Who’s the Idiot?

In my Primer on Capturing Kiddie Porn, I left the link live for the Doubting Thomas among you and unbelievably someone clicked it. Now unless your a Lawyer, Judge, Law Enforcement Person, Reporter with good research notes working on an actual assignment or a researcher with more source code than pictures, you knowingly clicked a link to a site serving kiddie porn. Even some of those excuses are weak – you don’t have to smoke crack to recognize a drug addict and if your a researcher, reporter or lawyer, you better be on an active case.

This porn is in the cache files on your machine and there are duplicates in other hidden cache files. You have already set cookies with numbers that match your email accounts by name and trace your surfing habits and also link to your machine. Google stats can tell where you went before you got the kiddie porn and what you did next.

Trust me at this point, I would be removing the partitions with Fdisk, wiping the disk with a DOD security wipe, formating it and reinstalling a new or different operating system after changing my memory, hard drive and network card. Kiss those family pictures and personal documents goodbye when you do all that.

It’s tag and you’re it. Three of those pictures look young enough to send you to jail on a charge of kiddie porn.

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