Young Models

Every family has a playful Fat Savage who indulges children and devotes time to their education. Now suppose that Uncle Fat came by at Christmas and brought your 12 year old daughter a Barbie doll and taught her how to use the computer to go to where she could go to Barbie’s closet and dress her and her friends in gorgeous outfits.

After having fun with Barbie, the niece tells mommy that she wants to be a model, but mommy wants her precocious child to be a brain surgeon. Now being the good mommy she is, she avoids demeaning the modeling profession and tells her child the standard parent answer – “You’re too Young!”

What does our persistent intelligent child do next? She Google’s “young models”. Ah yeah, this scenario is starting to get disgusting.

I taught my granddaughter at eight to Google her homework assignments, print out the articles and use them for reports. So a 12 year old is very realistic. What does she find from her Google search of young model?

The first two sites are for which is supposed to be recruiting new models and promotes a magazine. Of course the young model will have to join to enter. Models have clothes on some in provocative poses some not. They are sorted by age (ie child, preteen etc), gender and ethnicity (Black, Asian etc.).

I didn’t surf this site to find out if they were legitimate but two items disturbed me. The first was their poor command of English for magazine publishers. The other was they had chat rooms for aspiring models, actors, singers to meet the public for help. Their chat room was called the “Flirt Zone’ which sounded like a one way ticket to jail, so I left. is hosted at Everyones Internet in Los Angeles California.

I found the third site on the list ( disturbing. Yes, they all had on clothes if you count g-strings and all were 14-17 and looked it. The poses could be construed to provocative. Even worse were the banner adds on the bottom half of the page touting the modeling skills of scantily clad young girls doing their best imitation of sexually explicit posing. Oh yeah young? How about they were being advertised as being between 6 and 16. is hosted at Blacksun Technologies LLC in Los Angeles California.

The forth site was almost comic relief. was anything other that what the name implies. These were old, used biker babes in heavy makeup, touched up cellulite, and tattoos being coupled with equally attractive guys – if you like that type. It was hosted by Flying Crocodile which has a story of its own. They are a Seattle Washington high tech firm. Seems owner Andrew Edmond was one of the early proponents of self policing in the porn industry to eliminate kiddie porn. Well he deserves to be congratulated for practicing what he preaches but he could have cut the models age in half and they would still be over 18.

The fifth article was worth the trip. It was an MSNBC report of states cracking down on kiddie porn sites. They were pretty cut and dried cases, a conman, thief turned professional photographer who had 220 naked pictures of underage girls, a mom and pop exploiting their 9 year old daughter and a California site that posted nude models of 200 girls down to 9 years old. Their defense of course was that they had signed parental consent to take the pictures and post them on line and the parents were present at the photo sessions. HUH?

Hell, I thought New Jersey was weird.

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  1. A Political Vignette « The Gonzo Fat Savage Lifestyle Says:

    […] Political Vignette When I did the search for “young models” like any young girl might do, I reported on the results but failed to comment on the political […]

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