence sites to see just how bad they were. I used Lot’s Wife (the computer) to look at the sins of Sodom. I entered these sites during the course of the trial and when I got to the machine went blind. Even changing the hard drive and trying to install a Linux operating system didn’t work because the cd rom drive also didn’t work and the motherboard was beeping like mad.

Rather than try to save this machine, I turned it to salt just like the biblical demise of Lot’s wife, Edith.

There really isn’t much sense to go back to this site except to test it on other operating systems and to capture the source code. I began to notice that my Linux machine was acting up so I took a test drive to and got the expected result. I got hit with a shit storm in an instant. My machine froze and when I restarted the machine, my home files had been erased.

Now when you think about it, this site is strange indeed. It serves up the nastiest shit imaginable from the National Archive of Kiddie Porn with total immunity while operating in America, there is no economic model for the site to make money, and it operates a world class stinkpot (A Retaliatory Honeypot) that shuts down their viewers. This is hardly the way to reach high ranking although being in the top 100,000 globally ain’t all that bad.

If you want to get really suspicious. The SANS Security Institute made an exception to their policy about banning traffic from a block of IP’s and recommended that a group of Ip’s which included be blocked. The owners of these sites were so powerful that they got SANS to reverse their policy and allow their nasty little games.

That stinks like Washington intervention.

3 Responses to “ Is Dangerous!”

  1. Rachael Black Says:

    Love your allusions to Lot’s wife, and backing up even further I cracked up at finding we’re now to use polymath instead of renaissance man. Wouldn’t want to insult the intelligence of some college grad cretin with no sense of literature or history. tsk tsk.

    Just wanted to say that I cannot believe that SANS reversed their policy to allow scary horrid sites like young-models to operate. yeppers, why not let any whack-job with a server broadcast illegal shit with no consequence.

    Enjoyed the hell out of your last couple of posts

  2. Mike E Says:

    Hey man,

    Thanks for your hard work — this is important shit. Keep On. Much respect

  3. sextelefon Says:

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