Is a Pigeon Drop? Unabridged (v 1.1)

pigeon drop
a confidence game or sleight-of-hand swindle whereby cash is extracted from the victim as collateral for a supposed share in a large sum of discovered money, dishonest profits, or gambling winnings, which in fact are nonexistent.

It always worries me when something is too good to be true. In this case if you allow sexcounter to track your porn site visitors for free they will give the porn site owners far more valuable information than they aquire. Right!

Paraphrasing their site gives the following idea of what they collect and how they use it.

Porn site owners want good stats and want them free. SexCounter is perfect for them! It is based on new technology [spyware] with the most advanced statistics available on the market. Imagine Choopa is publically bragging that their spyware is so advanced that no users will detect it, and people keep viewing sites hosted by them. Good God, Big brother truly has invaded the bedroom but you have nothing to fear if you’re “normal” whatever that means.

Their wonderful stats include the number of hits for the kiddie porn site, the number of different visitors that produced the hits, whether they are first time or regular visitors. They give the porn site owner a detailed listing of pages visited and  the IP address of the visitor and the day and time which is enough to identify th actual user.

Of course tracking is performed to see where the visitor came from and where they went when they left. Everything is done with invisible counters [honeypots] so there is no traffic loss. Since it’s their hosting service they can do it without setting cookies or obvious code. If you own the host, you got it all.

SexCounter is a value added service for webmasters provided by of Sayerville, NJ. It is alledegly paid for by advertising inside the member area. The revenue they earn will be from banners inside the site targeted at webmasters.

Both Choopa and the porn site owner own the data regarding visitors to the website hosted by Choopa and sexcounter. The site owner can use the data they provide for any legal purposes. Choopa will use the data in compliance with there privacy policy[They don’t publish it so it’s secret, but you can trust them if you like.] They will probaby also use it for legal purposes.

The  sad point if this were an e-commerce site for anything other that porn, no one would trust them. The home page was last updated in 2005, the “about page” in 2004, and many links are dead [Resources and Privacy Policy are two obvious ones.]

Imagine how much trust you would have in if they hadn’t updated in 2 years and said they would do everything for you for free. Cut me a break!

There is no free lunch!

PS Choopa hosts about 2600 porn sites so you are bound to reach them once in awhile.  Have fun exposing yourself to them.  HAHAHAHHA! Get it? Exposing yourself! HA-HA-HA!

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