Teencoreclub.com- Not Worth Jail

My father had his faults – lots of them, but probably one of two good things I got from him is my respect for woman. He was somewhat of a classic prude who put woman on a pedestal and demanded of his male children total respect for our mother and sister.

Now I don’t know about his sex life and moreover don’t care. But in my world, I want a “Lady on the Street and a Freak on the Sheets”. I have always considered sex a celebration of life and my parter in the act an equal participant with her own needs and demands.

When I view porn for recreation (Which hasn’t been for months), I look for well built, young (25-30), healthy woman. Ideally, they have been captured enjoying whatever they are doing whether it might be deemed perverse or not.

Now teencoreclub.com is probably legal. It highlights older but anorexic woman being defiled and dominated in various ways. The owner of this site debases the beauty of the female form, denigrates a woman’s contributions to pleasurable sex and desecrates the sacred act of sex.

This is definitely not depicting a celebration of life as not a single healthy woman is happily engaging in anything sensual or apparently consensual.

So if it’s legal what’s my bitch. The name of the site was introduced as evidence that the defendant had a penchant for searching out teen sites. Pictures were introduced by the prosecutor to establish a pattern. He was not charged for these pictures, they were just used to establish a preference for nasty shit.

Remember, a single visit to this site saves all the pictures in cache files on your machine and you are in possession whether you like the content or not.

This nasty site is hosted by Choopa.com of Sayerville, NJ.

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