I’m Glad I’m Old & Born Free!

I’m Glad I’m old and was born free. I made sure my kids got the same respect for freedom that I knew as a kid by moving them out of the country to grow up on a Caribbean Island where they had every chance to make bad choices. They didn’t and I’m happy because they are strong, proud and understand freedom.

Once again I now see that I may be wrong about moral issues or at least well out of the mainstream of the radical right. I was not aware that a computer technician in five states must report any suspected kiddie porn they happen to notice while repairing your computer and two more are joining the pack. In some states you can go to jail for failure to notify authorities and Connecticut says that “any person who services or repairs personal computers” is a computer technician so don’t help your young brother out.

Now one of my friends who runs a repair shop estimates that up to 90% of all repairs that come to his shop are caused by Trojans, worms and virus. Some machines have had up to 5000 variants and were still limping along. Regular readers all know how easy it is to get accidental porn and porn related Trojans so it just plain galls me how stupid politicians can be.

The US Government will not stop the perpetrators because they are probably willing participants in the game. So now States are passing laws to make the accidental victims criminals. This is just plain fucking sick and I don’t particularly care that people occasionally judge me to be a foulmouth curmudgeon.

I’m just surprised there are not more like me.

2 Responses to “I’m Glad I’m Old & Born Free!”

  1. johnny law Says:

    Just thought you should know, as a privacy advocate in the legal world…i couldn’t agree with you more. it is just sad that this continues. Seen similar issues already in a very young career…have advised all friends to no longer view pornography on the web for this very reason…the saddest part of it all is the redirect kings sponsor it…i mean, since when are the porn kings friends of the gov’t…what happened to us?

  2. Military Strength Linux Virus « Tickling the Tiger’s Tail Says:

    […] site. This is the type of stinkpot (retaliatory honeypot) used to knock you off the Internet so you seek professional help who then rats you out to the […]

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